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VDR not installed or recognized by lmce
« on: June 30, 2009, 11:18:53 pm »
Hi everybody,

I used LinuxMCE since 6 month ago , and i have to say this software did very strange thinks to me, but anyway the most of the time i just love it. This is my first post here because till this point this very good forum brings the most answers to me that i need, thx a lot to all the people who take so much care about this very nice software!

After hours of trying, reading, learning and trying crying reading an learning i have a running system (also i have to say that im using only M$ Systems, so this project pushes me to learn Linux), but now i want to add the DVB part.

I already did it before in another Installation with a Hybrid/Core, but this time i used the Dedicated Core CD Version 710RC2.

It runnig well with some Issues (adding more than MD, but thats another thing..)

For now i wonder why in this installation the VDR part doesn´t work.

As i said i install the Dedicated Version from CD , first installing Kubuntu 710 then LinuxMCE from CD (woaarr this takes loooong time) :)

ok i know that installing of VDR on MD is broken in 710 so i try the Wikisolution without luck, also i change this archive. thinks too. But as i see there also no installation in Core present ???
On Wikisolution there is some about a folder named /home/Linuxmce but i didn´t have that one where i have to put the  vdr-1.6.0-6_LMCE0710-10.tar.gz
so i put it in /home/pluto because it seems the similiar to linxmce folder for me (don`t know if im right) and go on with the Wikisolution.

no luck

if i go to  Webinterface /Advanced/configuration/VDR Setup it tolds me : VDR package not installed. Please install the package and try again.

i try to install vdr with

apt-get install vdr

and that themes to be working, means from console i can start VDR and it says it is up and running.

But same result in Webinterface

It seems, if i understand it right, that vdr is installed but not recongnized by LinuxMCE
why my or the file structure is different to DVD Installation?

Also at this point, i didn´t take care about at installation time, some steps that are written in Installation Guide are missed, the on with the Orbiter a i remember.

Any Idea??

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