Author Topic: Personal For-Profit Company wishes to reference LinuxMCE in images/videos  (Read 4528 times)

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Tireless developers and administrators:

I am using Facebook business pages to promote my home-business.  The large majority of electronics in my home are operated by and use LinuxMCE menus, displays, logos, etc.  I am requesting proper procedures for displaying images and videos of these devices, while giving all credit to LinuxMCE for its operation.

I do computer repair, non-glamorous "fix this PII so I can get on facebook", hardware upgrades and similar the majority of the time.  On occasion I do,  and my company goal is, to move into more and more customization, product development, installations and yes... home automation.  I will type it here nice and clear so it is communicated and can be quoted:
I will not offer for sale LinuxMCE or any software that is not entirely my creation.  I will not sell equipment that I am not able to make operational for my customers without the use of LinuxMCE, as this would burden LinuxMCE's developers with supporting customers I profited from."

There may be a situation where a customer is inspired after visiting my home office or seeing images/videos of LinuxMCE operating and despite my declaration of the quoted above, wishes to install LinuxMCE.  Should this occur I will refer to any instruction I am given here or contact an admin directly.  So far no customers of mine (that I am aware of) are using LinuxMCE.  The few used pieces of compatible equipment I have sold were configured to operate stand-alone or with that customers existing OS/control devices.

I realize that the mention of profit makes for immediate uneasiness.  I apologize though as I prefer a direct post and request such as this to any doubt about my intentions.  Links to GPL documentation, feedback from developers and responses from administrators is 100% welcome.
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there is no issue with making money through LinuxMCE per se. There were just a few cases in the past were people sold their customers solutions, could not support them because of lacking skill, and left the burden of fixing the mess to the community. So profit itself does not lead to uneasiness, but if you want to run a business, you need to make sure to be a "good citizen" in the LMCE ecosystem. The first task is to learn the system in and out, so that you know what you can promise to your customers.
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