Author Topic: For Sale: Gyro Mouse; Multi-sensor; Motion Sensor; IP Camera, and more...  (Read 4425 times)


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I am selling some components from my LinuxMCE system. Please make me an offer on anything you're interested in.

I accept Paypal, but you'll need to pay the 3% markup. Or you can mail me a money order.

You'll need to pay the actual postage costs as well. I prefer to send it USPS, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation; this is the cheapest way to send it with delivery tracking.

1) Gyration Air Mouse Go: Very gently used, in excellent condition. $85 new, I'm asking $50. The interface for the Core & Media Directors is designed for this mouse. Fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

Items 2 & 3 are new. I got them to pair to my ZWave stick, but at the time I didn't understand I needed a ZWave mini-mote for them to work. So I removed the batteries and put them back in the box. They pair up to the stick fine, and the motion lights activate as they should. With a Zwave stick & a Minimote, these are fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

2) HomeSeer ZWave MultiSensor HSM100. $85 new, I'm asking $65.

3) HomePro ZWave Motion Sensor ZIR000. $61 new, I'm asking $45.

4) HomePro Appliance Module ZRP100. $40 new, I'm asking $25. Last time I checked, the appliance modules weren't working with LMCE. It worked fine in Pluto Home and in LMCE 0704.

5) Panasonic Ethernet IP camera KX-HCM110A. $300 new, I'm asking $200. This part is used, but it's sat unplugged for the last several months. I just tested it again & it works fine. Fully plug-and-play in LMCE.

You can call or text me at 512 * 636 * 7596. All serious offers considered.

I'm a reputable member of the LMCE community, people in the chat room will vouch for me, like TSCHAKeee, golgoj4 and Merkur2K. I've been part of the community since Pluto Home, and was in the LMCE chatroom the first month that it was open.

Kevin aka 7
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