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Installation issues / Resynchronize files problem
« on: November 29, 2012, 08:45:56 pm »
I do not know if it is just my system (1004) but I have issues with the resynchronize files function in admin page. It has been for month but I just noticed a bigger problem with it today. I noticed first that the resynch function started to add random attributes and pictures to files (update media daemon is disabled in my system). This has been going on for month but I did not really care about it because it is an "easy" fix to delete those attributes. However, today i noticed that the resynch function throws out existing files (so that i have to do another resynch to add them but then other files will be thrown out). The files will be deleted out of the database. (currently, i have 15146 files in pluto_media - files. the highest PK_File number is 25970)

Does anybody know a solution or quick fix so that I can at least have all my files in the system? Or any help where to look to fix it?

Other smaller problems (help appreciated):

Also there is a problem between Resynch, Database and LMCE. If I rename a file or folder then LMCE sometimes doesn't show file under the new name (and only under old name) and playback of the file causes an error. If I change a letter in a folder name for instance from lower to upper case Resynch in admin page does not change the database entry. LMCE on the other hand is case specific and will not show the folder.

Also when I move a file to a different folder/NAS then both files will stay in database (2 entries). both files will be shown in LMCE.

I know you guys are busy and this is not important but some feedback would be appreciated and if it is an easy fix I could attempt to fix it (however as I stated before this system is so complex that my lack of time makes it impossible for me to become familiar with everything). I wish you guys would leave more detailed comments in the source code so that it would be easier to help.

Thank you

Installation issues / Is there still a changelog for LMCE updates?
« on: June 24, 2012, 11:07:11 pm »
I did not know where to ask this question, but is there a changelog for updates (like there used to be)? I couldn't find an up to date one. I liked it because it gave me an idea of what was going on. I know that this is additional work (and probably the few smart people that work on the system do not need it) but I was just wondering if I am too stupid to find it. Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

I know that 10.04 has no support at this time, but I am trying to fix a problem that I am currently experiencing. I have the problem with TS Stream video files (hd-pvr recordings, video encoding: H.264, video encoding size: 1920 x 1080, video progessive: Interlaced, audio codec: AC3, audio channels: 5.1). The problem is that I cannot forward, rewind, skip, etc. The videos can also not resume where I left off. The videos restart. I checked the log files etc, but there is no error.
I was wondering if anybody else has similar issues, or if somebody can point me in the right direction how to solve it (Is it xine or LinuxMCE problem). I installed mplayer and pluto-mplayer on one of my MDs based on something I found in this forum.
I do not have the problem with other video formats.
I also wanted to mention that the video playback quality of the TS Streams improved (the problem with cartoons where the color moves/shakes did not occur in my first tests).
Thank you guys for any help.

Does anybody have the same problem? I think that it happened with the last update but I am not sure because I just moved and I was busy with the move.
The problem is that the router reloads roughly 30 seconds after playback of DVD isos and dvds. Avi, mp4, etc. plays fine. Part of the problem could be that the streaming of the DVD menu does not work at all (seeing the menu from a different orbiter like windows orbiter etc.).
I searched the forum but it seems that I am the only one that has that issue.
Any suggestions where the problem is?
Here is part of the DCE Router log (followed it)
Code: [Select]
Received Message from 56 (OnScreen Orbiter / Living) to 10 (Media Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 74 Command:Bind to Media Remote, retry none, parameters: <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 2(PK_Device):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 3(PK_DesignObj):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 8(On/Off): 0 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 25(PK_Text):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 39(Options):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 3 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 63(PK_Text_Synopsis):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:08:31.722   Parameter 159(PK_Screen):  <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.707 Received Message from 50 (Windows XP PC/tablet (Horiz) / Master) to 9 (Orbiter Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 59 Command:Set Entertainment Area, retry none, parameters: <0xab3efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.707   Parameter 45(PK_EntertainArea): 3 <0xab3efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveData-a 0x9c05cd8 failed ret 0 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 138 dev 10 <0x6d4efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket 0x9c05cd8 failure waiting for response to message from device 10 type 1 id 74 <0x6d4efb90>
01 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Plugin 10 stopped responding <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Sender: 56 sent message type: 1 ID: 74 and expected a message reply from 10 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveData 0x9c29a50 failed, bytes left 0 start: 1870000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 163 Incoming_Conn Socket 163 56 T=8 Event #56 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 163 56 T=8 Event #56 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 TCPIP: Closing connection to 56 (Router Dev #0) 0x9c29a50 m_Socket: -1 <0x6d4efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:01.719 Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x9c29a50 56 <0x6d4efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.748 Received Message from 50 (Windows XP PC/tablet (Horiz) / Master) to 9 (Orbiter Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 77 Command:Set Current Room, retry none, parameters: <0xab3efb90>
08 06/08/11 17:09:01.748   Parameter 57(PK_Room): 3 <0xab3efb90>
05 06/08/11 17:09:02.272 Got a reload command from 0  <0x832e9b90>

Hi everybody,

This is an "older topic", and it seems that some people have found a solution to their individual problems and others did not (or did not provide feedback).
I have/had the problem that I could connect to my Samba/Windows Share. I could play & access the files on the MDs. However, I was unable to access them through the Web-admin interface when it is user-restricted. If I change the share to a public share (no username or password required), I could see it in the Web-Admin interface.
So I spent some (unfortunately most of my day) in solving this problem. It was obvious to me that it is a permission problem. After quite some time, I had the idea to check the apache2 error log and noticed that Apache2 reports "permission denied to use the stat command.
I added /usr/bin/stat to superdoers for the www-data user. This did not work. Then I added www-data to the group public because that is the group under which linuxmce mounts the Share. After a rebooted LMCE it finally worked. I could see all files & folders (I could actually create folders on the Share from the web admin interface, but I could not see them). This was the permission issue that I spent my day on. It seems that www-data also needs to be in group public to successfully execute stat.
I wanted to share my temporary solution, in case somebody else has the same problem, and I also want to ask for some feedback. Is there a better solution that I did not think of? I tried too many things, and I am tired (2:40am).
How wide did I open up my system? I know that www-data has gained some access (especially when your system is accessible over the internet). LMCE is very, very complex and I believe that adding www-data might be a great security risk.
I hope to get some feedback. Thanks

The Problem components consist of:
Openfiler with LDAP, user&password controlled
added to LMCE as Windows SHare CIFS

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