Author Topic: Announcing Dianemo RaspSqueeze-CEC for RaspberryPi (works over wifi)  (Read 2600 times)


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***Note: this post was originally posted in the 'User' section in error.

Please see this thread for the original post;

But If your looking for Phenigma's thread on his Media Manager for Rpi with Squeezelite functionality then look here;


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Re: Announcing Dianemo RaspSqueeze-CEC for RaspberryPi
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I would point out that LinuxMCE has Squeezelite functionality already as a netboot device with the Raspberry Pi.  All the same sound output devices are supported.  The only advantage running from the SD card would have is the ability to support wifi, which we do not support at this time.

BTW, as you are selling a product, one that is not even compatible with LinuxMCE (the Dianemo CEC stuff is really all you're selling here as even you have stated how easy it is to install raspbian and squeezeslave/squeezelite) it is my opinion that the Marketplace is a more appropriate location for this post than the Users section.  You are selling a product and/or service afterall.