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Users / Unable to write to nfs share
« on: July 08, 2009, 07:17:06 pm »
I am unable to write to my MCE hyrbid shares when i mount them from any ubuntu machine in my house and am not sure why. 

This is the line from my /etc/fstab

# mce Home directory nfs mount /media/mcehome nfs rw,hard,intr 0 0

The drive mounts fine and i can explore around, but i am unable to create any folders (and hence add any files i want to my media center).  I went the route of nfs after having problems with samba not mounting the shares from my mce machine (and due to the speed increase under linux of using nfs).

Any ideas?

Users / SOLVED:: Wiimote sensitivity values
« on: July 08, 2009, 06:19:03 pm »
SOLVED::: MUCH MUCH better when using an IR source.  IR bars are available lots of places for under $/£10 so worth the purchase.

I have just gone through the wiki entry on adding a wiimote to my Linuxmce system and am fairly happy with the result.I do have a question on the following entry to the daemon though;

 #mouse acceleration, adjust to your liking
                        #see also: "man xset" and/or "xset -h"
#                       xset m 1/2 3

Can someone give me an idea what these figures actually mean for xset m and what is meant by see also manxset or xset -h?

I have been looking around on the internet and cannot really find much of a clue.  From the way i have read the above the vaule is hashed out anyway?

The reason i ask is my wiimote seems to be giving slightly erratic movement, and whilst im not using an IR source i was expecting it to be less erratic than it is now.

(As an aside, i have been trying to get back in to edit the files i created from the wiki, but I am not able to, even with sudo kate for example.  I have tried sudo /etc/init.d/wminputd stop but that comes back as failed as well.  How do i get back into the files i created to edit them?)

Users / Script loading order during MCE startup
« on: July 07, 2009, 08:16:41 pm »
Sorry for the slightly random question but i was wondering if someone here could give me a list of the last few scripts loaded by Linux MCE during the startup process. 

My reason for asking is 2 fold, firstly I need to add a line to start mediatomb as per this thread;

I also need to add a line to enable my wifi WPA connection, currently i have to drop to KDE each time to type one line into terminal to get wifi working and this clearly isnt as elegant as it could be. 

I have tried putting both of these commands into a startup script;


but it doesnt seem to work as it only appears to be run when you drop to the KDE desktop and not during normal MCE startup.

Is there a best practise script to edit for user specific startup options?  At somepoint hopefully at least the mediatomb script wont be required as it can be added into the Beta release of 0810.

Users / Lost access to Squeezenetwork after update
« on: July 07, 2009, 07:44:43 pm »
I appear to have lost all access to my squeezenetwork account from within Slimserver on LinuxMCE after my last update (to the current alpha).

I have full access via webadmin to all of the slimserver functions you would expect, except my username and password keep coming back as invalid, and they are definatly 100% correct!

I have tried changing my password twice with the slimserver "I forgot my password link" and both times the same is true, no access to squeezenetwork.

I have also confirmed that the squeeze network is up and running at the time by logging on with my Ubuntu laptop.  I feel this might be a bug that has crept in and been missed maybe, as this side of my setup has been been fine since install.

My Linux MCE machine definatly has internet access as i am using it to reset the password and access my hotmail ok.  The fault is still present even if you copy and paste the new password (just to treble ensure its not a typeo!)

Is there anyway forward, or can i get some log files maybe that would be useful for someone to look into the potential bug?

Users / SOLVED:: Is there a DVB howto for Myth anywhere?
« on: July 07, 2009, 04:53:45 pm »
SOLVED::  As per the links below

I have been looking through the wiki and havent been able to find a DVB-T guide for Myth.  I found the following excellent guide for VDR;

And was wondering if there is anything similar for Myth anywhere?

I dont appear to have the upnp server running under my MCE install, when i scan the linux mce network i dont see any upnp servers.  If i go to webadmin and select UPNP server from the drop down i get an error message saying the port cannot be connected to (ie as if the server isnt there).  

If i go to the software packages list then the UPNP server (and a couple of associated UPNP bits) are all listed as **disabled UPNP Server**

The only UPNP referance i could find in the wiki relates to the UPNP server not auto updating its media database, but nothing matching the problem i am having.

