Author Topic: SPDIF output help - DFI SLI-DR  (Read 2150 times)


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SPDIF output help - DFI SLI-DR
« on: September 26, 2007, 03:40:34 am »
I have a dfi sli-dr board with on-board coax and optical outputs.  I want to use the spdif coax to output to my receiver.  After my inital setup, with no extra setup on my part, the coax output works great from within LMCE (mp3's, video files)...but I get no sound when it plays DVD's.  I also get no sound from the coax output with the normal linux programs (non-mce stuff).  After many searches for this topic the problem sees to be with linux not having an option to correctly select the coax output, while somehow LMCE was able to in the setup.  I have seen many people talk about fixes for this that go way over my head.  I'm a linux noob and would love a lil help here.  A lot of people mention various edits to two audio configuration files that my kubuntu versions don't seem to have. 

So basically...sound card works...coax out works inside can i get it to work in linux (outside of MCE)?

Thanks to anyone that can help...lil bit lost...and more and more furstrated...thanks


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Re: SPDIF output help - DFI SLI-DR
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2007, 11:53:14 am »
I'm guessing you have the same issues I have.  Everything works inside LinuxMCE including playing back DVDs but MythTV does not output sound and the KDE desktop has no sound.

The fix for this if your MD is part of your core has been addressed in this forum and you can do a search for it using search in the upper right of this screen.  Be aware that you will have to move to a different forum and make this search for each forum.

If your MD is not part of your core but is a diskless boot MD then this problem has not been addressed.