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For Sale or Trade - Z-Wave hardware
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:35:21 pm »
I have some Z-Wave hardware for the USA for sale.

1) Two Homepro Z-Wave ZDW100W wall dimmer switches. I bought them around this time last year from, but then I moved to an older house where they won't work (these are the 3-wire switches that require a neutral). The sides of one switch are a little scratched, due to my trying to fit it into a smallish switchbox - but it's only cosmetic damage towards the back of the switch and it will be hidden once the switch is installed.

They were originally $40 each plus shipping. I want to replace them with 2wire Z-Wave switches so I'll consider a trade, otherwise I'm hoping for $60.00.

2) One HomePro Z-Wave RS232 Controller ZCS000. I bought this about 15 months ago (back in the days of Pluto Home) before I really knew what I was doing (which is not to say that I really do now). It was originally $100 and it has not been used at all. Make me an offer.

It would probably work on LMCE without too much trouble, although I haven't tried it so I cannot guarantee that. I have the USB version, the ZCU000, which works Plug-and-Play. I'm willing to help the Buyer out with any information from my LMCE installation that might be helpful in getting it working - I figure you could probably just manually add the device to the Devices tree with the correct settings & get it to work (but again, no guarantees that it will work in LMCE).

I'm willing to consider trades for other LMCE-compatible hardware. I currently *really* need:
- two compatible 100m Bluetooth adapters (preferably that you've verified work with the JavaMO),
- a USBUIRT (preferably with a Xantech emitter), &
- a Z-Wave motion sensor or two,
so I'd definitely trade some of my stuff for any of those items. But I'd also consider trading all the items listed above for a GC100, or maybe an HDHomeRun (but jeez I'm really tryin to lay off the TV).

Otherwise I'd prefer payment via Paypal. Packing & handling is free, buyer pays actual shipping costs. If I don't get any responses I'll put the stuff on Ebay in a few days.

I'm usually in the IRC chatroom as Cylon7, or you can email me (no spaces) Seven at Apollo Smart Homes *D0T( C0M

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