Thanks for any help

Feature requests & roadmap / Native HULU support for MCE?
« on: June 28, 2009, 08:33:56 pm »
I was wondering if it might be possible to intergrate HULU natively (ie not through the web browser) to MCE?  Just a thought as I think we would all bennifit from some online streaming source.

If there is enough interest then I could try and make a move forward with this (I would need a fair bit of help but dont mind getting stuck in).

Users / Implications of a kernel upgrade?
« on: June 28, 2009, 08:22:41 pm »
I think i might need to upgrade the kernel on my 0810 A2.2 Hybrid to get my DVB-T card working.  What are the implications to MCE if i upgrade from the current build 2.27-generic to 2.30? 

Is this a bad idea, and do you guys know what kernel will be included in the upcoming 0810 beta (and final release?).


EDIT **** If your searching and find this check the last post for a possible solution if the fault below matches your issue***

Just when i think i am starting to understand some of MCE's setup i find something else to trip my stupid self up!

I am trying to drag some music off of my ubuntu laptop directly onto my media drive in MCE.  

I have connected my laptop to MCE and then have edited /etc/fstab to read the following;

//$ /media/mce smbfs cifs credentials=/root/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0

The drive mounts ok and i can view the files currently on my mce media drive.  The problem i have is when i try and copy / paste music accross i get an error saying i do not have permission to write to that folder.  

My smbcredentials file contains my username and root password for mce.

Can someone give me some help please?

Users / Follow Linux MCE on twitter
« on: June 27, 2009, 02:12:22 pm »
I have created a twitter account for Linux MCE so those interested can follow the progess of 0810 and other aspects of Linux MCE development.  I am also hoping that it might raise the communities profile slightly and give a more relaxed place to chat / show our MCE setups.

For those that are interested it can be found/followed @

Admin/dev team, if you want the username so you can directly update the twitter page please just drop me a line and I will let you know.  Thanks;


** Who ever owns the front web page design, can you add a follow us on twitter link please?**

Users / SOLVED: Anyone running ALIEN BBC in slimserver under MCE?
« on: June 26, 2009, 06:16:56 pm »
Pretty much as per the title really.  Has anyone had any success with running ALIENBBC under MCE?  The MRs is keen to get BBC radio through the Squeezebox and this seems the easiest way to me (other suggestions welcome)

Users / Whats wrong with my DVB-T tuning?-Kworld 399U
« on: June 17, 2009, 08:01:28 pm »
I think i have (finally) got my Kworld usb U399 working in 810 (guide to follow if i can get it tuned), but I cannot get it to tune to Belmont or uk-Waltham which is also near by each time i get

WARNING: >>> tuning failed with the
tune to: return above it. 

I have tried this for both masts and a bit stuck how to go forward with the fault diagnostics.  (I guess at least i dont have a blank /dev/dvb0/ directory any more now the latest V4l is installed!)

Users / Will we be able to upgrade to the beta from alpha 2.2?
« on: June 17, 2009, 07:52:13 pm »
Pretty much as per the title or is it a full reinstall?

Thanks, (here's hoping its an upgrade!)

Users / How do i refresh slim server?
« on: June 09, 2009, 06:48:15 pm »
I have just finished copying all of my mp3s from my nas onto my media drive with MCE and am really pleased with the way it handles them.  The only problem im having is that neither my squeezebox or the slim server can see all of the songs.  Currently they both are only showing the artists/albums i have sent to the squeezebox via my orbiter.

Is there a way i can refresh the slimservers list?

I have tried rescanning from the Squeezebox itself but nothing changed as the slim server still only lists what its been sent by mce to play

Users / Easiest way to copy data from NAS to MCE machine
« on: June 09, 2009, 10:35:21 am »

I have nearly got my mce machine up and running and would like to copy across my mp3s / video files from my nas to my second hard drive in mce.  MCE has the drive installed and running. 

The way i see it there are 2 options, do it all from kde then restart and hope MCE finds the files or,
somehow do it from within mce?

If i do it from KDE i am assuming i need to create the file structure /Public/data/video and Public/data/audio   ?

Can i get away with not adding the device in mce at all if i go the kde route? Or should i still add it via webadmin and then remove once done? 

I realise i could probably do either, but i am after "best" practise if there is one. 


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