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Developers / This Community will Fail and LMCE will be forgotten.
« on: March 19, 2008, 09:22:44 pm »
As long as the key players in this community remain vigilant in their self absorbed ways, and push interested experts and dev's away by contradicting their own discovered functional methods, this project will fail.

EDIT:  This thread has completely done a 180.  I thought an updated subject might help.

EDIT: I still people screwing with old ass video game emulators while these forums are riddled with basic bugs, unstable features, and unhappy developers.

Developers / MythTV_Plugin Won't Compile
« on: March 18, 2008, 11:16:56 pm »
I am using the sources from charonmedia.
I am trying to compile this on 710b3.

I have previously tried compiling the source on 7.04, but recieved a plhetora of errors during the build script.  Alot of missing files/folders, then an unknown user errors when connecting to the database, I can go on and on.
Needless to say, I managed to get the majority of the source to compile errorless on 710b3.

My initial reason for recompiling MythTV_Plugin was to remove the statically set options for interlacing and vsyncing.  I tried compiling the plugin with and without my mods.

When I run make from the build script, or from the source folder /trun/src/MythTV_Plugin, I receive the same error.

This is the error.
Code: [Select]
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:896: error: SCREEN_PVR_CONST was not declared in this scope
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:897: error: SCREEN_PvrFullScreen_CONST was not declared in this scope
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:901: error: SCREEN_mnuPVRRecording_CONST was not declared in this scope
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:902: error: SCREEN_mnuPVRRecording_Full_Screen_CONST was not declared in this scope
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:906: error: SCREEN_mnuPVROSD_CONST was not declared in this scope
MythTV_PlugIn.cpp:907: error: SCREEN_mnuPVR_OSD_Full_Screen_CONST was not declared in this scope

Initially, I found the file those constants were being declared in, /trunk/src/pluto_main/Define_Screen.h, and added the declarations manually.  The plugin then compiled fine, but when I inserted it into my lmce box and rebooted, everything worked fine except for one thing.  The lmce interface would not dissapear with the right click of my go mouse.  Nothing would cause it to dissapear, it was permanently affixed lol.  So anyways...

With some inquiry in IRC, I found out the pluto_main is generated by sql2cpp which in turns gets all it's information from you currently running database.  After making sure sql2cpp wasn't screwed up, I proceeded to see what is so different from my database versus those who are compiling fine.  Well since I didn't have a copy of someone elses database, I decided to install a vanilla install in a virtual machine.  Using the same 710b3 version.  I put the charonmedia source on it, but it would not make it through the build script, kept giving me errors.  So instead, I went to my production box's database and searched for the constant "mnuPVRRecording" (the SCREEN_ prefix and _CONST suffix are not included in the database, these are added by sql2cpp).  I found one table with mnuPVRRecording in my production database.  It was in pluto_main -> DesignObj field.  I did the same search on my virtual machine's vanilla install and had the identical results.  So I ask myself "it's there in the database so why isn't it being put in the Define_Screen.h by sql2cpp?"  At this point, I wanted to see what a working constant define looks like in the database.  So I open Define_Screen.h and pick a constant that the compiler doesn't complain about and search for it, I chose "SensorsNotReady".  After searching for this in the database, I found it existed in TWO fields instead of just ONE like the other.  This one was found in pluto_main -> DesignObj and pluto_main -> Screen tables.

I search for another constant from Define_Screen.h, and sure enough I saw the trend, every single constant the compiler errors out with is missing an entry in the pluto_main -> Screen table, the ones that work fine ARE in this field.  The vanilla install of 710b3 was identical.  I haven't tried 710b4 yet.  I installed 7.04 in a virual machine, and searched for the problematic constant from earlier, and in 7.04's database it shows up in both fields.  Problem is, I can't get charonmedia sources to compile from my 7.04 copy.

When I originally downloaded the charonmedia sources, the build script installed all the needed packages, and appeared to run without show-stopping errors just warning... and it did proceed to compile all the binaries it could.  This was on a vanilla 710b3 install about 1 month ago.

When I downloaded the caronmedia sources last week onto my 7.04 box, and ran the included build script, it would download and install the needed packages, but then error out on me when trying to do the sql stuff, says the /etc/init.d/mysql-build-mce is missing, so I find it and place it there, and yet another error about a directory missing, so I found it, placed it there, and yet more errors relating to the sql stuff, so I gave up.

Any ideas or suggestions?

My main goal is to just get MythTV_Plugin compiled.  And in fact, if anyone here can compile it under amd64 system with the following lines REMOVED... and provide me the resulting binary and .so file.  I usually don't ask for handouts, but this is such a simple mod, with such a show-stopping wall of not being able to compile this, even without the mod.  Anyone got 5mins for this? 

