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Users / Re: Screen Saver?
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:39:01 pm »
You guys were 100% correct. That is what was going on. I had opened KDE trying to install a new network card and that was causing the screen saver to come up. I disabled it and then I rebooted the system and the problem is gone.

Thanks you very much for your assistance.

Users / Screen Saver?
« on: December 16, 2010, 04:21:49 pm »
I installed the latest snapshot last week and now when watching a movie I've noticed that every x amount of minutes the screen goes black. All I have to do is move the mouse and it goes back to the video. I didn't have this problem on earlier versions and I am not sure what to do to fix it. It almost appears as if a screensaver kicks in after so many minutes but the screen just goes black until I move the mouse.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on what I need to do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Users / Re: DHCP not working
« on: December 13, 2010, 05:45:20 pm »
Thanks WB. I did not catch the 0:1 detail that's why I thought it was recognized so I really don't have any eveidence.
This is a brand new PCIx card and bought that particular model because there was a review saying it Ubuntu had drivers for it so I automatically assumed it would work fine without me having to do anything to it.
I'll do some research and try to find out how to install drivers for it.

Thanks a bunch.

Users / DHCP not working
« on: December 12, 2010, 05:29:53 pm »
I just installed the from the latest snapshot. My system has 2 network cards, one connected to my home router and the other one connected to a switch.
I get internet on the system so I know the one connected to the home router is working properly.
If I look under the advanced tab on the main screen, and under advanced again I see the following:

IP addresses: router=; Internal= (eth0:1); external= dhcp (eth0)

The problem I am having is that if I connect my laptop to the switch I don't get an IP address from my core and if I give that laptop a static IP address such as with a mask I can't ping the core either. The system does recognize both network cards but for some reason I still don't get DHCP or can ping

Any ideas anyone? I am not very knowledgeable in Linux so I am kind of lost as to what to check for.

Thanks in advance

Users / LinuxMCE snapshots
« on: July 23, 2010, 11:26:49 am »
hey guys I am trying to find out if the snapshots at are a complete DVD install or what exactly they are.
I installed the version I downloaded from but I don't think what's there is the latest. I haven't updated it for quite some time and now I am having issues with the apt-get and apt-upgrade. I was wanting to get werb orbiter 2.0 working and and after trying the fixes I saw on the forums I still can't apt-update so I decided to do a full install with whatever is the latest build. Would I be able to do that with the snapshot?


Users / I want to use my socnd Hard Drive
« on: April 07, 2010, 11:23:32 pm »
Hi everyone
When I did my installation of Linuxmce, it asked me it had found a second hard drive and asked me if I wanted to use it. I selected no I don't want to use and now I have changed my mind and don't know how to revert this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Installation issues / Re: Finally trying 8.10
« on: March 25, 2010, 07:59:26 pm »
I am not sure I can be of much help here but I will share my experiences with LMCE and the same gray screen people is describing in case it can help some of you. I have done countless installations of LMCE on my machine mainly for this reason. Last week reading the forums, I saw that there was a new version of the DVD. I went lo, clicked on download and chose  0810b2 - Linuxtracker. It downloaded in just a few hours. My PC has 3 Hard Drives, 1 for LMCE, 1 for Windows 7 and 1 with my media. I unplugged the drive that contains my media and the windows 7 drive just to be safe. I launched the installation DVD and selected the option to use the entyre drive, once Kubuntu was installed, I enabled the nvidia drivers, dowloaded the updates but made sure to decline to upgrade to 9.04. I run the LMCE installer which did its thing and rebooted when asked. Upon rebooting I got the gray screen saying that it is installing some components like asterisk, firefox..... after that the AV wizard came up perfectly (inthe past I had times where it would not be centered so I could not see the entyre screen), once it finished I started installing components such as Z-Wave.

I must say this has been the best installation I have had in a long time, including the olf 7.10 DVD. If you guys are not using that ISO I highly recommend it.

Installation issues / Re: combination of x-10 and Z-wave
« on: March 25, 2010, 07:44:26 pm »
I don't have any media directors in my environment. Basically I just have the core acting as a Hybrid. This is the first time I dedicate enough time to get something working other than my media so I am trying to follow instructions from the Wiki as much as I can. I followed the instructions for installing the CM11A. It just seems as if there were no new buttons added when I install the CM11A after I already have installed the Z-Wave devices. So it seems to be trying to use the same Off and On for both of them.

