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Installation issues / No slot for 2nd NIC ? SOLVED
« on: April 17, 2008, 12:51:57 pm »
Hi all,
I had a shortage of pci slots to add a second nic,so I tried this,

and after resetting  dhcp in admin-> advanced -> network,  update, then a reboot, everything drivers required.BTW , ordered at 2.30pm, delivered 9.30 am,

Developers / GSD setup help please
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:52:00 pm »
Hi everybody,
  I'm wanting to get away from IR control of my Sky box, as eventually i'll be adding my second sky box into the system, and want to avoid  controlling  both boxes with one command, (and keep the blaster capability in hand for future expansion) . To do this  i'll be using a sky controller box which passes  signals to the RF2 port on the stb ,        (the usb version). which is described as "a standard RS232 DCE unit,"
the unit shows up as , usb bus001 device004   6666:f100,  and info from website is
    * Baud rate: 57600
    * Bits: 8
    * Flow control: none
    * Stop bits: 1
 SO, I've  added a new gsd.......and then  I'm stumped (not hard I know )/uncertain in creating new device template,adding parameters  etc,  (eg.  how do i even tell  lmce that  the device is on usb 001 device 4 ?)

 Any pointers to a simple starting point,relevant info ,or outright handholding (i know better than anyone how thick i am ! ) would be greatly appreciated: or will it be a three year study course at mit ?
Many thanks in advance,

Installation issues / Sharp Aquos lc46x20 avwizard problems
« on: March 29, 2008, 02:09:20 pm »
Hi everyone,

I've just done a clean install of 0710 beta 4, as I've just got a new tv :Sharp Aquos LC46X20E,(with 8 inputs) which sarah is picking up as LCxxD6U, with only 5 inputs.She then gives me 5 minutes to complete the wizard and redetects the TV, throwing me back into the wizard , with seemingly endless router restarts.,and then repeats the detection ad infinitum.

The only device template I can see is #267(?..didn't have time to take note before she redetected)

Has anyone a work around for this ,or is the only option to have sarah "ignore it every time -Don't ask" and build a template from scratch ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Users / vdr- sky uk & ir/serial control
« on: March 20, 2008, 01:52:56 pm »
Hi everyone,

 I'm trying to get sky to play thro' LMCE, with limited success.
 DVB-T is fine thro vdr on nova-t 500,(thanks Totallymaxed)  and sky is playing via  Orbiter (Media)-(mce-usb2) on the 150 s-vid input ,but I'm having to change channells via sky remote, SO

          1,- can this setup be integrated into vdr ? ...I've seen reference to a sky plugin but google /search has not been my friend ;(
          2,-windows mce remote....both pronto codesets in (Wizard-devices -av eqpt - av properties) have zero effect on either of the  sky boxes i have available : how can I import different code sets / get the blaster to learn the codes ? - nothing currently happens when the " learn code " dialogue box is used
               ......would this ....   be a better approach, given that ultimately I want to run 2 sky boxes (and will inevitably run into problems with ir control as both sky boxes will respond to output of blasters ) ?
Any pointers /directions /handholding would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks in advance , Ian

Users / channels.conf dvb-t UK
« on: March 03, 2008, 10:56:27 pm »
following instructions on wiki  (totallymaxed?)  to set up vdr with  NovaT500 but
      1... can't find ini files for  terrestrial  (belmont  Emley Moor  Sheffield)........or how to create?
      2..."invalid command message" on sudo /etc/ini.d/vdr stop

any help would be appreciated,as would any pointers to controlling sky boxes thro'  rs232  (next little project)

6200 Nvidia   sempron 3k  (yes  sktA)  2Gb cheap ddr  novaT 500  1x o/b nic  1x 10/100 nic
LMCE 7010 B3   hybrid 

Linux /command line virgin  ;D ;D

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