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Actually, I think it is just the nature of DHCP and subinterfaces - DHCP uses an Ethernet broadcast, which will be visible on both the main interface and subinterface. So even though the DHCP server is supposed to be serving the internal network only, the DHCP request from the external interface will still make it there, and so screw up your network connectivity if you are using different subnets for "internal" and "external".... it also means that you will see the strange behaviour of the DHCP-PnP system "discovering" itself as a fileserver, and ask you if you want to add it! It appears as DCEROUTER of course and can be a bit confusing. You should definitely so no, and don't ask again to this...
that is what i figured.

If the external and internal subnets are the same, you have one NIC, and you configure the LMCE DHCP server so that the gateway is your "real" router (say, the broadband router) as opposed to itself. Then turn off all other DHCP servers other than the LMCE one, you should have a network that works, doesn't push all the external traffic through the core, lets you add wireless APs, but LMCE's PnP system will still work. You won't have QoS for your telephony, and it may cause obscure problems because LMCE doesn't understand its own topology... but it should work OK. But definitely no VLANs...
I think it's personal preference, but i'd rather use the DHCP server on my existing router/firewall/linuxbox/whatever if it's been proving to work reliably and remain stable.  Splitting your dependencies for internet connectivity should be a very HUGE no no.  I would disable the lmce dhcp server.  If not, then something happens to your lmce box, it's off, it's got a broken install, whatever, now your stuck taking extra steps to manually assign ip's to the other computers on your network to get internet connectivity while you repair your lmce box.  That is just one scenario of splitting your gateways responsibilities up.

I will admit i'm not too sure if disabling lmce's dhcp server will break it's device management, like for net shares, and definately no booting MD's without modifying your other DHCP server settings to point it in the right direction for it's boot kernel and filesystem. So I see it as a toss up, if you don't plan on use MD's then i'd disable the lmce dhcp.

We use vlans in our datacenters, and can understand why they are needed in an enterprise environment, hell i maintain our switches, but why would home users want to use vlans?  other than they have too much money and time and just feel like buying expensive cisco switches that support vlans...

I mean, whatever on all counts really, it comes down to personal preference, collin and I have put all the relevant information you need to make a sound decision on your network config... have fun...

I will leave this thread with my setup.
_____    ___________     _____________________________     ___________
|Inet| - |Cablemodem| - |Firewall Box/Wifi/Router/Whatever| - |Computer 1|
-----     -------------     ---------------------------------     -------------
                                     ^Running DHCP server^                  | Computer 2|
                                       Configured to serve MDs                ----------------
                                                                                       |LinuxeMCE Box| < 1 Network card, DHCP disabled

Like I said, doing it like that requires some extra configuration to get diskless booting media directors to work.  I might make a wiki entry on how to do this one day when I run out of lmce stuff to troubleshoot.

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 07, 2008, 08:43:14 pm »
Not really the point, guys - but if you have the exact hardware/screen/etc that is used in the video, it will work right out of the box! It does actually say that in the caveats on-screen and verbally, and on the web site I believe. But of course, who has that exact hardware? We just ignore that bit and assume that it isn't as specific as that.... it is, but as long as you aren't trying to re-engineer how the system works, generally it is pretty easy to get going. If you read back through the volumous threads that talk about these issues in the past, you will find that almost all of them are either using a video card that wasn't supported my LMCE or trying to unwind the dual-NIC/DHCP/etc parts of LMCE. You'll also find plenty of people saying that once they accepted the structure it all went easy Smiley

Use one of the listed video cards (definitely nVidia), a screen that has a wide range of scan frequencies (not just HD!), and wire it up with the as-designed network configuration before you start building, and it will work like a dream Wink

collinjones,  man I seriously have to disagree with your assessment  If it is clearly stated that very specific hardware was used to to create that video and to make "out of the box" claims... why have so many people missed that part?  I'm not saying it's not there, actually went and checked to be sure. your right, but it's not very obvious.  for example, when I first undertook this venture, I was in the same boat as gazzzman, I saw the video, thought it was cool... actually asked the question (what kind of hardware) did some quick searching and read the guys commentary, I then bought an nvido 6200 as stated inthe wiki works perfectly... I also bought a pvr 150mce tuner, again stated it works perfectly.  Those are the two main items I needed, I had everything else.  Motherboard/cpu/mem/case etc...  and I had nothing but problems, and it wasn't specifically the hardware... first I couldn't get network shares working, come to find out there is a different process in which the wizard detects your shares between UI1 and the UI2/3 modes.  This is has not been confirmed by other users, but I have been able to re-create this over and over...  also found out it doesn't like passwords containing !@#$%^&*() chars... took me a week just to get network shares mounting correctly.. then mythtv was freezing.   but wait!!! I have EXACTLY all hardware that is claimed to work, everything I purchased was off the wiki "already tested and compatible" list... so it took me about 3 weeks to get that working, was an error in the code...  now i'm trying to remove the statically set interlacing and codec options for mythtv that are hardcoded into the source, so if one wants to change his interlace settings, guess what, next time you reboot or mythtv plugin gets reloaded, your right back to mythtv setting the original programmer deemed everyone should use muwahahah... anyways..  so i'm still struggling with that... I see helluvha mantis tickets all dealing with software issues "out of the box" not hardware issues...