Installation issues / combination of x-10 and Z-wave
« on: March 21, 2010, 09:14:02 pm »
I just did an install of the latest build (downloaded from linuxtracker on Friday), once the installer finished, I added a micasaverde zwave controller which had my living room light switch added to it. The system detected it, I chose ceiling light for the type and added it to the living room. Now on data grid, I can go to lights and I see a on and off buttons and it works great. The problem happens when I installed a CM11A with a USB to serial adapter with a device on the same room as the zwave. I followed the instructions on the wiki and added the CM11A, then created a child device for a floor lamp with address A2. From the device tree, I can send a message to both the zwave and the x10 lamp and they both work but from the data grid now neither one of them works. I tink the problem is that both have the same button assign to them, I am saying this because when I click on the on button, it appears that nothing happens, however, I can click on flootplan on the data grid, lights, floorplan and I can see both devices listed there and both say on, if I click on the off button and go back to the floorplan, now both will say off, however neither one of them is actually turning on or off.
I am not sure if missed something when creating the x10 device to create its own buttons.

Any ideas?

Installation issues / Cisco 7960 IP phone issues
« on: January 10, 2010, 01:09:45 am »
I successfully moved from 7.10 to 8.10Beta2 and was taking things a little further than I did with 7.10 by installing Ip phones ( I didn't have the patience to get this done on 7.10).
I installed a Grandstream HT286 with an analog phone connected to it. The system recognized it right away and configured everything for me. It assigned me extension 201, I made a call to 200 and was able to answer it. I then callled from 200 to 201 successfully. So far so good. I then decided to attempt to install a Cisco 7960 I had laying around, made the changes on the MAC address range on the web admin site and the system recognized it and asked me if I wanted to use it and what room, after that I did a quick router reboot and restarted the phone. The phone is now showing extension 202 but when I attempt to call 200 or 201 it doesn't connect. I then tried calling from 200 to 202 and the call is dropped with a message saying no route to destination.
Did I forget to do something? I feel like I am half way there which feels good but at the same time is irritating since I have not accomplished this task.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Users / Re: $1/month VOIP! AMP script and patch file
« on: January 09, 2010, 06:50:53 pm »
Can someone tell me if this integrated on 8.10Beta2?
How can I get it runnnig? I already opened an account with them but I don't know how to configure and did not find a wiki page.


Users / Re: $1/month VOIP! AMP script and patch file
« on: September 09, 2009, 07:00:10 pm »
Thanks DonPaul... this looks great. Does anyone use this service and can comment on the service? I have been looking for something like this for international calling from US to Europe.


Users / Re: Streaming via PPTP to iphone or PC
« on: September 09, 2009, 08:13:20 am »
Collinjones yes you are correct. There is an iphone application called Orblive. The server app is free but the Iphone app is not even though it is not very expensive. They have a free version but only allows you to stream up to 10 minutes or so. I think the full app was around $10. It works great but unfortunately there is not a linux client (at least not last time I checked) so you would have to have it on a Windows machine and maybe access a shared directory from your linuxmce or a NAS.
Something Orb like between linuxmce and the iphone would be awesome.

Users / Re: iphone (SIAX client) and asterisk
« on: August 31, 2009, 11:34:06 pm »
Colin you are right... I guess I missed that part.... I am very new to Linux and still learning the basics but one thing comes to mind... If you disable the firewall, does that take effect immediately or would you need to reboot?

Of course that still does not explain the fact that you can access the web admin site on the public address from inside (I understand this happens even with the firewall turned on?).

Users / Re: iphone (SIAX client) and asterisk
« on: August 31, 2009, 05:40:08 pm »
Guys this is a common networking issue. What you are trying to do is initiate traffic inside your firewall, reach the firewall and translate the address back to your internal host and send the traffic back inside. To me the easiest way to fix this is to use DNS... I don't know much about VOIP and I don't know if you can use a domain name instead of an IP address. If you can, problem solved. Use DynDNS to give your public address a domain name and then use an internal dns to map the same domain name to the internal address. If this is not possible, then you are looking at hairpin NAT which I do not know if LinuxMCE is capable of doing.

Because an origin endpoint and its router in a subnetwork may not recognize that a message is intended for a destination endpoint in the same subnetwork because it only knows its public IP address, the Internet Network Address Translation (NAT) server must be able to recognize the situation and hairpin the message back to the subnetwork so that it can reach its destination.

I am not an expert by all means, and there might be an easier way to do this so if someone knows of a better way please present it as I would love to know how.

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