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Question about sambahelper user.
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:37:33 am »
Good day folks!

I've got a question about the sambahelper user.  Obviously, it's used on the core and on the MD's.  It's being assigned UID's in the "normal" unix user range, which can conflict with existing core and NIS users.  As you see below, it's inconsistent between what was created on moon72 and what was created on the core.

Code: [Select]
root@moon72:~# cat /etc/passwd | grep samba
sambahelper:x:1000:1000:Pluto Samba Share Helper:/tmp:/bin/false

root@moon72:~# ypcat passwd
mkbrown:x:1000:1000:Michael Brown,,,:/home/mkbrown:/bin/bash
sambahelper:x:1001:1001:Pluto Samba Share Helper:/tmp:/bin/false

The sambahelper user is created in PlutoStorageDevices/ It is created using the following code starting on lines 31

Code: [Select]
## Samba Share Helper
if [[ "$(id -u sambahelper)" == "" ]] ;then
        useradd -c "Pluto Samba Share Helper" -d /tmp -s /bin/false sambahelper

Wouldn't it be better to have it created as a "system" user using -r, or to statically assign something like -u 999 -g 999 ?

I'm throwing this out there for someone much more knowledgeable about this subsystem to educate me, or suggest I file a Trac ticket.

Thanks for your time!