Code: [Select]
Line 963;
Line 973;
Line 975;
Line 976;

This will allow for those rare people who don't want English to use whatever is available instead of being forced English.  It will also enable me to choose my own interlacing options instead of being statically forced to use what they (whoever they is) thought we all should be using, not to mention being able to choose decoder as well.

I actually recommend doing this for future releases, or if it is needed for some odd reason, if there is a way to implement a "run once" feature so that Mythtv will retain those defaults after setting them once, and if the user wants to experiment, it's already been run and won't overwrite the users settings on reboot/restart of the plugin.

Installation issues / User Missing under Media
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:33:47 pm »
I added two users to my system, but when I go to Media - > Video/Audio/Pictures/Docs - > Sort only the first user shows up.  I've been running lmce with just a single user for a long time, so I decided to re-install and add both users during the install process, thinking maybe it was some bug like that.  That didn't help either.  I tried searching for this matter on the forums, but I don't think I could construct a search pattern well enough to find any existing issues.  Anyone have a clue because I never did...

Installation issues / IP Cameras and Motion
« on: March 11, 2008, 10:57:09 pm »
I've just spend the better part of last week trying to get my AXIS 2100 IP Camera working under Motion.

I read the wiki tutorial here:

and obviously that was outdated as nothing mentioned there even closely resembled the version i'm running (7.10B3), so I found a post confirmed this wiki article was ancient and all you have to do now is add the camera under the Motion_Wrapper device.

There is no such device, unless i'm just plain ignorant.  I could not find anything relating to any of that.  I checked the source code, I see the source for Motion_Wrapper, and I can compile the binary, but where is it in the 7.10B3 release?  It doesn't even appear to be listed in the device lists.  The closest thing I found, was under Manufacture there is one listed "Motion", I select it and there are no device templates under that manufacture.

I got motion working with my camera by configuring it manually, and the article on the wiki is extremely outdated.  Also you have to complete remove any reference to "/dev/video0" devices in the motion.conf file and instead, your first IP Camera needs to be listed in the main motion.conf or motion will not start at all, it will always look for a default /dev/vide0 device, even if you remove the directive that defines it in the config file, instead I had to have the netcam_url directive existing in the main motion.conf file, and then motion would start.  So for my second and third camera I made a thread0.conf and a thread1.conf and everything works great.

I can also still view my cameras from LMCE, but they are listed as IP Camera devices, not sub-devices under a Motion_Wrapper which I cannot find anywhere.

But having it setup this way, from what I understand, is now i'm loosing my alertting features.  Which is number 1 reason I wanted motion working with lmce.

Can anymore please provide some insight to the source of my confusion?

Installation issues / Axis Security Camera
« on: March 06, 2008, 10:39:01 pm »
I have an Axis 2100 IP Camera.  I followed the instructions on the wiki for adding an ip camera.  But in the instructions, they even state that axis cameras use the url /axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi.  This url does not work on my camera.  In fact, the default url i'm taken to when I access the camera using a web browser is /view/index.shtml. When I use the /view/index.shtml. as my url I get no video feed on the lmce box.  Anyone know about this model cam?  Or can point me in the right direction?

Users / Building from Source
« on: March 06, 2008, 05:14:14 am »
I'm not entirely sure what my question is here, but I will make an attempt to ask one.

First, I had to recompile from source to fix a previous problem with MythTV.  I successfully compiled the binary I needed and fixed my problem.  Although, now i'm attempting to fix another problem.  I already made the change in the code, thats not my problem.  My problem, is the component i'm modifying is the MythTV_Plugin source.  I understand it builds a .so library I need.  This library file is missing from the bin directory after the build completes.  I haven't tried to rebuild while grepping or monitoring the output for errors relating to that part of the build process.  Thats not exactly my question either, I can debug code and compilation problems.... I think my question is... which is which?  In the wiki, there is a reference to but I saw somewhere else (can't remember where) this link  The charonmedia one contains all the configure scripts and makefile's needed in the trunk/ folder.  The latter mentioned at does not.  Therefore i'm confused.  The source I get at charonmedia works out of the box, with some errors, but it still compiles the majority of lmce.  I am trying to clarify this, because before I actually start debugging massive compilation errors and why I can't get the plugin library compiled,  I want to make sure I have the updated propper source code to my version.

so I think my question is this...

am I doing this all wrong?  is there a propper way I don't know of, and just maybe the article's i'm reading are old and not updated? 

Installation issues / Media File Sync Hidden Folders Crouching Files
« on: February 19, 2008, 11:26:42 pm »
Has anyone had this issue with the Media File Sync in the Admin page?

