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Users / update eibd to 0.0.5 on LMCE 8.10
« on: June 14, 2012, 08:21:56 am »

does anyone know how to update eibd to the Version 0.0.5 on LMCE 8.10?


Users / New possible Tablet for qorbiter
« on: January 30, 2012, 10:54:45 am »

wouldn't this a great new tablet for the qorbiter?


Users / Audio simultaniously with spdif and analogue
« on: January 21, 2012, 01:40:15 pm »

is it possible to have Audio overhead optical spdif and analogue in xine and mythtv? Spdif works very good but now i have also wireless headphones which dosen't work. I think i'll have to Chance something in alsa config, but don't know where to start.


Installation issues / [SOLVED] Slow Internet/ssh Connection on 1004 MD
« on: November 17, 2011, 08:53:04 pm »

i'm testing the new 1004 and it looks quite good. But i have some problems where i don't know what to do...

1.) Booting is very slow. I think about 5-10 min until Orbiter is ready.
2.) When i want to ssh from the core to the md it takes about 3 min to have the prompt. After that it works with normal speed.
3.) Internet connection is also very slow. When i try to ping google it takes very long.

Any tips where i can find logs or something else?

thanks in advance

Users / Hardware/Virtualbox/Core
« on: May 03, 2011, 09:32:15 am »

it's time for a new Core!  ;D

Currently my core runs very well on a Intel Atom D525 - not quite fast but very low power, which is very important because it's running 24/7. The main reason why i want a new Core is the ability to have full backups.
Last weekend i tried Virtualbox but the Atom don't have Virtualisation so it's very very slow. Unusable... So i need some advice on a cheab, low power CPU/Mainboard which does well with virtualisation. Is an AMD Athlon or Sempron fast enough? Or are there any other ideas how to full backup a running system?
I don't want to backup media because media is stored on an unRaid server.


Users / Sort Media by Creation Date
« on: March 31, 2011, 03:03:29 pm »

don't know if it is possible to sort Videos by Creation Date. This Sort order would be great to see Videos which myhtv recorded last night. I know that i can go in myhtv to media list and watch them there - now we do this all the time, but i think it would be much better to watch them with xine...


Users / Timed Events Question
« on: September 01, 2010, 04:04:24 pm »

does anybody know if it is possible to change the "Days of week" and "Time" of one Timed Event via shell command or something else? I don't want to go into webadmin and change the things and reload the dcerouter.


Users / mythtv plugins/themes
« on: June 24, 2010, 02:02:04 pm »

is it save to install plugsins/themes in mythtv? (version .23)


Installation issues / SOLVED: nfsmount: need a path
« on: June 19, 2010, 06:07:43 pm »
did a new install from scratch. now it doesn't happen anymore...


installed yesterday core on my new server with the "web-installation". Today i wanted to install my MD (this runs also on my old core). At first i called  /usr/pluto/bin/ and this ended with a error, that it couldn delete a tmp-dir because it is busy?!?! tried to start the md and now it loops with:

Begin: Running /scripts/nfs-premount...
nfsmount: need a path

After a lot of loops i come to a initramfs. Any suggestions?


Users / Car PC
« on: June 07, 2010, 03:17:02 pm »

last week i bought a car and was looking for a "smart radio" and found Okay, this is not open source and it is not Linux, but it has some really cool features like optical park assistence or tire pressure messurement. So, my idea is: build in my car such a pc put a UMTS-Stick (in austria it is not really expensive) and synchronize the music from LMCE to the car. I also want to write a plugin/batchjob for centrafuse to send the GPS position of the car every 10 minutes to LMCE. That said, i want to have a smart House and a smart Car  ;) Has anyone other ideas for a combination of these two systems? Or does anyone know a piece of linux software with the functionality of centrafuse?


Users / Problem with Respond To Events
« on: January 19, 2010, 04:20:09 pm »

i try to respond  to Temperature Changed Events. But it never gets fired. Only the Set Point Temperature Changed gets fired.
Is it possible to use the changed value and take it as a Parameter for a shell script? I need the changed value in a shell script. I know that i can start the script with App Server and Spawn Application, but i don't know how to insert the changed temperature. Any Ideas?


