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Windows Shares
« on: July 31, 2008, 04:57:37 am »
Hey there, I’m having trouble auto-detecting windows shares and I’m not quite sure how to start troubleshooting more extensively.

My network setup looks like this:

External network:
Cable modem ==> Hybrid/Core on eth0

Internal network:
eth1 on Hybrid/Core ==> Linksys WRT54G acting as switch / access point (DHCP turned off) ==> Windows XP PC with shares that I want to mount, and laptop that’s PXEing as an orbiter.

The primary problem that I’m facing currently is getting windows shares to mount. Several minutes after I first plugged my Windows PC in, I got a series of messages as linuxmce presumably detected my shares. I entered my login and password information for the Windows PC into the orbiter and I believe it said the device was configured.

I reloaded the router a couple of times over the course of a couple of hours, but other than the four initial videos that come with the DVD installation, nothing ever showed up in media. To be honest, I don’t really care about keeping the content on the PC, so I tried to browse my linuxmce box to drag&drop files onto it from the PC but couldn’t figure how to find my Core from the PC.

Any ideas how to either make linuxmce see my shares, or transfer media onto the Core directly?


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Re: Windows Shares
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2008, 07:32:13 am »
First log in to your web admin and go to the devices tree - find the PC that is acting as the file server and expand that node to see the share(s) underneath. Click on each share and look at the properties in the right pane. Down the bottom there is an online tick box. Is this ticked on?

If yes:
Go to the media file sync menu of the web admin, and navigate down to your media (eg /home/public/data/etc... in the left pane). When you see your media files, they should have a big tick icon next to each of them, not a drive icon. This confirms they have been scanned into your media database. Note the scanning process can take a long time (many hours) if you have a lot of data. And depending on your folder structure, may not start appearing in the UI until towards the end. If you only see drive icons, even for media files in the top/first folders, then perhaps your UpdateMedia daemon isn't running for some reason. You can try manually hitting the button to resync your media in that window - it will open a log window and you can read what it is doing. The sync into the SQL database should be in the last few lines, so read towards the end of the log as well.

If no:
First try ticking it and clicking Save. Wait for at least 10 seconds, then refresh the screen and check whether it is still ticked. If yes - then UpdateMedia should start running soon and picking up your media. If no - then you may have the cifs/smb protocol issue. In the share properties further up you will see a field that says something like filesystem type:cifs change this to smbfs and click save. Now monitor that tick box again.

If the tick box keeps unticking, then you need to look for a genuine networking issue. I always recommend getting a known good patch cable and connecting directly from the core to the PC as a first step to eliminate your switching and cabling infrastructure as a cause. Also, looking at your NIC for known compatibility and drivers... etc


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Re: Windows Shares
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2008, 05:14:12 am »

I seem to be having the same problem... I hit the synch button, and I'm getting the following:

Resynchronize directory /home/public/data/videos

sudo -u root /usr/pluto/bin/UpdateMedia -d "/home/public/data/videos"01   07/31/08 22:08:39.050      Cannot find self in maplock! (0x80b07b4) (>2) alarm: AlarmManager.cpp:102  <0xb6b68b90>
ready to dump locks using logger: 0x80b0858
05   07/31/08 22:08:39.050      Dumping 1 locks <0xb6b68b90>
05   07/31/08 22:08:39.050      finished check for exceptions <0xb6b68b90>
05   07/31/08 22:08:39.051      OL: (0x80b07b4) (>1) alarm AlarmManager.cpp l:87 time: 10:08:39p (0 s) thread: 3065419472 Rel: Y Got: Y <0xb6b68b90>

I don't know if it error'd out, or if it's running... can't tell... screen just sits here.


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Re: Windows Shares
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2008, 05:22:52 am »
If it just stops then you have a problem as this is a log of progress (unless there is no media in that directory of course!)

maplock was a problem in previous versions of LMCE (like yours!) and has subsequently been fixed - however I note that it used to happen all the time, but usually didn't break the sync. But in your case it clearly is.

You NEED to upgrade - beta 3 is now very old (beta 4, RC1 and the release version supercede it) as a beta prior to a release version you won't get any support for it, nor will any of the update pushes apply to it... upgrade!