I have put some downloaded video content into a folder on my raid in a folder named /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv

That folder contains several sub-directories used to categorize by name. ie: /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/farscape

Well when using the Media File Sync in the Admin page to retrive album art/thumbnails, the folder after /tv does not show up.  Even after re-syncing... I experiemented a little with this, and moved all my .avi into just /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv and all the .avi will show up under the Media File Sync menu, and allow me to lookup thumbnails.  Except this method is un-organized and highly un-attractive.

So I created a subfolder inside the Media File Sync called /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/fartest.  And when I click submit, the page refreshes, that folder shows up... I click on it on the left to go inside it, and of course it's empty.  So I move a few .avi's into the folder, and re-sync... then the folder dissapears from the left again.  Is there an outstanding issue with this I just couldn't find in the forums?

I have made some screenshots to illustrate.

Installation issues / DVB-C HD TV Tuner Cards?
« on: February 19, 2008, 07:50:45 pm »

Does anyone have a link, or some information about a more definitive list of compatible HD tuner cards under LMCE?  I looked on the Wiki, and most are analog tuners, the 2 digital tuners they mention are beyond the scope of ebay and I refuse to buy anything for this project brand new or special order.  I also saw one guide that mentions as long as the card is supported by the linux kernel.  So I did some searching for compatible HD tuners support by the kernel, and again, the information i'm being presented with just seems unreliable.  All the lists I find are in-consistent to the next one I find.  Some cards are listed on one HCL (hardware compatibility list) while those same cards are missing from the next HCL i find.

Anyways... my question, is there a list of known working HD cards with LMCE other than the list of analog cards in the Wiki?  Or has anyone a working DVB-C card they can vouch is an easy setup?

I am currently using a PVR-150 MCE I purchased from Ebay, but to my dismay, I purchased a LCD HDTV tv shortly after purchasing the  PVR-150 MCE, and my cable company actually broadcasts clear QAM signal (and my generic ass lcd tv doesn't have a built-in QAM tuner, only the airwave HD tuner.) Which wasn't really an issue for me since all my media is coming from the LMCE box and nothing else is connected to the TV.

Installation issues / [SOLVED] No Media. Windows Shares Not Mounting.
« on: February 11, 2008, 01:39:42 am »
Ok.  I have done some pretty intense research regarding this matter.  All I have found are old topics, where the problem was never solved.  Hardly any topics even had suggestions on how to resolve this problem.  The topics that did offer suggestions were links to a set of generic instructions on how to manually add shares through web admin (which didn't work for any previous posters or myself).

From the begining.  Anyone feel free to blow my mind with whatever it is i'm missing... please..

1. Installed Linux MCE DVD 710 Beta 3
2. Ran through wizards, took mostly default settings.
3. MCE finds my windows box's shares. (asks for username/pw, etc... everything proceeds with the share wizards fine... no indication of any problems)
4. I go to look at my media and it isn't there.
5. The generic syslog's in the /var/log tell me absolutely nothing.
6. I search the forums...
7. I find out where MCE tries to mount the samba shares... (/mnt/devices/##)
8. I issue smbmount command to manually mount my share in (/mnt/device/##) and recieve an error that the folder doesn't exist.
9. I check the folder contents of /mnt/device and there are no folders that correspond with the symbolic links created by the wizard in /home/public/data/other.
10. I issue a "mkdir" command to create the associated number of my share (my case 33).  It says permission denied.
11. I smack myself and then issue a command "sudo mkdir" and again... permission denied.
12 I use "su" to become root completely and make the folder again... permission denied.
13. So I issue an "ls -la" to see if maybe the folder exists but is hidden... it is not.
14. I decide I am too frustrated and came to the conclusion this product does not work out of the box, even with matching hardware as seen on the demo. word of the day = bullshit
15. Just to see if MCE even catalogs my movies correctly, I create a folder in /home/public/data/other called test.  So I have /home/public/data/other/test...
16. I manually mount my windows share at the command line into /home/public/data/other/test...
17. It mounts successfully.  Wow that was an easy command to use... wonder what MCE's problem is?
18. (Continuing on) I issue the "UpdateMedia" command at the command prompt.
19. I go back into the orbiter and go look at media, OMFG IT'S THERE.. ALL MY MEDIA IS THERE!!!

So... is there some sort of known issue or am I a rare case?  Wtf I have no idea why the hell mce cannot properly mount my shares.  Except maybe MCE can't create the /mnt/device/## folder for the mount point to go.  Because I certainly was not able to create any folder in there, even as root.  I tried different folder names too, not just the numbers associated with my symbolic links.

Please, this is probably the only time in my life I desperately want someone to make me feel stupid and talk down to me like i'm at idiot and explain to me what is wrong with me and why i'm not smart enough to figure out this supposedly "out of the box" product.

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