I'm not saying what your stating is not true, and I have read alot of threads so far, and what I really see is alot of denial from the technical community, trying to blame it on not having the right hardware... and 50% of the time they are right, but the 50% of the posts they are just in denial and trying to blame it on something other than a sofware problem...

for example, my posts about windows shares, the first 10 or so posts were people telling me different hardware setups to try, telling me "oh it's your network setup... do this do that... switch cards, put ext on this put int on this, blah blah" but in the long run it had absolutely nothing to do with my hardware. 

Exhibit A:

Then there was my mythtv problem I mentioned
Exhibit B:

Then there are these people who have the correct hardware but still no "out of the box" go go there either...
when I searched the word "video" on this forum, the first page is 75% software issues...

Besides.. I click on the video link and read that entire article again at the only mention of hardware I saw, was the metnion that any video card capable of OpenGL can run UI2 and UI3.... the only mention of specific hardware here is
which currently is only the nVidia 6xxx and greater.
which tells us nothing except cards 6000 model and up should work... which we know not to be true, i've seen several people with 8800 cards not working properly, I have an 8600 that just will NOT work no matter what... and my 6800 does not display video out the VGA port during the inital AVWizard, I have to do everything blindly.

The actual mention of any specific hardware in the video happens within the first 15 seconds, a bubble window pops up for 3 seconds just saying
get this video in hi-def plus technical details, known bugs, hardware list:
and this is while the narrator is speaking about booting off the cd.

Even reading the link provided in the video, mentions absolutely nothing about needing very specific hardware for this to work except int he begining when he typed
Not much. So far most users have reported it works as expected on the first try so long as the video card is compatible.
And then he's just talking about the video card, not other equipment.

The only thing mentioned there is the hardware he used in the video, nothing about loosing the out of the box experience if one decideds to use different but equivalent hardware.

You are right about one thing, the innate nature of us to "ignore" whats right in front of us... well like I have tried to demonstrate, they may have put it "right in front of our eyes", but it's not clear by no means about the specific hardware deal.  When I first watched the video, I read his ENTIRE commentary, and I was honestly convinced that equivelant hardware will work because there was no mention about specific hardware being required, just what the hardware need to be capable of.

Now, all this analyzing is all pointless anyway, it's free software so who cares right?

though TBH I don't know if I would be better getting a hauppage 150 analog capture card and using it with mythtv and my dreambox instead Smiley
I used the 150MCE, and it works very well... I do not have a single complaint, the picture is very clear and responsive (after setting your interlacing and codec options in mythfrontend manually since some coder decided EVERYONE shoud be bob method interlacing with the xv codec and opengl vsync turned off)

I do need to advise you, I ended up re-installing from the quick install dvd probably 50 times in one week.  It was from all the troubleshooting, i'm a very aggressive troubleshooter, so I ended up breaking my installation 3 or 4 times a day.  So be prepared to break your install and re-install several times before getting everything working properly.

LOL DUDE That is a PCI card. according to this his motherboard he's using doesn't even have a  PCI-E slot dude.  So explain to me how he's got a PCI-E card working on a non-pci-e board.  In fact, did they even make socket 775 boards with PCI-E?

According to my searching, I only see there is an AGP, PCI, and PCI-E version of this card.

but logic dictates that is not what he's using.  He provided a link to his motherboard's model.  Did we miss the socket 775 part?

Installation issues / Re: Axis Security Camera
« on: March 07, 2008, 03:56:48 am »
Update... I found out the above only applies to firmwares earlier than v1.12 after that, the original wiki was correct.

I'll update it again

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 07, 2008, 01:34:10 am »
For starters you are not alone, I too experienced lmce the way you have.  Granted i'm an experienced linux user.

Out of the box?  bullcrap.. lol I double LOL on anyone who claims so.  Even if we have the right hardware... just take a look at the forum index, there is proof enough.  Anyways, i'm not here to bash lmce because I use it on a daily basis and love the hell out of it, although I agree, maybe that guy needs to stop LYING on video... lol


I think I can help with one, maybe two issues...
now it won't play DVD's (not even the ones I ripped earlier) saying dss is not installed (though it says it is in he interface)
I had this problem also, even though it's listed under the "add software" section, and says "installed" int he right corner of that item... I clicked on it from the add software section and it appeared to have re-installed itself and my dvd's started working again.  It hasn't broken since.

