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Installation issues / Access control.
« on: July 07, 2010, 10:14:01 pm »
I wanted to know about a potential use for LMCE, I've been around the fourms before looking into things for my own house/apt.  Anyway I was wondering would LMCE work well as an access control software?? We are installing some security gear and its hard to find the right things for what we want something with a web server and obiter controls to open doors and intercom.

Its a Non-Profit organization, but being an organization I also wanted to find out about the EULA???

Just an idea, thanks for your time.

btw: Sorry if this is the wrong area for this post feel free to move it.


Developers / Re: Hulu desktop app for Linux released
« on: October 10, 2009, 03:31:31 pm »
i might give it a try after i get my box up and working. if no one has started it. it would maybe be a good one to learn on since tschak says its easy.

Installation issues / Re: where did my GUI go??
« on: October 10, 2009, 12:32:12 am »
Its 810.

Thanks ill give that a try.

(btw did obama seriously get a nobel? What the heck for?!?  ???  )

Developers / Re: Hulu desktop app for Linux released
« on: October 09, 2009, 06:32:14 pm »
you. Beat me to the punch lol

Installation issues / where did my GUI go??
« on: October 09, 2009, 05:33:15 am »
So i activated the new nvidia drivers did a reboot and now it bringing me to the shell saying. "<init: trying to resume from /dev/disk/by-uuid/7c01...... <init: no resume image, doing normal boot..."  then it ask for user-name and pass and just returns a prompt.  how do i get into the desktop??

Installation issues / Screen not full
« on: October 07, 2009, 08:59:58 am »
ok im running Linux now!! YAY!!!  ;D

 im doing the updates to prepare for MCE installation.
but ive noticed about a 1/4-1/2in of my screen/desktop is missing off the right side. And i cant go above 600x800.  ???
Is this normal? maybe the updates fix??  ???
the image does not fill the screen either. (i have a wide screen TV. maybe i just need a reboot so they cant talk things out?

i would post the specs on my Nvidia card but i cant see them without removing it.  :-\ after a power-down maybe (i think its a basic 6000-8000 series GeForce though.)

also i have no need of a 2nd NIC if im useing this as a Hybrid right??
im planing on adding one later but i need to pull another cat-5 to the location first....


Installation issues / Re: Problem downloading from torrent.
« on: October 05, 2009, 08:50:29 pm »

Installation issues / Problem downloading from torrent. - SOLVED
« on: October 05, 2009, 07:18:37 pm »
Problem downloading from torrent. Im using uTorrent and i get an "error 'connection closed by peer' while downloading URL".
whats up?? any help??

btw is 0710 the latest version...i was thinking 0810 was out...but im prob just remembering wrong.

PcCowboy 8)

Users / Hi, Thanks, Completely unrelated question.
« on: July 23, 2009, 04:50:26 pm »
Hi: Hey I have not been around the forums/site for a while now. I love the look of the new site (much easier to Nav). And it nice to see you all are still quite active. I do not have MCE running yet but I'm hoping to get married in the next year or so (to an amazing girl i might add..  ;)  ) and when i get a house it going to be wired for MCE.  8)

Thanks: also i just wanted to say thanks so much for all the time you dev's have invested. I read the "Letter to the Community:..." and it seems like you all are frustrated and a lil burnt out. I just wanted to say I(we) GREATLY appreciate the hard work, time, devotion, Patience!, late nights, all nighters, $$$, ect you have put into this project.  I love the freeware community, you put fourth 100x the effort of your payware counterparts. And you have better products in my opinion. (I will state that I would not be the least bit opposed to paying to be able to install it for people from a biz standpoint. And generate some income for you.)

Completely unrelated question: Ok now then. The reason i stopped by the forum was to ask if anyone knows a good networking forum with quick responses. Im trying to setup a VPN from a dynamic IP using and a Linksys or CradlePoints(we use a Verizon card for WWW) DDNS services. Also an FTP.  all the old forums i used to visit are gone/inactive. I googled and found a forum but 3days later still not responses and from reading other post...they dont know whats they are talking about anyway  :(

So Thanks again!!!

That's as good a deal as I could get on speakers so if that's what looks good to you go ahead. :-)



I'm not sure about price but a lot of newer amps have RS232 or net ports on them. They usually use a PC based program (sometimes free) so I'm not sure how that would interface with mce

I would take brake16's advice for mce hardware. I'm looking at the revo myself.
And brake you are right about the volume. Once you get your amps set at the nominal level mce will take care of the rest.

(ugh...I need to add "mce" to my blackberry's word list. Every time I say "mce" it replaces it with "ice"

Users / Re: I'm Overwhelmed, please help!
« on: May 21, 2009, 07:29:02 pm »

 Well I think you are in a good place. (and not to many flamers here)

Now then you know what you want and you have your cat6 so you purty much just need to get it all to work
As far as what you want to do I thinks its all possible with mce. With the possible exception of having certain MD's not having tv. But the more expirinced users will be able to tell you more. I would think its
possible but idk.

