Author Topic: Guidance to properly pipe Media/Director SPDIF Audio to input on AV/Receiver  (Read 1407 times)


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        Hi forum,

        This is a though one (at least for me...) so please bear with me... :-)
Where am I:

I have core/hybrid with SPDIF from audio outlet connected to my AV/Receiver on VCR-1 input.
Up to now, I'v just been controlling sound directly on the receiver.

Next step is to control the receiver via IR. (Onkyo Integra TX-DS939 old but good :-) )

What I have:
  • on board (DIGN 5 case) IrTrans IRT-USB Transm/Receive (also with VFD but no light from LED's up to now..)
    I guess this device also has a transmitter, but as it came undocumented, nothing is connected to it yet. (I have an idea, but prefer to solve other stuff before...)
    This device pick's up commands allright from universal M$ XP MCE IR remote...
  • usb connected IR recognized as mce usb2 with child LIRC Embedded Transmit
    This one has a IR transmitter connected via mini-jack and the transmitting LED sticks on to the Onkyo receiver's IR eye
    This LIRC device receives the same commands from the M$ XP MCE IR remote
There is also a Gyration GYR3101 - This one works partly - It can be used as pointer/mouse and some buttons work, but not all
I have been working with Xmodmap to add some more buttons - allthough I think this should not be done with Xmodmap - Please your advice on this theme?
What do I have working with the Onkyo receiver:
  • I have somehow succeeded to connect the Onkyo with the LIRC unit (at first it auto connected to IRTrans but this could not transmit further..
    I have managed to enter and test some IR codes via Pluto admin - it seems that Pronto 0162 works for a lot.
    I also found a website where I found these hex codes - I did the test and pasted them in - and some of them do work - so I feel I'm on the right track.
    During testing via Pluto I can control the receiver - so I can check input naming etc.
  • The receiver is hierarchically connected as a child to the LIRC unit - Is this correct? Please comment?
    But how do I make LMCE switch to the VCR-1 input when it plays TV or DVD or ...?
    I have been trying to work with the pipes on the OnScreen Orbiter Device Info page.
    I also noticed that all sources such as Phone, Xine Player, MythTV Player and MPlayer are connected as child to the OnScreen Orbiter -
    I've tried to adjust their Device Pipes Used but...
Looking forward to your help!!

PS. I have been browsing the wiki but have not found much helpful - so I'm trying to write some instructions to make this stuff more easy...

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One more thought:

I have read in the wiki on how to 'listen' for codes sent by e.g. IR devices or Motion devices (Gyration).
As far as I have understood this is how I try to do this:
- first determine the Device # e.g. #41 (GO Cordless GC1005M)
- next I go via console to /var/log/pluto/ and look for a log file starting with the same device#
- then I do tail -f 'name of device#.log'

Unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in seeing the codes pass by...

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your suggestions!