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Installation issues / Intel Nuc
« on: October 29, 2016, 03:27:49 am »
This software looks like what I been looking for.  Problem is the hardware I have to spare at moment is an Intel Nuc 5i3.
The threads I found pertaining to Nuc are from 2014.  I have tried to install various methods and fail. I think it boils down to intel nuc ethernet adapter if I install kubuntu first.  And If i do the all in one option i get a black screen.  Newer version of Kubuntu have no problems but the earlier versions don't recognize this hardware. But MCE is built on those.  I have some experience with free bsd with freenas and pfsense.  But trying to update this driver is a new problem for me, as are these linux distros, and my skills aparently are not tranferable to this problem.

So my questions are:
Is there a better recipe out there on how to get this NUC serviceable that I can follow? Man I hope so.
Or am I looking at having to get on pcpartpicker to complete a different build that will work.  Any advice or pointers I would really appreciate.


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