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Security Setup Help
« on: July 17, 2010, 12:04:04 pm »
I have installed a LinuxMCE (latest 810), followed as much instruction I understood and try to set up a zwave security network.

I've managed to install :
- aeon Labs Z-stick
- Homepro ZIR000 (I've got another one but it does not seem to register with the controller of the z-stick)

I have also an Homeseer HSM100

The core is a ASrock Ion 330.

All this should work together, but I'm stuck :
 - The Zwave seems to be starting (I can see the properly registered device, even some Subdevices) but I do not receive any zwave event.
 - I have tried to setup a text to speech.

In fact, I have almost given up LinuxMCE. Several other small things I've tried (like setting some text-to-speech) failed as well, this is too complex for me, although I like the concept. This is my last try. I'm ok to pay for an active support (basic).

I'm in France, and familiar with Linux installation, on ubuntu, debian, etc... At work I regularly install LDAP/Samba/pdc stuff, so I do not consider myself as a newbie, but here I'm lost.

I hope this forum is the good way to ask for such a service, if not, forgive me.