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Hi paulo, I also have a 7970 which was not getting firmware from /tftpboot folder.

I'll try with the firmware you said, but, could you upload the XmlDefault.cnf.xml you used with tftpd32 and the instructions to use it?

Thank you in advance.


Developers / Re: Power and energy monitor / logger (Arduino based)
« on: June 03, 2010, 07:59:30 pm »
Good afternoon to all of you,

I own a Current Cost monitor, and right now I am testing this python code:

Obviously it doesn't integrate with LINUXMCE, but I find more convenient to be able to check usage from my igoogle startpage (I can check it from my mobile or from work).

Also, Currentcost is about to release an add-on that would directly send data to powermeter without the need of a pc called "bridge"

Users / Re: Multiple Displays
« on: March 11, 2010, 12:02:28 pm »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but although you can configure multiple screens on ubuntu, you would need to have several instances of LinuxMCE running, otherwise the only thing you would have is a cloned LinuxMCE view or LinuxMCE on one screen and a blank desktop on the other.

And even when I haven't help programming LinuxMCE and I have never read at it source, I bet you would need quite a lot of programming to have two independent instances of LinuxMCE running on the same PC.


Users / Re: tuner card in MD working in 8.10?
« on: March 09, 2010, 05:20:19 pm »
Have you tried this card on other computer??

Or, is the same dish used for a regular satellite tv receptor?

Just to confirm it is a Mythtv/LinuxMCE issue and not a bad signal from the dish.

Also, have you checked this wiki:

It says something about a bug on this card related to hardware problems with 22KHz tone generation for DISECQ signalling.

Maybe it is worth trying to apply the patch.


Users / [WIKI] Add Jdownloader to LinuxMCE
« on: March 07, 2010, 09:52:40 pm »
I just added my first wiki page showing how to add Jdownloader to LinuxMCE.

Right now, due to my limited linux knowledge, it does not autostart on startup, but sure there is a helpful one out there that can make that happen.

Link is

Thank you all.

as it says in the post I gave you, in a normal asterisk instalation you'll find in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf the range of UDP ports your asterisk is using, normally it goes from 10.000 to 20.000. Probably it is located in the same directory in linuxmce (I am unable to check it right now).

What I did in my office installation before I installed OpenVPN was to leave unmodified the rtp.conf file leaving all those ports open to the internal but on the router I redirected "only" about 20 ports (from 10000 to 10020). That did the trick for external calls.

If you leave ports open to asterisk I also recommend you change all your passwords on FreePBX and on your telephones, but it can be a bit tricky on cisco 7970 or similars.

Hope you have it working.


Users / Re: LinuxMCE best hardware suggestion
« on: March 01, 2010, 08:31:19 pm »
I agree with st8ofmi9d,

there are tons of examples on the wiki and forums. And for sure, if you are newby on hardware, or linux, I would also recomend some of the preconfigured options you have been given.

Eitherways, If you are willing to install your own system (wich I recomend for the fun of it), you also should be prepared for some headaches with unsuported components.

And finally, do some digging in the forums/wiki, that's where I started, and after somes days/weeks of reading, I started my first core.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE best hardware suggestion
« on: March 01, 2010, 06:50:17 pm »
You have a lot of small MD you can buy on the market.

If you want it prebuild, you can use any ION based PC (I am planing to upgrade to ASUS EB1501, which has DVD drive on it). If not, I would also recomend any ION based MOBO. MD doesn't need HD as it gets anything it needs from the network.

I build my new Hybrid last weekend, mainly from old parts and the new ones where bought "low-noise-wise"


New Asus P5QL-EPU, check this:
Old 2x1gb ram
Old E4400
Old HD for system (160gb)
New HD for media on its way
New noctua nh-u12p fan (sure it is not cheap, but worth every peny, now processor temp is 32º, and barely audible)
New GT220. check this link for HDMI audio:
old 450w PSU (nox urano)

Used it with UI2 W/Alpha and up to now, I saw no tearing.

With the links I gave you, you have the Hybrid working almost out of the box.

Probably you have tried this already, but it looks like LINUXMCE firewall is blocking incoming traffic (in your case, from your phone to the internal network). Also, it could be that you don't have your modem/router VoIP ports redirected to your core.

Check firewall rules.

Be careful when opening VoIP ports to the exterior, default passwords are not that secure, so a malicious guy could connect to your network and make long distance calls from it.

I don't know if there is an android port of openvpn, but you should google it. (also OpenVPN is already implemented in LinuxMCE, so probably you would only need to change some server options, like making it Server VS Roadwarrior, change passwords, etc...).

Tell me if it was the firewall thing.

P.S. It could also be asterisk related (local encapsulation in SIP packages), see post 2 in this link for more info:

Developers / Re: Email/SMS messaging
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:07:30 pm »
IMO, best option for sms is adding chan_sebi to asterisk and adding a device through the web interface or mixing some perl soft (on the link below) with email capability on the web interface.

I was planning to mess a little with chan_sebi not for sms sending, but to add a GSM trunk to linuxmce's asterisk.

I followed instructions on the next link to add it to an Elastix distro, and it worked well, I was planning to add it to Linuxmce when I finish reconverting my home.

USB modem have to be huawei, I belive all of them work for sms sending (e220 seems to work), for call making, K3520 or e169 do work (I tried both of them, but haven't tried e220 since I didn't integrate sms sending)

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Project Natal
« on: January 08, 2010, 01:28:22 pm »
We are talking about MS here...

I'm sure it will be closed source.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Project Natal
« on: January 07, 2010, 05:48:06 pm »
Some more info has appeared on project natal.

On the bright side, seems like it's going to hit the market on november 2010, and some sources say its retail price will be around 60 €.
Also it will measure at 30fps.

On the dark side, seems like not all the project runs on hardware, on this video, says it depends 50% on hardware 50% on software, so in order to make it useful with Linuxmce (or any other linux distro) it will need some software development.

Also, since this is my first post this year, Happy new year to all of you.

Users / Re: boot Asus EEE box in beta 8.10
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:48:25 pm »
I have an Asus EEE box, and I just installed it during the weekend, so I can tell you what I did.

First, fix the error in fstab-diskless described in

I normally use NANO editor, so I ran

nano -w /usr/pluto/bin/files.d/fstab-diskless

and fix the last line to make it look like this:

mkdir -p "${Parm_RootLocation}/var/spool/asterisk"
(just add " at the end)

Secondly, followed also these instructions

Then I ran /usr/pluto/bin/

Finally, I plugged the B202 to the network, booted up, and I just let it go for a while, and then, AVWizard came up. The rest, is well known.


Users / Re: OpenVPN
« on: May 09, 2009, 01:05:41 pm »
That didn't came into my mind, and it's great...
If this is included in LMCE, well... Take that WMC

Users / Re: OpenVPN
« on: May 09, 2009, 11:04:57 am »
I find this idea very attractive! Maybe not for media sharing (I run ADSL, and maybe upload speed is not fast enough for video streaming) but for remote house control.

With the VPN running, a vpn enabled router and a hardware ip to X10 (or any other protocol) controller, It might be possible to remote control your holiday apartment lighting, heating or window blinds, or even have IP cameras connected to your main LMCE setup in that apartment that would trigger an alarm in your daylife home. Would this be possible?

Anyways, for those willing to have a remote MD on the other side of the tunnel, it might be necessary a HD based media director, Installing or starting a diskless MD through a VPN would take a lot of time to start.

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