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Dual display with Matrox?
« on: December 26, 2006, 09:59:28 pm »
I have just setup a test Pluto system.  I have had many problems until I obtained where simple things like DVD worked when I placed a disk in the drive....

On to more interesting things, I have a MD with a Matrox G450 fitted. the second head can have S-Video out.  Is it possable to have the MD display the Orbiter on the first head and Video on the S-Video out?

Or on a more sedate setup, how about an AGP card with Video out for the TV and a basic supported PCI card for the orbiter?

The only option I can see at this time is to have a web-orbiter or another remote orbiter to change to view the MD I want to use.  This involves another piece of hardware, network cables, keyboard/mouse etc.