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Users / MessageSend syntax
« on: January 12, 2012, 05:10:41 pm »
Hi all,

is it possible to send an ascii string to a "new" registered device from Konsole using MessageSend,to test the device, & if so, what would the syntax be ?


Users / Determining "com port on pc" for usb device
« on: March 11, 2011, 12:11:43 pm »
Hi all

I'm trying to create a gsd device template, but failing at the first hurdle.

the device shows up in dmesg as

....................using ehci_hcd and address 8

so the question is  how to use that info to give the template something meaningfull to system ?

is it to use Location onPCI bus parameter ?


Users / tv detection
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:17:47 pm »
Hi all,
 I've just installed snapshot 23759 on an Asus AT3n7A-1 , with sound and video thru HDMI to a Sharp Aquos, with a 2302 (prolific) usb/232 converter for control.

On previous installations the 2302 has worked transparently and the tv has been PNP.

Now, the system is picking up the 2303 dongle and asking if I want to use it (yes) but no longer auto detects the tv

if I manually add the tv in web admin the system either freezes when reloading the router or persistently
shows the tv as disabled in web admin.

Has anyone experienced anything similar,? and /or can anyone  point me in the right direction,


Installation issues / snapshot 23426
« on: November 09, 2010, 06:35:16 pm »
Hi all 
          is 23426 @ 1.7gb a "whoops", ;D
 or a temp. solution to end of life prob ?


Users / Intel drivers
« on: November 07, 2010, 12:04:53 pm »
Hi all,
        I'm running snapshot 23388, ui1, with an Intel G33 onboard video chip.

Re-running A-V  wizard to move into UI2-med  results in

 "Orbiter failed to open OpenGL" ........................, no matter what accelleration option I use  in web-admin.

The wiki states that stock drivers should run with UI2 med with no prob (since0704) as do various posts.

Thinking that updating the driver would solve the issue I tried following            which failed due to removal of 0810 packages from medibuntu/launchpad.

Could anyone give  a fix /pointers please,

thanks in advance,


Users / viewing device templates
« on: November 06, 2010, 03:46:15 pm »
Hi guys,
            once again, apologies for "stupid" question , but how do I view a device template without actually installing it ?


Feature requests & roadmap / easi (er) method for post reinstall ?
« on: November 04, 2010, 07:34:54 am »
Hi all

(prepares self for a slap/thwack  ;D)

             after 15 straight hours of installs /setup attempts at troubleshooting then reinstalling and more device template REcreation, I was sitting shell shocked with my nth. cup of tea when an idea popped up,

       ..... would it be possible to save the web admin site (or parts, or separate pages) as an html doc

       and then use the files after a clean install, to replace the virgin pages /site just created, the spa3102 and various routers    ????

please be gentle, ;)


Installation issues / audio sync issue in myth
« on: February 22, 2010, 12:43:55 pm »
Hi all,
I'm running  0810b2 fully updated/upgraded...... Mythtv

asusAT3N7A-I   atom330/ion mainboard,2Gb ram as Hybrid
kworld 399u dvb-t stick (dual tuner)
Hauppauge 150 connected via s-video to a sky+(satellite) box & external channel changer
audio out via hdmi to a sharp aquos

Problem 3-400msecs out of sync in live tv/recorded tv
             I can adjust this thro' myth's OSD , but of course it's not persistent after channel / input  changes

Audio is fine under lmce for audio/dvd playback (tho' I've  no control via ms remote...but I think that's another problem)

Everything is unmuted in alsamixer except for line in and mic
Myth frontend is setup as Alsa:hdmi and "enable extra buffering " is unchecked.
WebAdmin ....hda nvidia / hdmi

I've seen info on the web which touches on this being about myth trying to reconcile different sound options, but the solutions are old/conflicting , and a bit complex for a dummy like me to make sense of,( I have tried)

If anyone of you fine people could give me a hint on how to troubleshoot this, I'd be much obliged,


Users / mc2xml mythautoicon .....any users?
« on: February 21, 2010, 03:27:05 pm »
Hi all,
after a long running problem,

                    with myth/xmltv, I came across these two progs,which seem to provide a better solution for the whole XMLTV /guide data  side of mythtv.The added bonus is that  Bill Gates has given me (unkowingly) a working myth installation ,getting dvb and sky UK digital programs and full listings   !!!!with minimal setup... hey if I can do it , anybody can  .        .....................instructions & d/load in readme.txt & at   at bottom of page

                     according to m/softs TOS you should be a windows user to access the data,
.....I am  (just not on that machine)

wiki to follow if no objections....mods ?   EDIT why can't  one report ones own post to mods ?
EDIT  done
will polish and categorise when I've learned how to  ;D....unless there are any volunteers   ;)

Installation issues / myth mystery
« on: February 15, 2010, 08:21:42 pm »
Hi all,
clean install, updated, upgraded, and gone to myth setup in computing.
Location is UK and timezone info in web admin is ok.
No problem setting up dvb-t usb dual tuner & all works fine.
Trying to setup my hauppauge 150 to capture from sky+ box via s-video,...

