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Installation issues / Re: Resynchronize files problem
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:28:23 pm »
Unfortunately the problem reappeared. Now LMCE uses different files that will be replaced by the new files in the database. I guess I might have to do a reinstall of LMCE (which will take a long time to set up everything). It seems that I am the only one with that problem which might indicate that there was an update issue. I was just curious if anybody that has a lot of files in the database has no issue. I have 15,388 files in the pluto_media - File database (they are all valid files).   I would really hate to do a reinstall (especially with so many files LMCE always messes up the first resyncs as well based on my previous experiences).
Thank you.

Installation issues / Re: Resynchronize files problem
« on: December 10, 2012, 08:45:23 pm »
What I have done now is to manually add all the files (dropdown menu item next to the file name). It took me a while because I have many folders to go through. Overall, there were about 50 files that were involved (had to be manually added). With the manual adding, the files received a new PK_File ID and I hope that this will solve the problem. I did a small test with 40 new files and the problem did not happen (I will do another test next week when I will add more files on both of m Nas to see if it is finally solved). It is odd that LMCE somehow remembered those specific files. Those filenames (when LMCE deleted them) were nowhere to be found in any Mysql database (Maybe CVS Sync problem with those files if the file names are saved in there, but I do not exactly know how LMCE uses CVS).

Installation issues / Re: Resynchronize files problem
« on: December 06, 2012, 09:02:43 pm »
Thank you. I figured out what the issue is. I use Resynchronize button under Media files sync in LMCE admin page. I resynch folders (let's say a TV show folder) or a full Drive/Nas folder (right under data/videos). the problem is that my LMCE reuses records that are already in use at random intervals. I do not know why. So the new file will get reuse an PK_File number (therefore the attributes attached to it). Those PK_File IDs seem to the same all the time (one is for instance 10159, or 10234). I can't explain why it does it.
I understand problems better through examples so here is an example.

Let's say I have file A,B and C in the database. I want to add, files D and E. I press resynch. LinuxMCE might delete the database record (in File only and not the attributes attached to the PK_File ID) from file B and reuse the same PK_File ID. This means that I will only have A, B, D, E available for playback.

It always happens to the same old files. It is strange. Is there a log to look at why LMCE does it? I couldn't find one. Thank you.

Installation issues / Re: Resynchronize files problem
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:22:53 pm »
No I did not add a directors. I had to add another Nas because my 33Tb Nas was full. I do not have the problem you had. here is an example of my problem:
Lets say on my Nas1 are video files A, B, and C.
on Nas2 are D, E, F

Let's say I resynch Nas1 directory under LMCE admin webpage. Then resynch will delete video F from folder Nas2 out of the database. If I would resynch Nas 2 then F will be added again but video A would be deleted from Nas1 etc.

Another small problem (which I could address if I could find the time to fix the other one) is that resynch would add attributes from other videos. Same example as above. So I would resynch and Resynch would add all attributes and pictures of file B to file D, or from file A to file C.

Currently I am really time constrained because my baby girl is already getting upset while I am typing this message. So if anybody could point me in the right direction so that I do not have to find the right source file and waste a lot of my limited time in figuring that out.

I was just wondering if anybody has similar problems. Or if anybody is already working on this (maybe there will be updates)

I also don't understand why those files are deleted because Resynch calls "sudo -u root /usr/pluto/bin/UpdateMedia -d" and then let's say directory Nas1. But why would it delete files from directory Nas2 which is not under Nas1(both would be in /home/public/data/videos). Theoretically UpdateMedia should not even touch the other directory

Installation issues / Resynchronize files problem
« on: November 29, 2012, 08:45:56 pm »
I do not know if it is just my system (1004) but I have issues with the resynchronize files function in admin page. It has been for month but I just noticed a bigger problem with it today. I noticed first that the resynch function started to add random attributes and pictures to files (update media daemon is disabled in my system). This has been going on for month but I did not really care about it because it is an "easy" fix to delete those attributes. However, today i noticed that the resynch function throws out existing files (so that i have to do another resynch to add them but then other files will be thrown out). The files will be deleted out of the database. (currently, i have 15146 files in pluto_media - files. the highest PK_File number is 25970)

Does anybody know a solution or quick fix so that I can at least have all my files in the system? Or any help where to look to fix it?

Other smaller problems (help appreciated):

Also there is a problem between Resynch, Database and LMCE. If I rename a file or folder then LMCE sometimes doesn't show file under the new name (and only under old name) and playback of the file causes an error. If I change a letter in a folder name for instance from lower to upper case Resynch in admin page does not change the database entry. LMCE on the other hand is case specific and will not show the folder.

Also when I move a file to a different folder/NAS then both files will stay in database (2 entries). both files will be shown in LMCE.

I know you guys are busy and this is not important but some feedback would be appreciated and if it is an easy fix I could attempt to fix it (however as I stated before this system is so complex that my lack of time makes it impossible for me to become familiar with everything). I wish you guys would leave more detailed comments in the source code so that it would be easier to help.