The best suggestion I have for you is the way I went about building my lmce.  First, I see you have plenty of issues to go around.  So did I, I chose the most desirable of the issues, in my case, I couldn't get network shares to detect properly and that was the feature I most wanted to use... so I concentrated on just that, and asked questions pertainingly to only that problem, until I was able to solve it, then move on.  Asking too many questions all at once kind of scares these guys off...

having arrived here via the Gates school of philosophy Smiley
I would be careful who I tell this too, your likely to be mobbed... just joking.

Sorry I can't help you any further.  But there is one thing I should point out, I would lean towards your video card.  The reason I say this, is most of the lmce users out here, most likely are using either an AGP or PCI-E card, and I really don't think much thought had every been put into PCI based video cards (don't take offense now) since they are considered very obsolete.

i'm really not sure though...

Installation issues / Re: MD installation issue - AMD AM2, 64 bit
« on: March 07, 2008, 12:47:51 am »
seems like an issue with the drivers for you nic...
it boots off the lan, starts to load, and when it gets to loading your nic drivers, it craps out...
is this whats happening?  if so;

the easiest and quickest solution would be to use a different nic..

otherwise I have no other suggestions..

maybe I should ellaborate on my suggestion.

remove the extra nic, you'll then have a eth0 and an eth0:0... by default, eth0:0 will have your internal gateway address, and the dhcp server will provide an ip to eth0 and any other device connected to the network through your eth0 card.   I don't know if this behavior is intentional or a bug, or a fluke on just my machines, but every single nic box i've built tries to use it's on dhcp server for getting ip instead of my existing router.

with only 1 nic, disable the dhcp server and either set your eth0 ip address manually, or allow your already existing dhcp server to assign one.  i'd go with setting it statically since a lmce box isn't really something that doesn't get moved around...

Installation issues / Re: Axis Security Camera
« on: March 06, 2008, 10:57:14 pm »
Holy crap, nevermind, I managed to ftp into my camera and take a look at the directory structure.  I discovered the actual url for this model is /cgi-bin/video640x480.mjpg the url mentioned in the wiki does not apply to this model axis camera.

Installation issues / Axis Security Camera
« on: March 06, 2008, 10:39:01 pm »
I have an Axis 2100 IP Camera.  I followed the instructions on the wiki for adding an ip camera.  But in the instructions, they even state that axis cameras use the url /axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi.  This url does not work on my camera.  In fact, the default url i'm taken to when I access the camera using a web browser is /view/index.shtml. When I use the /view/index.shtml. as my url I get no video feed on the lmce box.  Anyone know about this model cam?  Or can point me in the right direction?

disable the dhcp server startup script in /etc/init.d
thats all I had to do, then connected eth0 to my network, only problem was I had to manually create my windows shares because it didn't seem the network share discovery script was looking on my external nic for shares...

Man thats strange, because i'm running amd64 with the exact cpu a 4200... and it froze on me... i'm willing to be it's chipset or memory related... anyways, thanx daniel!

Users / Re: Building from Source
« on: March 06, 2008, 06:32:06 am »
Ah, I see, thank you...

Users / Building from Source
« on: March 06, 2008, 05:14:14 am »
I'm not entirely sure what my question is here, but I will make an attempt to ask one.

First, I had to recompile from source to fix a previous problem with MythTV.  I successfully compiled the binary I needed and fixed my problem.  Although, now i'm attempting to fix another problem.  I already made the change in the code, thats not my problem.  My problem, is the component i'm modifying is the MythTV_Plugin source.  I understand it builds a .so library I need.  This library file is missing from the bin directory after the build completes.  I haven't tried to rebuild while grepping or monitoring the output for errors relating to that part of the build process.  Thats not exactly my question either, I can debug code and compilation problems.... I think my question is... which is which?  In the wiki, there is a reference to but I saw somewhere else (can't remember where) this link  The charonmedia one contains all the configure scripts and makefile's needed in the trunk/ folder.  The latter mentioned at does not.  Therefore i'm confused.  The source I get at charonmedia works out of the box, with some errors, but it still compiles the majority of lmce.  I am trying to clarify this, because before I actually start debugging massive compilation errors and why I can't get the plugin library compiled,  I want to make sure I have the updated propper source code to my version.

so I think my question is this...

am I doing this all wrong?  is there a propper way I don't know of, and just maybe the article's i'm reading are old and not updated? 

collinjones, I think I know where you got spooked.  I was very spooked out by something I saw during compilation, it was something about shutting down my sql server, then it backed up the databse, then it deleted the database, then it ...... well you get the idea, I was so spooked I went and checked with phpmyadmin, and my database was in tact and everything, so I don't understand what it was doing, but it didn't hurt my production stuff.

I was watching MythTV the entire time it was compiling (the second time after i fixed the freezing) and it didn't lag at all. This is on a AMD X2 4200 with 4gb of ram though.

All I know, is the instruction claim the compilation has to be done on a linuxmce installed machine.  So I took the risk, i've recompiled twice now with no problems.

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