Author Topic: Announcing A Web Control API for RaspberryPi-CEC and Dianemo/LinuxMCE  (Read 3837 times)


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We've just announced a new Restful Web API for the HDMI-CEC control of devices attached to your system. The software installs on a Model B or B+ Raspberry Pi and is compatible with Wifi or wired network connections. Simply attach a  Raspberry Pi to the same HDMI bus as your MD, TV, AV Receiver, DVD, Blu-Ray Player and you can control them using our Web API from a device template. Below are some example uses of the rest-cec API;

- Get a list of the available HDMI devices;
Code: [Select]
http://<RaspberryPi IP>:8077/rest/api/v1/cecdevices/
- Send a Volume Up command to the AV Receiver in your HDMI chain;
Code: [Select]
http://<RaspberryPi IP>:8077/rest/api/v1/cecdevices/avreceiver/vol/up
- Turn on the TV in your HDMI chain;
Code: [Select]
http://<RaspberryPi IP>:8077/rest/api/v1/cecdevices/tv/on
- Select Input 2 on your AV Receiver in your HDMI chain;
Code: [Select]
http://<RaspberryPi IP>:8077/rest/api/v1/cecdevices/avreceiver/input/2
See the post below for more details;
Andy Herron,

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