Thank you

Installation issues / Re: mythv seems to have died
« on: July 03, 2012, 08:06:26 am »
I went into /var/cache/apt/archives, and I reinstalled (sudo dpkg -i package.deb) all old LMCE packages that were updated. Now it works again
I noticed that the pluto-xine-player_2.0.0.45.XX modprobed bttv (I only use HD-PVRs). It could be that this is the problem package. Try this first before you do all the other packages (many). Do not forget to do it on Core and directors. If this is the problem package update the ticket :)
If anybody doesn't know what to do, then post a comment and I will explain it in more detail (steps to do). It is late and I am tired (and I hope that the LMCE gurus will fix this)

Installation issues / Re: mythv seems to have died
« on: July 03, 2012, 06:12:14 am »
same here. I cannot figure out what caused the problem, because after the first reboot everything worked 100%. Now, Mythtv starts with error message that backend died. Previous upgrade was  6/16/12. I noticed that lmce-mythtv-scripts, pluto-mythtv-player were upgraded. Let me know when you find the problem/solution

THat is what I meant. The timeline is not accurate as well. None of those listed fixes indicated that there was an upgrade for lmce-mythtv-scripts and pluto-mythtv-player since my last upgrade (1 month ago). The problem is that LMCE is so complex that it is very difficult to understand what works with what and how (especially when you have very limited time and a newborn ;)). Luckily there are some smart people working on it that know what hey are doing. However, you guys are working so hard on it that it is impossible to follow you guys, and maybe get an idea on how the system works in order to help you. But I can see that a different way might be pointless because I do not know if people would actually use/follow it. Anyways, thank you guys for all the hard work you are putting into the system.

Installation issues / Is there still a changelog for LMCE updates?
« on: June 24, 2012, 11:07:11 pm »
I did not know where to ask this question, but is there a changelog for updates (like there used to be)? I couldn't find an up to date one. I liked it because it gave me an idea of what was going on. I know that this is additional work (and probably the few smart people that work on the system do not need it) but I was just wondering if I am too stupid to find it. Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

I know that 10.04 has no support at this time, but I am trying to fix a problem that I am currently experiencing. I have the problem with TS Stream video files (hd-pvr recordings, video encoding: H.264, video encoding size: 1920 x 1080, video progessive: Interlaced, audio codec: AC3, audio channels: 5.1). The problem is that I cannot forward, rewind, skip, etc. The videos can also not resume where I left off. The videos restart. I checked the log files etc, but there is no error.
I was wondering if anybody else has similar issues, or if somebody can point me in the right direction how to solve it (Is it xine or LinuxMCE problem). I installed mplayer and pluto-mplayer on one of my MDs based on something I found in this forum.
I do not have the problem with other video formats.
I also wanted to mention that the video playback quality of the TS Streams improved (the problem with cartoons where the color moves/shakes did not occur in my first tests).
Thank you guys for any help.

I did not read all the posts, because I just wanted to post what helped me with my LMCE and Openfiler NAS problems. The user on the NAS needs to be in the group "public", and this solved various problems for me (LMCE Admin website no access & mythtv write/read problems. Mythtv on LMCE is in public group). This is required for Openfiler, but it might help you as well.

I think that I have to do that. I have no time to figure out what the exact problem is. Obviously, I am the only one with the problem, and this means that one of the updates did not install properly. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Thom,
I did update upgrade & no new updates were found. I also updated sqlcvs. However, I still have the problem. I also tried different apt/sources.list configurations (based on forum & wiki) but there are no new updates.
Maybe I try to rebuild the one media director and/or unpack the other media director (I just hope that the updates on the Router installed properly). I was just curious if anybody else encountered the same problem.
Thank you again for your reply, and thank you for all the work you (and the other smart people) put into LinuxMCE.

Does anybody have the same problem? I think that it happened with the last update but I am not sure because I just moved and I was busy with the move.
The problem is that the router reloads roughly 30 seconds after playback of DVD isos and dvds. Avi, mp4, etc. plays fine. Part of the problem could be that the streaming of the DVD menu does not work at all (seeing the menu from a different orbiter like windows orbiter etc.).
I searched the forum but it seems that I am the only one that has that issue.
Any suggestions where the problem is?
Here is part of the DCE Router log (followed it)
Code: [Select]
Received Message from 56 (OnScreen Orbiter / Living) to 10 (Media Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 74 Command:Bind to Media Remote, retry none, parameters: <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 2(PK_Device):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 3(PK_DesignObj):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 8(On/Off): 0 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 25(PK_Text):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 39(Options):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 3 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 63(PK_Text_Synopsis):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 159(PK_Screen):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.707 Received Message from 50 (Windows XP PC/tablet (Horiz) / Master) to 9 (Orbiter Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 59 Command:Set Entertainment Area, retry none, parameters: <0xab3efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.707   Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 3 <0xab3efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveData-a 0x9c05cd8 failed ret 0 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 138 dev 10 <0x6d4efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket 0x9c05cd8 failure waiting for response to message from device 10 type 1 id 74 <0x6d4efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Plugin 10 stopped responding <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Sender: 56 sent message type: 1 ID: 74 and expected a message reply from 10 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveData 0x9c29a50 failed, bytes left 0 start: 1870000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 163 Incoming_Conn Socket 163 56 T=8 Event #56 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 163 56 T=8 Event #56 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 TCPIP: Closing connection to 56 (Router Dev #0) 0x9c29a50 m_Socket: -1 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x9c29a50 56 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.748 Received Message from 50 (Windows XP PC/tablet (Horiz) / Master) to 9 (Orbiter Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 77 Command:Set Current Room, retry none, parameters: <0xab3efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.748   Parameter 57(PK_Room): 3 <0xab3efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:02.272 Got a reload command from 0  <0x832e9b90>

It seems that I solved my problem. Unfortunately, I do not think that this solves your problem. I deleted an old timed event and did a reload, and finally DCERouter stopped repeating the command. It works as of now, and I can finally regenerate all orbiters. I am sorry for somewhat hijacking your post, and I hope (but doubt) that you have a similar problem.

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