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Installation issues / Re: What does lmce use for a firewall?
« on: April 11, 2009, 08:07:47 pm »
We use our own code to deal with iptables directly.

So if I change iptables, will my changes get schmucked?

Post-CD install, it seems that sources.list is changed to prefer linuxmce package sources. (Good.)

Given that, is there any particular dis/advantage to the method of software installation - lmce admin website / command line / gui?

Is it reasonable to say if a bit of software isn't of concern to lmce, a package operates in the usual manner?

(I get that, for example, if I go and play with the network settings outside of lmce, lmce may well break.)



Installation issues / What does lmce use for a firewall?
« on: April 11, 2009, 04:47:41 pm »
What package does lmce use for the firewall?

Especially at initial setup, I'm not going to go through the limited firewall web interface. e.g. bogon filters.

I'd rather use the package's native interface, but don't want to get into a situation where lmce doesn't include those changes.


... The DVD install is just a "snapshot" canned image dump of an existing installation, so there is very little configurability for that reason. ...

Thanks for the note as to the 'intent' of the discs.

I've put the DVD install on hold for the moment, swapped in a 12GB disk (this will be core only), and started with the CDs. It feels like if I want an ubergateway with LinuxMCE core added, I'll have a happier Linux experience by starting with Kubuntu loading first.

I'm thinking to fire up Kubuntu then add LinuxMCE ASAP. Then, as I work through Kubuntu I should run into anything that lmce over-rides sooner rather than later, so deal with it. (As opposed to making the perfect ubergateway, then adding lmce and getting schmucked and having to do X all over again.) e.g. DHCP.

Can anyone advise as to areas to watch for / pay special attention to, as I go through this process? e.g. I understand my dhcpd.conf file will get over-written at each MAC address add / remove (network device un/detected). Are there other gotchas to keep an eye out for?


I've done a successful DVD install of 7.10 on a thinkpad laptop (PIII/700,512MB).

I've then gotten Kubuntu to start automatically. (/etc/init.d/kdm.saved -> kdm).

Where are the LinuxMCE icons/apps / how do I get them on my desktop?

Once clicked, I'll then see the expected with Ctrl-Alt-F11?


Installation issues / dazuko possible?
« on: April 07, 2009, 10:12:20 pm »

The last time I looked at c/klamav for on the fly virus scanning, it needs dazuko, which needed compatibility. (That last still true?)

And compatibility meant recompiling the kernel.

If I go through all that ... am I simply going to end up with an un-updateable (linuxmce wise), and probably broken, appliance?

It is a host entry that is no longer apropos. Just delete it.



Could you please initiate the change so the sources (default sources.list) no longer includes those lines?

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE as DHCP server, NOT gateway!
« on: April 07, 2009, 09:38:05 pm »
I'm tired of arguing. Make a patch that keeps our functionality that allows what you want, or....set it up like we say.

I'm not arguing. I hear you and substantially agree with what you're saying. 'These are our design goals.' 'It works for the intent for which it was designed.' 'All contributions welcome that enhance. (And not break.)'

But, I'll add ... I'm tired of the attitude - in some aspects it's overwhelming. IF YOU MUST BE THE GATEWAY - BE THE GATEWAY. WITH ALL THE DYNAMIC SPECIFICATIONS (especially due to convergence) THAT THAT IMPLIES. OTHERWISE, STOP BEING THE GATEWAY. This is the crux of the noise - be a gateway, or don't be a gateway - pick one. As a design direction.

What you're really getting at, but is often overshadowed - hey, people, we've come this far. It's a good thing. Yes, we all recognize there's lots to do yet. We'll get there, some day, maybe. This stuff doesn't just spring in to being instantaneously.

And, also overshadowed - hey people, it's free. It's what it is. We'd all like to make it 'better'. But our hours are already tapped out. If you (the user) want it to be better, then we need you to contribute some of your own hours to help us make it better. It's 'free' only in $, it is what it is. If you want it to be different, and the community agrees with those differences, it's up to you (the user) to contribute them. If LinuxMCE works for you and satisfies all of your requirements, we're really happy for you, and quite gratified. But if it doesn't, well, only you can make it better.

Mr. User, please reference:

Now I get your perspective - forest and trees. And your fatigue - just how many times can you say the same thing over and over without getting at least a little testy. Particularly as they are repeated distractions from actually moving forward.

