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Figured it out. The instruction for that camera say to put the IP and mac address of camera in Motion Wrapper. So therefore I added two Motion Wrappers for two cameras. i got two cameras to work by putting BOTH cameras under 1 Motion Wrapper and deleting the motion wrappers MAC address entry.

I have two D-Link_DCS-920 wireless cameras setup exactly as in this post under motion wrappers:

Both work fine BUT only one works at a time. The other camera shows only a static image from hours ago. Let me explain.

If I go into Devices and change ANYTHING in the Motion Wrapper for the camera or the camera device itself. Like just checking and unchecking a box. Then save settings (which really have not changed at all) and reboot router. Then THAT camera works perfectly and other camera doesn't. Then if I go in and change someting in the device setting for the other camera and save it- it starts to work and the other camera doesn't. The camera shows up but shows an image that does not change and is the time stamp of when it stopped working.

Very bizzare!  Any ideas? I can log into each camera with its built in software and they are working fine- even when they seem to be NOT working in LinuxMCE.


Ok Great- good to know I was not doing anything wrong. i will wait till that is added back in or run some ethernet cabling in the meantime. Thanks.

But this machine HAS to be wireless eventually. Can't do PXE through wireless. I tried to do PXE through GRUB but never got the GRUB entry correct. The CD install has instructions- you install Kubuntu first then download CDs etc. Then installer on first option screen says 'Hey- I see you have a core already- you want to just install as a Media Station?' So I am almost positive you can have Media Station without PXE.

I am doing a CD install of Media Station. Kubuntu is installed fine as per instructions.

I have a wireless card working- ath0 and on board ethernet working eth1.

When I go to install the Media Station (Core installed beautifully on another computer) the installer messes with the ethernet. Switches between disabling Eth1 and trying to install over ath0 (wireless) and also the other way around. In either case it never finishes. Can't connect to core.

During install I can look at my network properties and it has disabled on card or the other. Both wireless and eth1 work by the way. Get a DHCP number etc from core. I have tried even disabling eth1 on mother board in bios so I only have wireless and that did not work.

 I have tried disabling ath0 prior to starting the install to no effect.

Anyway to install Media Station directly from the core without going through the CD install process?  Eventually I will have only wireless but I have plugged in eth1 trying to get the install to work. Nothing seems to work. Thanks.

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