Author Topic: Need advice on input devices.  (Read 2337 times)


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Need advice on input devices.
« on: August 10, 2008, 01:51:00 am »
Questions at top, skip to setup below for details.

How can I force a firewire input to change to a specific known good channel and then run prime_myth?
How can I use a single schedules direct guide and force myth to use firewire for channels 2-99 and an s-video capture for channels 100 and above?
If I have multiple input sources that are only available in various combinations, an s-video input that can only be used by itself, plus a tv-tuner (same card as s-video) and firewire can be used at the same time.  Will mythtv handle this automagically?

current setup:

I have switched from DirectTV to Comcast cable.  Currently I have these configured on my core/md hybrid:

PVR-150 - Channels 2-99 - can't use at the same time as s-video.  Using the comcast cable schedule from Schedules Direct.

firewire - Channels 2-99 - some channels appear to "hang" mythtv.  It appears that whenever I start mythtv it defaults to firewire and the last channel mythtv was on.  Sooooo, if I hit a bad channel it hangs.  When I try to quit mythtv and go back in, it tries to restart on the bad channel and hangs again.  Right now it's "stuck" trying to start on channel 71 and if the tv-card isn't being used it will eventually give up and start TV using the tv-card.  Cannot use at the same time as s-video.  Best picture quality.  Using comcast digital cable schedule from  Schedules Direct.

s-video - Can watch every channel as it's just the s-video output from the cable box.  Cannot use at the same time as PVR or firewire.

Schedules direct is currently setup for comcast cable and comcast digital cable, channels 2-99 on each.  It will not allow me to setup a second comcast digital cable for channels above 99, so I don't know how to map the lower channels to firewire and the upper channels to s-video.  Cable is slightly different from digital Cable, although it may be close enough that I could set both firewire and tv-tuner to cable and use digital cable for s-video and not have too many issues.


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Re: Need advice on input devices.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2008, 07:04:33 pm »

 Not sure if I read right, but are you connecting the cable (f connector) and the S-video to your PVR-150. They are the same input. I ran into this back on my Win32 machine. I ended up ordering the daughter inputs for the card but it still did not work with WinMCE, It did give me the 2nd input however I could not access it in windows unless I used the Win2000 software supplied with the non MCE pvr-150.

 You may though with Lmce be able to setup the daughter input board in Lmce as a 2nd input which it enables automatically on the card and then switch via media scenario's.


Yes, that's correct, s-video and tv tuner on the same card, and part of the question.  The reason for this is using the TV card gives me a second tuner (in addition to the set top box), however it's only a subset of all the channels available which is why I also want to use the s-video input at times 'cause it will allow me to record every station the STB gets.

quick recap:

s-video - every channel but can only be used alone as it uses the STB and the PVR-150
fire-wire - only chanel 2-99, best picture quality, doesn't use use the PVR-150, uses STB
tuner - only channels 2-99, uses the PVR-150, doesn't use the STB