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Just installed the DVD - how do I get kubuntu to start by default instead of just the launch manager?

(No, starting admin website doesn't actually start kubuntu / desktop / etc.)


- the wiki pages (installation) seem to cover all possibilities except for this one.

New install from DVD.

apt-get update returns 'Failed to fetch  404 Not Found' (among lots of other things).

Is there a problem with this sources.list entry?

Users / Re: What to use for (bare metal) backup / restore.
« on: April 02, 2009, 09:04:16 pm »
I have looked at a couple of times, but have not used it yet.

Thanks for that. I had forgotten about MondoRescue. Like you, I've come across it in the past, and read some of the web pages, but never yet used it. Perhaps now's the time.

I can also appreciate the suggestion of Clonezilla - particularly in taking a pre- (old machine / hard drive) and post- (once up and going post-new installation) snap. Sort of a second last chance safety net. The last chance being install from scratch and hope you remember all the things changed from initial install. )-:

Users / Re: What to use for (bare metal) backup / restore.
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:38:29 pm »
Clonezilla works well just save your image to a samba share.

Thank you for that. I took a quick look at the page (Clonezilla Live), but it seems you boot a CD and take a snapshot of the machine. Since files will change daily, I need a solution that runs within LinuxMCE - I can't be taking the gateway down once a day or week to take a snapshot.

Have I mis-read something?

Users / What to use for (bare metal) backup / restore.
« on: April 02, 2009, 07:39:35 am »
Having lurked about LinuxMCE for quite some time, I am about to install LinuxMCE on a laptop, core only. No media will be stored on it. Basically, for the moment, I'm creating a gateway. Core, asterisk, etc., etc., dhcp, dns, proxy, squid, anything else 'gateway'y I can think of. Network services. (Ldap, nmap, nautilus, firewall, etc., etc.) Maybe some day I'll throw an external esata drive on it, but not today. I'll use the on-board ethernet for internal, and a usb ethernet for external. Or just usb to the modem. I'll create a single room only, for the moment, put the gateway in it, and leave well enough alone - for the moment.

Somewhere down the road, when time permits, I'll create a hybrid (near the living room TV), where all the storage will be (and the video out to the TV, etc., etc.). [Currently I replicate all data (changes) nightly between two machines with 1.5 TB disks. OS' use their native backup to the data partition nightly, then that and the local data gets replicated up. These are all Windows machines, multiple.] I'll worry about media storage / replication / backup, then.

As I go about my day, I can install software, reboot the core, update, yada, yada, yada. But, being the gateway IT CAN NEVER GO DOWN FOR ANY SIGNIFICANT PERIOD OF TIME. Reboots, OK, large software / configuration problems - NOT. Other people in the house have to be productive throughout - the gateway being down is a BAD THING.

Having to recreate the gateway would also be a BAD THING.

At some point, something's going to happen, hardware is going to fail, and so on and so forth.

What do people use for backups? Preferably bare metal. [I considered making it a vm, but (a) nothing bare metal will go on something as small as a laptop, and (b) not infrequently there is some customization of the distro. of the first guest os - which will probably conflict all to heck with the LinuxMCE 'distro'.]

I'll need to be able to pick it up and put it down and voila. Make appropriate changes for different hardware, and it had better JUST WORK.

Not just the LinuxMCE settings, the _whole_ machine. Userids, accounts, user profiles, EVERYTHING.

The only safe backup is a backup never needed. Next to that, the only safe backup is to never lose the data. So on the fly squirreling elsewhere is de rigeur.

Suggested packages to look at?


P.S. I expect to partition something like (120 GB disk):
680 MB - FreeDOS / 'boot' partition (Grub for DOS)
 20 GB - LinuxMCE system partition
 10 GB - LinuxMCE backup partition (replica? Mentioned in wiki entry on backup/restore).
  2 GB - swap
{something for the rest - not initially defined. I want LinuxMCE to keep its system fingers out of here. Probably a local data (rest of computer) local replica that will then be sent up, nightly.}


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