Users / Status eibd and new EIB Implementation
« on: October 20, 2009, 01:09:33 pm »

i've read a lot about the new EIB Implementation with eibd. But i have some questions:

1.) (Newbie Question): How can i start eibd on startup?
2.) I only have to replace the old EIB (usr/pluto/bin/EIB) with the new one from hari?
3.) I have all my Lights, Thermostats and so on in the Device Tree and they are working very well. Do i have to change there anything?
4.) Is there now the possibility to read the values from the Devices? This is the most important thing, because i want to read and save the values in a database.

thanks in advance

Users / Question about DLink DNS-323
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:04:37 pm »

i want to buy a Dlink DNS-323 NAS for my lmce (810). My Question is: Can i run my core 24/7 and turn the NAS on when i want to watch the movies on them and after watching turning it off or has the NAS also be online 24/7?


Users / Update media daemon
« on: September 30, 2009, 02:03:51 pm »

when i resynchronize a directory of videos i have sometimes problems with the metadatas. For example: i have two directories, in one there is the movie The bourne ultimatum. I insert the coverart and metadata from imdb and everthing seems ok. But when i synchronize the second video directory the movie scooby doo gets the same metadata from the first movie (bourne ultimatum). i tried to delete all data in media file sync and the id3 file, but when i recreate the metadata there is the same problem again...

first movie:
Code: [Select]
Reusing record PK_File 521 for /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi ? Md5 db , md5 file  <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.619 PlutoMediaFile::HandleFileNotInDatabase /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi N db-attr: 521 Inode: 67125258 size 1 mt 0/5, md5  <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.619 /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi not IN db-attr: 521 INode: 67125258 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.619 Media Type is: 5, is folder 0 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.620 Reusing file, updating media type to 5 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.620 File /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi assigned to user 0 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.621 File /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi on pluto device 0 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.621 UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory PlutoMediaFile_.HandleFileNotInDatabase 521 <0xb6b976c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:40.621 SetFileAttribute /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme1/DasBourneUltimatum.avi 521 <0xb6b976c0>

second movie:
Code: [Select]
Sync mode for /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg: modeBoth <0xb6c286c0>
05 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 # PlutoMediaFile STARTED: dir /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2 file ScoobyDoo2.mpg <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 # ID3FileHandler::LoadAttributes: loading 0 attributes in the attribute file /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 # LoadPlutoAttributes: pluto attributes loaded (from id3 file - general object tag) 0 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 # LoadPlutoAttributes: id3 attributes loaded (from id3 file - common tags) 0 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 MergePictures: merging 0 pictures from our tag with 0 pictures from PIC tags <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.462 Processing path /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2, file ScoobyDoo2.mpg. Found 0 attributes, 0 long attributes in file <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.463 HandleFileNotInDatabase media type 0 <0xb6c286c0>
05 09/30/09 13:54:12.463 Reusing record PK_File 521 for /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg ? Md5 db , md5 file  <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.466 PlutoMediaFile::HandleFileNotInDatabase /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg N db-attr: 521 Inode: 67125258 size 1 mt 0/5, md5  <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.466 /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg not IN db-attr: 521 INode: 67125258 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.466 Media Type is: 5, is folder 0 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.466 Reusing file, updating media type to 5 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.467 File /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg assigned to user 0 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.467 File /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg on pluto device 0 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.468 UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory PlutoMediaFile_.HandleFileNotInDatabase 521 <0xb6c286c0>
10 09/30/09 13:54:12.468 SetFileAttribute /home/public/data/videos/spielfilme2/ScoobyDoo2.mpg 521 <0xb6c286c0>

you can see both of die videos have the same db-attr (521) and Inode (67125258). How can this happen? What can i do, that this will not happen again?


Users / sunrise/sunset problem
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:41:03 pm »

in my bedroom the blinds close on sunset and open on sunrise. It's really cool to see the sun in the morning when you wake up - but on weekends i want to sleep longer. I've searched in the webadmin/forum how to add a criteria to the Event, but without luck. Does anyone know how i can add a criteria to such events - or is there a other solution for my problem?


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