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Failed start X
« on: February 14, 2008, 08:44:44 am »
Please help with with my CD installation ...

Hardware configuration :
AMD AX2 4000+
RAM Corsair 2 gb dual channel
VB Captiva 7300 GT
TVtuner Terratec HT PCI
2 HD SATA Maxtor

When I install Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon everything works fine, on the fresh installation I started the first LinuxMCE install, told the PC to use the proprietary nVidia driver when prompt and got the system without graphic once restarted; as I didnĀ“t know how to fix it I restarted from the beginning ...

Part II
Fresh Kubuntu installation, new start for LMCE which now works but at VGA res, once installed it asks me to change to the right driver and I say yes, the system works until when prompts me to the login page, I cannot get through of it ! I put Id and pass but get prompted again to a fresh login page ...
Now everything is left to my fantasy and I restart the system holding the shift key down in order to restart the wizard (having assumed mine is a videocard problem) but I get to a blu page which says that X cannot be started.

Should I permit my fantasy to  proceed and go to Part III  ???

In Part III I would reinstall kubuntu, update the nVidia driver and enable it, then start a new LMCE install ...

What do you think about it ?
Thanks for advice, ciao
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