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Users / Re: Energy Monitor configuration?
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:21:35 am »
OK, I'll have to dig into it.  I don't understand a lot of linuxmce right now, haha.

I note that the mysql select looks for a specific FK_DeviceData and a FK_Unit.  Where would I find the documentation on what that stuff references?

$deviceQuery = mysql_query('SELECT EK_Device, Description, IK_DeviceData FROM Datapoints, pluto_main.Device, pluto_main.Device_DeviceData WHERE FK_Unit='.$unit.' AND EK_Device=PK_Device AND EK_Device=FK_Device AND FK_DeviceData=289


Users / Re: Z-Wave USB Dongle
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:54:28 am »
You have to actually add it.  Add a new device to the 'Interfaces' section, use device template 'Zwave'.  Once that adds, make sure the 'COM port on PC' is selected and save.  Might have to tell the DCERouter to restart, and then wait a bit for it to discover the rest of the devices on your zwave network.

Users / Re: Aeotec Z-Stick Series 2 troubleshooting
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:48:34 am »
What's the permissions on /dev/ttyUSB0 or whatever device the stick is seen as?

I had to set mine to 0666.  A udev rule for the device makes sure it gets set correctly all the time.

Users / Energy Monitor configuration?
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:15:42 am »
I have a Aeon 2 clamp zwave energy monitor.  It's working well, I can graph data in the data logger section of the web interface no problem, but I can't seem to get the energy monitor to show anything other than a missing image.

I'm seeing some errors in the apache log:

[Sun Mar 16 03:05:08 2014] [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: Dataset in /var/www/lmce-admin/operations/datalog/energyGraph.php on line 128, referer:
[Sun Mar 16 03:05:08 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function count() on a non-object in /usr/share/php/Image/Graph/Plotarea.php on line 341, referer:

Digging around looking at the energyGraph code, I see it is doing a select from the database, and it seems the select is coming back with an empty set.

I'm seeing this in my DECRouter.log:

07      03/16/14 3:08:41.676            Received Message from 32 (Multilevel Sensor / Family Room) to -1001 (unknown / ), type 2 id 85 Event:Power Usage Changed, retry none, parameters: <0xb41fdb40>
07      03/16/14 3:08:41.676              Parameter 69(Watts):  <0xb41fdb40>
07      03/16/14 3:08:41.676              Parameter 71(WattsMTD): 39.184 <0xb41fdb40>
07      03/16/14 3:08:41.690            Event #85 has no handlers <0xb41fdb40>

I'm obviously missing some step somewhere, any clues?


Yup that fixed it.  I added this line to /etc/openzwave/config/manufacturer_specific.xml:

<Product type="6401" id="0107" name="CT100 Thermostat" config="2gig/ct100.xml"/>

Still no fan, but that's less important.

I think I may have fixed it.  There's a .xml file for the ct100, but it wasn't picking it up with the ID code mine is reporting.  Once I finally get it to re-see the network, I'll report if it is working, hah.


I couldn't find anything with a forum search, so hopefully I didn't overlook anything.

I have setup LinuxMCE 1204 (I couldn't get 1004 to work on my hardware).  I'm using a Aeon Z Stick v2 as the interface, and a Radio Thermostat / 2gig CT100 thermostat.

The system sees the thermostat, and I can set heat/cool/off no problem, and I can set a cooling setpoint, but not a heating setpoint.  It just ignores it.  I get this error in the logs when trying to request a set point:

No such setpoint 'Heating 1' found!

When adding the thermostat, it tells me (in part):

2014-02-12 23:53:17.109 Node002, Received manufacturer specific report from node 2: Manufacturer=2GIG Technologies, Product=Unknown: type=6401, id=0107

2014-02-12 23:53:26.587 Node002, Received supported thermostat setpoints
2014-02-12 23:53:26.588 Node002,     Added setpoint: Cooling 1
2014-02-12 23:53:26.588 Node002,     Added setpoint: Unused 3

In addition, setting the fan mode has no effect

2014-02-12 23:53:27.770 Node002, Received supported thermostat fan modes
2014-02-12 23:53:27.770 Node002,     Added fan mode: Auto Low
2014-02-12 23:53:27.770 Node002,     Added fan mode: On Low

Any hints?

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