Author Topic: Dianemo Revealed - Athena UI Performance Advantages  (Read 2746 times)


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Dianemo Revealed - Athena UI Performance Advantages
« on: March 05, 2015, 01:59:50 pm »
Athena Orbiters & Lower System Loads

One of the key advantages of the the Athena UI & Orbiter is that it places far lower demands on the resources of your NC. This manifests itself in several ways;

  • Regens are much faster as no Orbiter UI's need to be regenerated
  • Athena UI's are rendered 100% in the browser or App
  • Athena enables the use of small energy efficient NC hardware.

If you are building a new system then the above points will enable you to choose lower cost, low energy & small form factor hardware for your NC - something you could not do with a system using traditional Orbiters and/or traditional MD's for example.

However even in a situation where you are using Athena UI & Orbiters on an existing NC you will still be able to get some of these benefits by following these simple guidelines;

  • Only add new Athena Orbiters going forwards
  • Remove traditional Orbiters and MD's wherever you can and replace them with Athena Orbiters

So both in large installations, in say an up-market large house and in small apartment sized systems, you can improve system performance, energy usage, and in new installations system costs too, by using Athena UI & Orbiters.

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