Author Topic: Media File Sync Hidden Folders Crouching Files  (Read 2017 times)


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Media File Sync Hidden Folders Crouching Files
« on: February 19, 2008, 11:26:42 pm »
Has anyone had this issue with the Media File Sync in the Admin page?

I have put some downloaded video content into a folder on my raid in a folder named /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv

That folder contains several sub-directories used to categorize by name. ie: /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/farscape

Well when using the Media File Sync in the Admin page to retrive album art/thumbnails, the folder after /tv does not show up.  Even after re-syncing... I experiemented a little with this, and moved all my .avi into just /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv and all the .avi will show up under the Media File Sync menu, and allow me to lookup thumbnails.  Except this method is un-organized and highly un-attractive.

So I created a subfolder inside the Media File Sync called /mnt/device/57/public/data/video/tv/fartest.  And when I click submit, the page refreshes, that folder shows up... I click on it on the left to go inside it, and of course it's empty.  So I move a few .avi's into the folder, and re-sync... then the folder dissapears from the left again.  Is there an outstanding issue with this I just couldn't find in the forums?

I have made some screenshots to illustrate.
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