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Installation issues / Re: Fails to start mce-installer
« on: June 03, 2008, 11:46:16 pm »
good point...i took upgrade as new install after using old. anyway...probably gone by now anyway.

Installation issues / Re: Fails to start mce-installer
« on: June 03, 2008, 11:36:25 pm »
how did you try to load it? did you right click and choose install package and then put in your password?

Users / Re: SloYerRoll install thread
« on: May 20, 2008, 07:39:59 pm »
he didnt say it was a good idea to install kubuntu as a base. he said paul, who started linuxmce, made a good choice using kubuntu as the distribution that linuxmce would run on. you dont have another choice to just go grab and run LMCE on.

are you just trying to install linuxmce and make it a file server too?

Users / Re: is 1080i working in 0710 w/ Nvidia 8500GT?
« on: May 19, 2008, 06:07:50 pm »
slow down killer...its been one day.

Help Wanted / Re: $75.00 for Caddx NX-6 integration
« on: May 19, 2008, 03:31:51 pm »
he posted that yesterday, how could they have resolved it? he said he needs the actual hardware.

Users / Re: new builder needs feedback on parts list
« on: May 19, 2008, 03:29:49 pm »
How good would the video look when watching live HD? (STB >> s-video >> LMCE >> hdmi >> 1080i Samsung TV)

With that setup, not good at all. You aren't gonna get 1080i through S-video.

Installation issues / Re: Whole house solution?
« on: May 16, 2008, 04:46:26 pm » was early and i posted without a complete thought in my head apparently. i meant one of the mythtv distros....obviously mythtv is part of linuxmce also. mythbuntu sounds like it might fit your needs though. if you ever decide you want the other stuff, you can always come back and try linuxmce again.

Installation issues / Re: Whole house solution?
« on: May 16, 2008, 03:12:32 pm »
why dont you just use mythtv?

Users / Re: Proposed forum rules
« on: May 15, 2008, 10:46:52 pm »
well the rules were mostly what i had seen from other forums. i just took waht they had an compiled a big list. all the rules arent even applicable to us. i took some out before i posted, but then i gave in and just put the whole thing up and everyone else can decide what should go. if anyone would like to bullet/summarize the ones that are up you are more than welcome to. i probably wouldnt get to it til this weekend. to be honest ...some of those rules i wouldnt even be for. the world needs a little profanity now and then to keep it goin. right?  ;)

Users / Re: Proposed forum rules
« on: May 15, 2008, 10:14:15 pm »
i cant believe it took you so long to whine zaerc.

Users / Re: Widescreen Pal resolution
« on: May 15, 2008, 08:56:33 pm »
Guys - you are talking at cross purposes. I have no reason to doubt that the modelines don't get used for the TV-out with recent nVidia hardware. But who was talking about TV-out? The conversation here was about widescreen TVs, so TV-out isn't relevent. I presume that it is HDMI/DVI or at least component in which case modelines are entirely relevent, and the comments about TV-out not using modelines doesn't apply... it applies  ;)

can you use DVI, HDMI or even just the old "VGA" cable to connect it to your TV?

i thnk what you are doing is a great idea. i hope i didnt come off in a way that was contradictive to that. as far as the bill of materials part, i just didnt want someone to see it and think its too expensive when they might be able to slide with some cheaper parts...or think it was cheap only to find out they had to buy more expensive stuff to get what they want. as a reference i think its a good idea though. so people can see an average parts cost. im really not that advanced of a user. my system works fine but i used everything thats recommended and havent had a lto of time to add new stuff. i havent gotten my TDM400P to work at all yet. i am terrible with linux also. id love to see some reference designs for some low power mds or whatever you get around to making "MD wise", if you get to that kind of stage. i really dont see myself using any soon. i do see lots of questions about specs for them though. so if you do build one i hope youll put in as much work as you have for youre core. im sure everyone, noob and pro, is thankful for your effort. hopefully youre reference work will help keep the basic questions down some and get people going faster.

isnt your proposal of giving an example of working hardware, by using the hardware utilized to make the video, the same as this...

Nowhere is there a complete description of an actual working useful LinuxMCE system.

but....isnt there? isnt that where you got your "design" from? how do you propose to make it better? you even say you are using whats in the video. are you going to use things that do not work "out of the box" and include simple instructions for getting these other parts to work also? i get a sense of what you are trying to do. if you just use the hardware from the video, theres not much setup required, other than personalization and the basic custom settings. i am not in any way knocking your hard work. its just that something very similar is out there already but you say it isnt. there are already instructions for settin up everything included in the video.

3.1 PC Preparation
3.2 [0:00] Install LinuxMCE
3.3 [0:22] Run the Video Resolution/Audio Setup Wizard
3.4 [0:27] The setup wizard
3.5 [0:30] Watch a DVD
3.6 [0:33] Connect the Gyro Remote
3.7 [0:35] Navigate the media
3.8 [0:38] Rip the disc
3.9 [1:08] Install the TV Tuner
3.10 [1:13] Wait for the guide data
3.11 [1:28] Wait for OrbiterGen
3.12 [1:31] Start MythTV
3.13 [1:36] Schedule shows to record
3.14 [1:38] Wait for MythTV to record some TV shows
3.15 [1:38] Connect a NAS
3.16 [1:40] Browse the media on the NAS
3.17 [2:00] Connect the TV and Receiver
3.18 [2:03] Add my cable box
3.19 [2:06] Use the cable box
3.20 [2:08] Connect the Jukebox
3.21 [2:17] Connect the ZWave Lighting Control
3.22 [2:25] Using scenarios and floorplans explained
3.23 [2:26] Connect the thin client in the kitchen
3.24 [3:05] Connect the thin client in the bedroom
3.25 still typing the rest

also, the bill of materials part.....its relative. people may find things cheaper or not want the same materials as you. they arent held fast to purchase hardware from only a few vendors. so they can search for what they need and prefer. 40 dollars for a fanless cpu cooler? what if someone finds a perfectly good heat sink with a fan? thats just one part. many people will want atsc tv cards also, which that 150 wont do. youve got the board on there from the video which isnt in production you even say yourself. so, how do you propose people follow your design with equipment that is either very difficult to find or soon impossible to get at all? anyway, its a good idea. i think you should be a little more dangerous though if you really are that into it. try some things from the forums that people get to work well. maybe even ask other people to help you contribute what they have that works. a single system built on specs that are obsolete, hard to get, or not practical for certain people wont be of much use to many at all. anyway. i think its a good idea, but it could use a little work still.

I think that is a good idea and I was planning on doing the same thing when I installed mine from scratch. Right now there is a lack of info on how to setup things like security systems/HVAC controllers/Cameras and I know I have questions that havn't been answered. That would save some time for people I am sure.

thats what we need. things that are extremely lacking in testing and documentation. try some of those out and make reference designs for those pieces to work next. after you get your basic system set up and stable. that would be extremely helpful.

Users / Re: Proposed forum rules
« on: May 13, 2008, 04:23:28 am »
i will try to rewrite this during the week to cut it down. this is more like a public draft for people to look at. i just wanted to get it up since daniel asked me to do it so long ago and it took me longer than i had anticipated.

Installation issues / Re: KDE dpi problem
« on: May 12, 2008, 11:27:54 pm »
you should probably be a little more specific about the problem or people will be more apt to read and move on.

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