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Then after some beeping the Linux MCE launch manager appears...
rwilson131, i'm not sure about your analysis, if you read his post carefully, he's getting into X and claiming the Launch Manager is appearing, then the screen turns blank.  What you are suggestions is the classic "wrong selected output" thing, I don't think thats his problem.  It sounds like his screen is going blank AFTER it gets into KDE.  If it were an output selection issue, then he's never see the Launch Manager, ever....

2. Another point is I would like to reconfigure remote drives being connected. How can I do this?
During install, Linux MCE picks up all my smb shares.
Apparently something keeps these from properly mounting, but it takes a lot of CPU while MCE is trying to mount all these...
How can I remove them?
Use your web browser and type in the ip address ofyour linuxmce box.  Once you login, on the left pane, scroll down and click "Show Device Tree" and on that device tree look for your remote drivers listed in the left pane.  Click on one, then in the right pane you should see a link near the top called "Delete Child Device". 

To manually configure your remote drives, since automatic is not working for you, you can try this guide.

I probably can't help you, but i'd like to give you my experience with my 8600GT.  Since we have the identical cards.

When I first installed MCE on my machine with the 8600GT, and the AVWizard runs, I got a black screen on my default VGA out port.  I had to select the proper output and resolution blindly.  I went off memory and used the arrow keys, but can also use the number keys.  I know this doesn't help you, but I think it is interesting you are having a video issue with 8600GT and so did I.

Users / Re: Network Configuration Question
« on: March 14, 2008, 08:25:31 pm »
In the webadmin panel, go to "Advanced" -> "Configuration" -> "Network" -> "Firewall" and check mark the box that says "Disable Firewall"...

After that, i'm not sure how to enable the automatic detection.  I just had one network card so, the virtual NICc it creates is your internal .1 address and the actual interface gets served an ip adress from the DHCP server running on the virtual NIC, the end result is both NICs being in the "internal" subnet of the whole setup, and detection worked fine after disabling the firewall.  If you have a different setup, i'm not sure.

Once you disable the firewall, you can manually add your network shares, i've done it this way also and it worked ok.  There is a wiki article on manually creating network shares I believe...

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 14, 2008, 08:19:58 pm »
You are absolutey right Totallymaxed, I neglected to include that tidbit in my original analysis, about the age of the video, and yes MOST people not trying to do anything more than a frontend for their download movies, do have successful installs.  I mean, my first install was EXACTLY out of the box.  But also my first install was on a basic system with no TV Tuner card, no security cameras, no web orbiters, no digital sound... none of the exotic stuff that makes a home theatre worth the trouble.

But like I said, and gazz too, it's extremely rewarding, I would do it again if I had to... Oh wait, I do, once a week, when my installation breaks for some unknown obscure reason, most likely something i've done...

Installation issues / User Missing under Media
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:33:47 pm »
I added two users to my system, but when I go to Media - > Video/Audio/Pictures/Docs - > Sort only the first user shows up.  I've been running lmce with just a single user for a long time, so I decided to re-install and add both users during the install process, thinking maybe it was some bug like that.  That didn't help either.  I tried searching for this matter on the forums, but I don't think I could construct a search pattern well enough to find any existing issues.  Anyone have a clue because I never did...

Installation issues / Re: IP Cameras and Motion
« on: March 11, 2008, 11:50:16 pm »
Freaking awesome thank you.

The confusion is from here..
4a. choose in the right frame "Create Child Device" -> new page: click on "Pick Device Template"
4b. choose in dropdown-box "Device Template": "Motion Wrapper" then button next to that box again "Pick Device Template"
The post I read talking about how the wiki article is obsolete, and breifly instructed on how to do this procedure only said something along the lines of:

"Add Motion Wrapper then add your IP Cameras as a child device of that."

My problem, was I couldn't find Motion Wrapper as a device template, but that was because I assumed "Motion" was the manufacture and was filtering device templates based on that.

Someone should really blow that old article away and put your simple steps... or i'll just copy paste your post if you don't care.

Installation issues / IP Cameras and Motion
« on: March 11, 2008, 10:57:09 pm »
I've just spend the better part of last week trying to get my AXIS 2100 IP Camera working under Motion.

I read the wiki tutorial here:

and obviously that was outdated as nothing mentioned there even closely resembled the version i'm running (7.10B3), so I found a post confirmed this wiki article was ancient and all you have to do now is add the camera under the Motion_Wrapper device.

There is no such device, unless i'm just plain ignorant.  I could not find anything relating to any of that.  I checked the source code, I see the source for Motion_Wrapper, and I can compile the binary, but where is it in the 7.10B3 release?  It doesn't even appear to be listed in the device lists.  The closest thing I found, was under Manufacture there is one listed "Motion", I select it and there are no device templates under that manufacture.

I got motion working with my camera by configuring it manually, and the article on the wiki is extremely outdated.  Also you have to complete remove any reference to "/dev/video0" devices in the motion.conf file and instead, your first IP Camera needs to be listed in the main motion.conf or motion will not start at all, it will always look for a default /dev/vide0 device, even if you remove the directive that defines it in the config file, instead I had to have the netcam_url directive existing in the main motion.conf file, and then motion would start.  So for my second and third camera I made a thread0.conf and a thread1.conf and everything works great.

I can also still view my cameras from LMCE, but they are listed as IP Camera devices, not sub-devices under a Motion_Wrapper which I cannot find anywhere.

But having it setup this way, from what I understand, is now i'm loosing my alertting features.  Which is number 1 reason I wanted motion working with lmce.

Can anymore please provide some insight to the source of my confusion?

Users / Re: Can you put a drive into a Media Director?
« on: March 08, 2008, 04:38:41 am »
Smart move.. i keep my media isolated from the core as well...

Users / Re: Can you put a drive into a Media Director?
« on: March 08, 2008, 02:00:55 am »
yes you can add a drive to an MD, on boot it will detect it and ask you how to use it like any other drive or network share...

and yes, i see no problems with your initial setup..

that new fix is not new at all, that fix is my fix that someone else (with write access to the svn repositories) applied to the source, recompiled and made available...

lol ok

Users / Re: help newbe warning!!
« on: March 08, 2008, 01:34:44 am »
Yeah I know you didn't say clearly... but everyone keeps making it sound like it's obvious or something.  I only analyzed the situation based on my own personal experiences and opinions sooooo....  I'm just agreeing it's not CLEAR.... with why...

I honestly think a new motherboard will solve you problem.  I'm not sure the developers spent a whole log of time debugging lmce to work with PCI video cards and obsolete chipsets... so it's not going to surprise me when problems like yours arise.

Users / Re: md
« on: March 07, 2008, 09:07:55 pm »
Not sure... have you tried yet?

Users / Re: Weird dhcp/routing issue
« on: March 07, 2008, 09:06:42 pm »
Yes on all counts, you SHOULD be able to do all those things.

Answer me this, what is getting the for it's gateway?  All the machines on your net? Or just the core's external nic?

Your setup is just going to require redundant forwarding for everything, obviously you've already figured this out, but every port you want opened/forwarded will have to be configured on the wifi router and the lmce box.  Instead I use this setup

Cable Model
Firewall Box
|LMCE <- One network card, DHCP disabled

And I rely on my trusty, proven reliable, firewall box of mine for my internet connectivity.

Really the firewalling and masqeurading options lmce gives you in the admin interface are basic at most... I found it kind of offending to network buffs myself...  To get the desired network behavior I wanted, I ended up writing my own firewall init script and trying to disable lmce's already built-in stuff, I eventually gave up,  so I definitely would not relay on lmce to be my gateway.

This is just my opinion!

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