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Ok folks, after talking to chat groups with a bunch of folks,  basically the solution was rename the file to a m2ts , then rescan,  at this point xine will forward it to the blue ray when will then play it.  but do not add it in as blue-ray as that just hung it. well it did for me. the renaming was all i needed.

Note: local files on the system where choppy and went out of synch , nas server was just choppy.

also some mkv show up as m3u instead of mkv and even after renaming it to m2ts, it still show up as m3u. so that another battle to solve.

Installation issues / Re: Phone line admin page is missing in 1004
« on: December 28, 2011, 10:31:06 pm »

If your going to eliminate the asterisk web page, perhaps in your wizard you could allow for a 'Other Provider' Button. So those who didn't use these perticular providers could enter there own.  At least with version 8.10 I was able to point that linuxmce-asterisk to my currently running version of FreePBX to which has all the bells and whistle already configured. so i didn't have to redo all that works.

While I'm suggestion things, perhaps a another possible automation tool as well, perhaps have a modules that tries to discover is there is already a asterisk server or other simular pbx on your network so it would, just integrate that one in?

PS: Posted, Don't get mad, These are just suggestions. in hopes to improve, not to critic you or anyone else.

Yes I can play other format, and I know that vdpau is for nvidia, so I'm

1) looking to disable that so it doesn't try to use it.
2) find a way to play mkv on xine without using the vdpau.

So if you know of any drivers that xine could use to play mkv other the vdpau, please let me know, it would be appreciated.

Hi folks,

I'm new to LinuxMCE (ver 10.04) , an tackling one problem at a time, this is my first attemp via chat rooms.  so here goes

I've setup a virtual box (Sun's version) and got the ubuntu up and running, I played many avi, mp4 ... but keeps failing on mkv files, I've install gnome-mplayer to test in case it wasn't support, but I'm able to play mkv file and works great on gnome-mplayer, but LinuxMCE keeps failing, it would seem that it pluto-xine doesn't like it, keeps failing at , it can't find or and when i put a sym link to it. it fails at sharing.  I'm not  familiar with xine so , has anyone got the pluto-xine working on vbox with mkv files?

I'm using LinuxMCE 10.04, I've tried to do apt-get update and upgrades , but that didn't help. all links found said it was fix on this version.  obviously i didn't really expect for it to fix it, i don't get that type of luck. But since gnome-player works and vbox doesn't use the nvidia.  it a ' InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter' , thier has to be a way to get a vdpau or a driver  to work with pluto-xine for the mkv

Hi folks, has any figure a way to get mkv to play on pluto-xine-player,  I have not nvidia card.  but that shouldn't stop it, since my gnome-mplayer and mplay both can play it. so trying to find the work around on pluto-xine-player

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