Author Topic: [SOLVED] N95 sipphone as LinuxMCE asterisk extension - howto?  (Read 1870 times)


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[SOLVED] N95 sipphone as LinuxMCE asterisk extension - howto?
« on: October 12, 2010, 07:07:44 pm »

before the new install, i had my Nokia N95 configured as an extension of LinuxMCE/asterisk/freepbx.
In one of the posts, i did tell i had it and got as answer:

DO NOT INSTALL EXTENSIONS USING FreePBX! Somebody please delete that Nokia page.
At the very least, go into Wizard > Phones > and create a new generic SIP softphone.

The username and password are the extension #, registrar is

simple. Effective, and you get the voice prompts.

I am getting very tired of people not paying attention to the software, and reverting to their geek instincts and making this stuff fifty thousand times more complicated than it actually is!



Well, after the new install, i did try to make it work according the answer i got then.

I created the extension (webadmin, phones, add new... ) and got an extension number 205, as i did the first time. The E65 wiki helped to configure the N95 sip client.
Now, i'm trying to configure the N95 sip client with registar, user 205 and password XXXX, only, as the answer i got.

No way to make it work.

I would kindly ask, before reverting to geek instincts, how to have my N95 sip client configured as an extension on LinuxMCE/asterisk/freepbx with the instuctions above.

Anyone call tell me how?


SOLVED: created the extension with webadmin and the configured the Nokia SIP client. Also created a wiki, for the ones who also wants and/or need it:
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