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Hi Tim,
I am able to dial out from a Granstream 200 phone, but I have to dial 9 first.  Is there a way to change that?

Also I have a Polycom 301 that I've been unable to get working.  Anyway to get this phone to work?

Let me know if you can help!  Thanks a lot!


7.04 is what these boxes came with.  The OS is running on the server without issues currently.  Now, how to get the invisibles to net boot off of it?  That was working some time ago, but since has failed, and debugging these invisibles seems to be a major pain.  They probably do have the VIA chipset from what I recall.

At least getting the asterisk piece working would be great.  VoicePulse is the sip provider so it should be all set.

Any of you want to lend a hand to help?  My time is very limited but I can setup all the devices on the network, and allow you access to configure?  I have 1 polycom phone, and a bunch of grandstreams (I know these suck)...

Then we can work out the invisibles booting, and gaining access to all resources.  Baby steps... baby steps...

Again, this is a paid opportunity.  I don't want you to think I'm begging for help, but I'm really out of time trying to do this on my own.

Thanks a lot!

Hello again everybody.

I was hoping to get someone with experience working with the Fiire engines and Fiire invisibles to perform the following setup.  

1. Get fiire invisibles to connect to server (engine) successfully loading OS, etc...
 (there are about 5 of the fiire invisibles to connect to different TV's
2. Get asterisk working throughout the home
3. Get music working throughout the house
4. Get mythtv modules working throughout the house
   (may need to get HD-homerun card too)

Basically these boxes are sitting dormant because I do not have the time to work on getting everything functioning.  The home for setup of equipment is located in a north suburb of Chicago.  This is a paid opportunity for those who are willing to get this setup for me.

Thanks in advance!

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