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Adding new device with slight different parameters and q.
« on: March 14, 2005, 09:21:18 pm »

thanks for prompt response on another topic  to Aaron. I wish all the best to Pluto crue at CEBIT. I don't know about others, but I dived into Pluto and there are a lot of things to be revealed, so contributors can jump in. I think that the best way is to establish some good form for users to contribute to documentation - with as little effort as possible. I think that documentation is the crucial thing to get going with more contributors. I'm relatively new to Debian (I used to to everything on Suse - although I'm not Linux guru).

More and more in I get the idea of Pluto - it's integration of everything
good in open source community. So in final, Pluto would have to have user friendly web interface for all kinds of devices etc... - but web interface grows in this way and becomes bloated for average users - but here supporters and integrators come in ...

I'm currently going through newbie problems that can be solved if anyone will work with me - and as well for the others. I know programs like Motion, Asterisk, cause I was working at similar system that was based on Misterhouse - Pluto is much better, particularly in user interfaces...

I'm also working on smaller Asterisk systems on stable version (with quite some features and AMP as good web configuration tool)..

I have also small question if you have answers at hand :

- what is password for mysql databases (I've found for mythconverg and
asterisk, but not for others) ? I'd like to take a closer look at it ....

- I have hybrid core - so it shows as two devices: CORE and subdevice
hybrid/core. To which should I assign video capture card for motion (winTV) and ivtv card for PVR (PVR 350) ?

- how to properly add new motion device (USB cam for instance) with proper template and whole procedure. I guessed that Pluto writes to /etc/motion/motion.conf from DCE device (generic analog capture card). But don't know how to easily write everithing necessary for new device ?   I know what changes I should make (norm 0 input 1) for wintv to work, but don't know how to properly set this up in Pluto - perhaps with new device template ? I'm doing manual changes but they are constantly overwritten - that is normal - I have to find other way..

- you can send me Yahoo Messenger contacts - so maybe I'll make faster
connection. I'm also 'tiniahouse' in Skype - it also has messaging...

Thanks for help so far,



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Adding new device with slight different parameters and q.
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2005, 07:21:22 pm »
The web interface doesn't grow too much because almost all devices use the same page.  For example, there is only 1 "Lights" page, no matter what type of light system you have.  That's the overall goal of DCE -- to make a common set of commands that devices implement so they are effectively plug and play.  I can add X10 devices, adn then a new device driver for Lutron, but without adding an extra page.  When we need an extra page, such as some special pages that are unique to the EIB devices, then those pages appear in the Pluto Admin site only if you have devices that require them (defined in the PageSetup table).  That way the Pluto Admin site doesn't grow too big.

There is no password for root on the mysql databases.  They are set to only allow connections from the core and m/d though.  So, from the core, you can run mysql, then do a: grant all privileges on * to 'myusername'@'192.168.%.%' identified by 'mypassword'

That will create a user account with that password, accessible by all 192.168.* machines.

On the Wizard / Devices / Core, you should just be able to check the box for 'analog capture card'.  That will add the device for you as a child of the core.  In the case of a hybrid, the hybrid m/d is treated as a device within a device (that way all m/d's appear the same), so you optionally could create the device by hand as a child of either the core or the embedded hybrid m/d.  Either way, the device driver will get spawned in a screen session at startup by the Start_LocalDevices script.

I replied to the motion list separately.   You can IM me any time at: aaronbaalbergen (Yahoo).  We have a bunch of programmers who all have different responsibilities.  YOu can also IM gheorghiud (also Yahoo) who is in charge of responding to users on the forum.  He's not a programmer, but he can direct you to the right one for any particular question.