There's a basic constraint: (gateway) all or nothing. But the nature of the environment is most of the time you must integrate with, or seamlessly transition from, the current environment. The constraint means two states: 'broken', or 'working'. Broken = bad. Working takes some non-zero time to accomplish. And that's the rub. Unfortunately. But that's the way it is. Sorry 'bout that. So, the irritation is understandable, on every side. People want drop in, fire and forget, functionality. Unrealistically - that doesn't happen, for these type of applications, even in the pay world.

No doubt, on the list of things to do, is the be a gateway or not issue(s).

Let me iterate here ... thank you for being here.

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE as DHCP server, NOT gateway!
« on: April 07, 2009, 08:33:39 pm »
The relevant pieces are src/PlutoDHCP, src/BootScripts, src/Plug_and_Play_Plugin, and a few others that I can't remember right off the top of my head.

Thanks for that.

Reality check please: If things were 'that simple' would it not have been done already? i.e. If what I'm thinking / suggesting here has not already been done, there must be a reason. If the reason is for lack of eyeballs on the issue, that's one thing. If the reason is there's way more complexity in there than is apparent to the naked eye, that's another.

e.g. I'm sensing that database schema changes would be required, and I can't imagine that being a quick thing from the time of conceptualization through quality assurance and in to production.

So, reality check, please.

I don't quite get that. This is standard (Kubuntu, etc.) maintenance.

Your right of course... but LinuxMCE-0710 is a complex beast and can easily get broken by standard Kubuntu system updates carried out via the system update daemon...

I get that. I really do. [Been there, done that.] kernel updates being rather different beasties than adding kdebase.

Back to the original question: Is there a problem with this sources.list entry?

Is broken or down?

i.e. Do I wait for the site to come back up, or just comment out those entries in sources.list.

The latter begging the question as to why it's present (post-install)?

Installation issues / Re: Can the 'dcerouter' name be changed, safely?
« on: April 07, 2009, 08:10:18 pm »
definitely not, I would leave it as is... rather a disjoint schema than broken system

Thanks. I suspected the host name would be hard-coded in numerous places, but thought I would ask. [I was surprised to be unable to find such a question / answer already. I'm just not choosing good search terms, I guess.]

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE as DHCP server, NOT gateway!
« on: April 07, 2009, 07:51:58 pm »

would you mind looking at the webadmin code for the network settings, and see if you can enhance that code, instead of creating an external script.

I'll put in another vote for that.

The webmin interface for dhcpd is pretty basic vis a vis all the goodies dhcpd offers. Extending / integrating the webmin interface / scripts to embrace that goodness seems like a positive step.

For example, if dcerouter is going to re-write dhcpd.conf upon device detection / removal, the scripts that do that could be changed to embrace the current .conf / change only its pieces, rather than rewriting it. OR, provision could be made to include locally defined preferences.

Is that idea reasonable?

Where would one look to start down that path? A particular developer forum, from which questions regarding dhcp interaction / scripts involved, could be inquired about?

Installation issues / Can the 'dcerouter' name be changed, safely?
« on: April 07, 2009, 11:10:26 am »
'dcerouter' doesn't really fit into my network naming schema.

Is it safe to change it?

Can't remember for sure, but I'm thinking that option is only available on the CD installs. The DVD install is just a "snapshot" canned image dump of an existing installation, so there is very little configurability for that reason. The CDs go through a true installation which is why you get more opportunity to change things. You can probably change it post-install, but I don't know how... I presume you are setting up a "general purpose PC" that you want to run the core services in the background for other MDs? It really isn't that big a deal to wait a few extra seconds for the Orbiter to start up then select KDE Desktop. Then its as if you were always there.... you probably aren't going to reboot very often so its a fairly low impact thing

Intent = gateway. And everything including the kitchen sink in that role. ntp, anti-virus, ldap,
squid, anything else I can think of. i.e. System / network services for the house.

Particularly at initial installation and configuration, I expect, and am, rebooting frequently.

It is a rather high impact thing.

Thanks for the comment on DVD vis a vis CDs.

Found, at least part of, the answer. Copy kdm.saved to kdm in /etc/init.d.

Still missing the lmce icons / startup / gui's that I'm used to seeing in prior CD installs, though.

You should not be using apt-get update, and generally be Very careful around apt-get on LinuxMCE 0710. The GUI version (Adept, etc) were disabled for a reason. There are lots of critical dependencies on the specific release versions of various LinuxMCE modules/packages, updating them will irreparably damage your system. Please don't go hacking around until you understand the consequences of some of these steps! There really should be any need to do an update....

I don't quite get that. This is standard (Kubuntu, etc.) maintenance.

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