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Smart Home Consulting
Helping you plan, program & configure your Smart Home

Alongside my long-term involvement with CHT Ltd I have always run my own consulting firm too. My consulting spans a lot of areas - from helping companies understand how mobile technologies will impact their businesses to individuals who are looking for someone to guide them about turning their home into a Smart Home.

While most people come to the forum because they want to do much of the planning and installation of their Smart Home system themselves, some of you may still be looking for advice or guidance. Of course there is plenty of free help & guidance available here in the Forum from members, including me, who respond to posts. That may be all you need.

But sometimes you may need a more specific, detailed and personalised input or may need some programming or configuration help. This is often the case if you are attempting a renovation project or building a house for example. Sometimes simply having someone show you how something is achieved will allow you to take-over and complete the rest of the work. My advice can be about any aspect of Smart Home systems or installations including LinuxMCE, Dianemo, Control-4, Crestron, Ago and many others.

My consulting rate is $65 USD and hour for projects delivered remotely online,  I will always try to provide you with a fixed price if at all possible. A small apartment or house might only need an hour or two of my time on the planning side, so the costs can be small and the benefits large.

So whether you need some advice about how to plan your Smart Home installation or help in the programming or configuration get in contact and I'll try to help.

To get in contact if you need help or advice on a project;


Andy Herron,

For Dianemo/LinuxMCE consulting advice;
@herron on Twitter, via email or PM me here.

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