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Re: improvements
« Reply #45 on: October 19, 2009, 03:15:43 pm »
I agree that the new site is visually much more appealing but functionally much less useful. The 'old' site was a front piece to the Wiki essentially, and I still believe firmly that the Wiki is where all content should reside. The Web site should only deliver the 'bait' to get people interested in 'digging' I would see it carrying these front-piece 'articles' with visuals etc...but everything beneath that should be in the Wiki.

The Wiki enables us to leverage the community in terms of creating/editing/updating pages rather than specific people or individuals. What we need is some 'design' guidelines for the Wiki so that we get a more consistent 'look & feel' to all the pages.


Agree...the Web site should just be "the bait", the door to more information (in the Wiki)...if not it has the potential to turn into a project by itself and take time away from everyone to focus on the essentials...

Dito on the "look & feel" also...With the great "new look" of the site, the wiki should follow suit.