Author Topic: converting from MCE to Pluto  (Read 2401 times)


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converting from MCE to Pluto
« on: April 05, 2006, 07:08:43 am »
Ok, I'm sold on the bells and whistles that Pluto has.  I'm an MCE user currently and want to convert.  Currently I have a A7N8X-E MB with a AMD 2800, 2 gig ram, 2 Happauge 250, 1 ATI HDTV receiver, dual lan, etc.  

I want to put together a new core that is solid for the future without throwing away any of my current reciever cards.  

I have been looking at dual xeon, dual core, AMD, Intel, etc. but I'm not sure what would be good for a pluto core.  Can a few people give me a solid config they are using?