I've followed the wiki instructions and

"General" settings are all default except broadcast standard is europe -west, PAL-I, pal-teletext and timezone set to auto.
I've setup a video source for my pvr150 (setup in webadmin) as RadioTimes , and myth-setup  tries to load xmltv configuration, fails, and defaults back to schedules direct

tv_grab_uk_rt is present in /usr/bin and produces a config file in .xmltv ....
trying to copy this to home/house(user)/.mythtv errors out, as .mythtv doesn't exist,...
creating the directory and copying the file over  to  /home/house/.mythtv/RadioTimes.xmltv, then running mythfilldatabase --manual errors out as " failing to connect to schedules direct"...
...returning to computing/myth setup still gives no option of any other grabber than schedules direct.
 SOoooo, can anyone spot the error I'm obviously making ?

any help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance,

Users / 0810 avwizard woes (possible bug ?) SOLVED
« on: December 03, 2009, 08:36:13 pm »
Hi all,

I've installed beta2 (dvd) , initially  on the dvi output of my ' Sparkle' nvidia8400gs via a converter to a vga monitor =>
no probs....avwizard picked it up ok & I was able to play to such an extent that I decided to  move to semi-production mode.
   I then connected to my Sharp Acquos with a dvi to hdmi cable, i.e on same connector, and restarted.All through kubuntu splash screen tv reported 1080p @ 50Hz, but nothing showed once avwizard started-  'No worries',  thought I, 'use the keyboard', which resulted in the problem.....
   No matter what key I pressed the tv reports 1080p @60 Hz....incompatible signal and the wizard resets (i assume)  and allows another keypress.
  The M/B is a gigabyte  ga-g33m-s2h with onboard intel graphics,and bios is set to "enable if no external PEG"    (no disable option)........ I tried adding BusId PCI:01:00.0  (as reported by lspci )in device section of xorg.conf  ..... => "unable to start x " error...... that point  I connected tv via vga ,rebooted, ran avwizard , and evrything ok @720p@ 60Hz

(1080p@50 Hz was no problem at all under 0710rc2)

SO ..... if anyone has any ideas on how to utilise hdmi@1080p@50Hz,  it would be greatly appreciated,


Users / Beta2 iso
« on: December 01, 2009, 02:58:13 pm »
 have just downloaded beta2 iso and am in process of installing,the experience has been very good so far, after the frustration of the past month or so, ( especially yesterday when the changeover completely borked a fresh internet install which I'd gone over limit for )

......really like the % progress screens

got to go ,Sarah's calling  ;D ;D ;D ;D

MANY thanks guys

Users / mythweb permissions
« on: November 10, 2009, 08:49:54 pm »
Hi all,

today's dummy of the day question:

 how and where do I rectify the
                 "data directory is not writeable by permissions"
 error I'm running into trying to get into mythweb, ?

Any help greatly appreciated,

Users / 0810 dvd installer status
« on: September 11, 2009, 01:01:01 pm »
Hi all ,
please don't misconstrue this as any kind of flame bait /criticism/hurry up

BUT, given that the current download size and the time involved is quite heavy, (and screw ups necessitating reinstalls seem to be fairly common)... IF a dvd installer,  ie beta is still a fair way off (?).....
would it  not be possible to issue a 'pre beta basic install dvd iso'   ? reinstalling would be so much quicker /less intimidating and more attractive for less skilled users,

thanks to all involved for the  immense effort so far,


Hi all,
EDIT..........have just reinstalled and all seems ok so page when fully setup

I've just received an AT3N7A-I  (brilliant delvery service from BTW) and I'm trying  to use it as a Hybrid on 0810..latest   20090908

FYI,       there is no speaker connector / motherboard sound during boot/av wizard setup
           I struggled  with video drivers, (av wizard set it up as vesa,) until I managed to get 185.14 x from Avenard .....NB   webadmin /media dir. / hardware accel => opengl
...........bluetooth onboard not operational as yet com header on board

          As yet no sound  ,but am about to upgrade alsa to .20 (nb handbook appears to be wrong ..stereo output is black connector, middle left hand on rear plate) far it's taken 11 solid hours.....But  most of that was my ignorance of cli

Issues.? .1/   normal menu bar but no TV ..Video...Audio ..Manage Drives  buttons,
                  But- a floor plan button on every category   (ui2 overlay)
                  cd/dvd's play  ok with sound (!) on insertion of disk
             2/ getting from kde to orbiter still suffers from timeout problem, could the fix be setup as the default from install ?

             3/ could alsa .20/avenard improvements be rolled in as  part of install ?  (is there a blow by blow howto anywhere for alsa ? )

             4/ if I leave firefox running in kde, I then can't access webadmin from orbiter and vice versa

             5/ i've set synaptic as per avenard website and  (even tho I somehow managed to install 185.xx from there )  but get errors  and can't update their package lists, except for  1/  , my few problems are minor , I'm sure anyone with a little skill would have this board  running in no time at all,

any advice would be appreciated,



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