Now then to have mce use the content from your FS it needs to be on the mce "internal" network (its recommended to have mce be your network center, this means IT serves up DHCP to the network)
Then just make sure the media is shared and your core should find it.

I'm not sure just how much you have read up on mce but the core uses two NIC's one for the external network (your feed from the web) and one for its internal network. Anything you want to be used by mce MUST be on the internal network. It works best to have the core be the center of your network. (but you don't "HAVE" to. Ya I know the mce gods will smite me.... ;-)


Intelix is who we would prob get them thru. Great company.

My dad owns a audio/video install company and we are in the richmond area sometimes so ill talk to him and see if we could get you a price to do it.

Figuring the wiring/head-end stuff would be no prob.
As far as the orbiters go you will have to get that info from someone else here, cuz I have no idea. :-)
The amp and stuff is no prob. But as far as the core, md, and z-wave questions and mce setup goes I could not do much except via the fourm cuz of licensing stuff and so I'm not stealing market from pluto. :-)
Plus others here would be more help then I. I'm still a ice newbie myself.

Ok well send me a link and ill take a look at them.


If your close to Ohio I might be able to
Help more. 

But just google "cat5 balun" the have ones for audio and video hdmi, vga, component, composite, ect some have audio plugs to send audio also. Some are passive, some are powered. The better ones have built in filters to remove any interference and blocks to stop voltage spikes.  They can get a lil pricey. But they are great for small places where you can't get larger wires and cheaper for long runs. We run vga 300 foot with em.

If you really need I can get them and ship them to you or something.
But if they look like something you want check them out at some sites.

First of all props for pre-wiring!!!! even if you have to add some or if you have more then needed at the time! Some wiring is better then none!!! and Cat5e or Cat6 is great and a must!! via balins you can run about anything over Cat5e-Cat6 (including HDMI if you have two or more.).

You really have a nice MCE friendly set-up from what i see, Depending on how you want it to work....

if all the rooms have Cat5e your purty much set for MD's talking to the core.  Just put in a Gigabyte switch at the termination point and plug stuff in. Bam, you have video w/HD capabilities, phone, security, lighting, temp controls, ect... (assuming a properly setup and compatible Core of course.).

now on to audio....
first i would find out are the speakers 2-4-6-8Ohm or 70v?  In the media room are ohm type speakers prob, but the others idk.

now how do you want it wired?? i'm not sure quite what you mean by "Master" "Subzone" those are common but general terms.  I'm guessing you are looking at one of three main setups.

1) all room speakers play the same thing, volume is controlled via wall mounted Vol controls or controls back by the amp, the media room is separate.
2) all room speakers are separate, (separate level and media, ect...) and of course the media room is separate.
3) a combination of the two

   [By the way, the dif in an Ohms type setup versus a 70v is basically 70v can be feed to many many speakers daisy-chain style, the number or speakers
   depends on the amp power, any and all speakers can be controlled using volume controls without the need to run home runs. The downside is quality.
   70v tends to not carry the full spectrum of audio, so less highs and lows mostly and mid range mix. And its unpractical for stereo and VERY unpractical
   for 5.1 systems. Ohms Setups on the other hand can only have 1-3 (in most cases) speakers per channel (most amps are two ch) but they tend to be
   more gutsy and carry the full range of whatever you put on them (you dont see a lot of 70v subs do you...). But since it's only 1-3 speakers per channel
   it's easy to separate out rooms, making it more flexible.. So if you want it to sound like listening to the radio in each room 70v is fine. If you want it to
   sound like your in a small theater in each room or separate your sources Ohms is the way to go.]

Option one is easy, the core can feed music to either a 70v amp that feeds the speakers, or split off to feed multiple amps feeding an Ohms type setup.
Option two is a bit more complex, you will need feeds from each room's MD the the amp for that rooms speakers. You might be able to use the RG6 for that
   (assuming it all terminates in the same place). Or go and pull your wires down to your MD and put your amp in the same room. This option gives you
   complete control and flexibility.
Option three is either use all Ohms type setup or a combnation of Ohms for rooms you want control of and use 70v for rooms where you want the same
   media to play.

In all options you use whatever 5.1 system you want in the media room and run it to the MD for that room.

The Ohms option;
price goes way up
need for feeds from each MD

The 70v Option:
Price goes down
easy to get sound in all locations with existing wiring.
good for background type sound.
one or two amps
only one signal per amp/channel
Lower quality sound (but still good mind you..)
less flexible

all that said i dont see a way to do it without some sort of amplification. (idk if squeezeboxes or any other options provide internal amplification or what-have-you...)
also they do have subs for 70v, and they have 5.1 Ohms type amps. as always there are exceptions to every rule. And i might be missing something or there could be something better for you that someone else knows of (hey thats why its a fourm, two heads and all that....)

This is my 2 1/2 cents, take it or leave it. :-)

(also if your looking for equipment i can hook you up)

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