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Users / Re: Looking at gear for MCE - Good/Bad?? (EDITED)
« on: May 21, 2009, 01:07:34 am »

Ok that's what I was thinking. So thanks for that clarification.

Users / Re: Looking at gear for MCE - Good/Bad?? (EDITED)
« on: May 20, 2009, 07:22:55 am »
ya i was thinking a compatible class 2 nano BT.

ya i was thinking a compatible class 2 nano BT.

(Wow...strange. i sooo thought i posted this in my thread...sorry)

Users / Re: Linuxmce + existing songs and pictures
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:30:14 pm »
Ok cool. Wow I keep finding more and more things I like about mce. You all are doing a GREAT job.
So what's the dif between the public and mce file sys?. Also I'm still wondering if it does reserved IP's.

[Mods; if  this post is a lil off topic. It could be moved to a new thread.]

Users / Re: Linuxmce + existing songs and pictures
« on: May 19, 2009, 03:25:45 pm »
So as I understand it, the core acts as the dhcp server for the whole LAN (internal) network.  This means my PC's need to be on the internal net work corect? If so does the core do reserved IP's?

Can I setup a win PC to sync media with the core?

Users / Re: Looking at gear for MCE - Good/Bad?? (EDITED)
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:39:25 am »
great. so anyone have a rough date on 810?? also is there anything a linux novice with hardly any programing (unless you count Basic and AutoIt... lol) skills, and not much time (combined with ADD...oh look, smiley faces! can do to help. Either with 810 or just anything

BTW: anyone know, will a BlackBerry storm work with LinuxMCE. I've looked thru the fourms and wikis and have not really come up with a clear answer.... from what i have read it looks like only if it's java/c++ enabled. but then again it looks as if you can login to a web page.  Is that via WLAN or just LAN, and what can you do?? more, or less? also if i'm able to control it, via say WLAN, will the bluetooth "Follow Me" features still work

Users / Re: Looking at gear for MCE - Good/Bad?? (EDITED)
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:04:28 am »
So then what if i go with the revo? Should buy a USB DVD player??

Users / Looking at gear for MCE - Good/Bad?? (EDITED)
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:33:30 am »

Intel Core 2 Quad (Q8200)149.99
Antec EarthWatts 650Watt ATX99.99
Gigabyte GA-EP45C-UD3R 775 ATX MoBo179.99
Samsung 22x DVD+-RW Burner Dual/Double Layer (Sata)24.99
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM Sata HDD99.99
Zonet USA Gigabit 32-Bit PCI NIC (for 2nd NIC)14.99
Zotac GeForce 7600 GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 w/HDMI29.99
WinTV-HVR-1800 MC-Kit129.99
Scyth Ultra Kaze 120mm 3000RPM Fan14.99
^^^^^^ x3 ^^^^^^^44.97
Antec Three Hundred ATX Case59.99
Crucial 2GB DDR3-133329.99
Antec EarthWatts 380 Watt ATX 12V Power Supply59.99
-Total-834.88 824.87

I'm going to get 4GB of DDR3.

I could not find a MoBo with 2xNIC's that met my other requirements, and they only had 2xPCI's anyway and the PCI-E1x NIC was way more $$$, so ya. i know i'm using one of my PCI's...  I'm also thinking i might use this as a Hybrid for a while till i get $$$ for another MD, would it work ok??

Media Director('s);

Intel Desktop Board DG45ID mATX MoBo99.99
Pentium Dual-Core E220045.99
PowerSpec DM-387 mATX Slim Case (Built-in fan I think)49.99
Samsung 22x DVD-+RW Burner with Dual-Double Layer24.99
Silverstone Tech. Nitrogon NT07-775 Slim profile CPU fan (I was told its really quite)25.99
Western Digital WD1600AAJS HDD (160GB)39.99
OCZ Tech. 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-800 (PC-6400) DIMM RAM39.99

The MoBo has a Gigabit NIC, 7.1 Surround sound, and "IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD Graphics Chipset" with a onboard HDMI plug (I think).

so look for a less expenive MoBo and add a GPU. The HDD was the smallest the place i was looking at had. i could look and see if i have some small ones around. or just Nix the there a downside to that???
Get a Asus Eee Box (i'm losing 7.1, but price looks about the same). or Get Acer Aspire Revo (i have to wait...(how long?? it will prob be a few months before i do this anyway, and i could just hybrid for a bit) but a nice price drop.).
Would the 1GB RAM verson be ok or would it be better to look at the 2GB....

i'm leaning toward the Acer Aspire Revo, to bad no built-in bluetooth.
i wouldn't mind a DVD drive in each or at least my main MD, just for convenience. But it looks like the Revo has non anyway.

So......Any comments on any thing i NEED to change that affects: quality, compatibility, or price for the better are welcome.  Personal opinions are welcome too, just state that its and opinion so i dont spend an hr researching something thats not a really big thanks :-D


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