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Installation issues / Re: HaltMD/WakeMD 14.04
« on: March 01, 2016, 08:35:45 pm »
Ok Thank you,nice to know that the scripts dont work. Its not that restart my Core often,so i let it this way and turn the MDs off manually after a reboot of the Core.


Installation issues / HaltMD/WakeMD 14.04
« on: February 28, 2016, 05:25:54 pm »
In my setup, i want my MDs not to be started when i reboot my Core. So i unchecked the enable wakeMD script in boot up.It is still unchecked after a boot up.I did that on the Core and Core/Hyprid.There are no hooks anymore set Enable Wake MD.But my MDs still booting up on a reboot.
If i check again on the webadmin still no hook but more down it tells me the wakeMD scripts still enabled. How to disable then?

I also recognized my MDs get not shutdown signal when i reboot my Core. But i can say they dont crash,they reload as soon as my Core is back up,and whole system is running fine.


Installation issues / Re: VDR not starting
« on: February 27, 2016, 09:07:30 pm »
For your information,MythTV is running like a charm for me.I cant understand how the dev´s not use it.I run 2x Nexus S DVB-S Cards and installed 3x IPTV Freebox Virtual Cards with a m3u file linked to the Channels of my provider,HD channels over IPTV. I check the Mythtv Plugin to not beeing Auto Configurated by LinuxMCE on the Web admin page. Then i run mythsetup on my core and install all Cards and do a channel search. After that you can add MD to your Core and boot them up.The first time you start mythsetup on a MD it will ask you for Language Settings and the Database and Password settings,here you need to fill in the same information like on your Core found on Gerneral Settings in Setup.In my case Coreip change this in Core also, not use dcerouter/localhost)and the password provided.Then mythsetup on MD will connect to the Master Backend and save the settings.If you dont want to add extra Cards on the MD leave the setup and your done. All Cards are shared,all Records are shared all in sync.Works like a charm.I can connect from Windows PC with Mythtv player,i can connect from Kodi useing MythFronted Plugin,running Kodi on windows and on android(Amazon Fire TV Stick),i can connect from Android Phone useing MythFrontendBeta and watch all recordings away from home too.I see all recodings shared from myth upnp,and watch recodings over html from browser also works,with a small delay of the file beeing transcoded.I have up running 3x MD´s.I see all my Harddrives in MythTv Status Page and all the record folder links are correct.

Please never let MythTV die in LinuxMCE,its the most used thing in my Setup.


Installation issues / Re: LMCE 14.04 don't detect my second hard disk
« on: February 27, 2016, 08:21:21 pm »
I have recognized similar issues. I can confirm NTFS drives are not beeing detected on my system too.I switched to format from my second HDD to Ext4 and its and then it was detected. Somehow NTFS drives are not detected.Maybe this has something to do with the fact 14.04 can use encryption on harddisk and NTFS is to unsecure.


I didnt find a solution,i reinstalled my system new.Net install with 14.04.4 starting fresh,made update and upgrade,installed LinuxMCE,did a update and upgrade once more e few days ago.Im now at And all is running fine for me now so far. And i can tell 14.04 is a real beauty atm.I got i lot running.

I think my bug was coming from doing update and upgrade under KDE in terminal on the core.Kubuntu bugs my soundcard,so maybe this was the fault.If i switch to KDE i dont have sound in Linuxmce when i switch back until i do a reboot of the core.Im doing now update and upgrade only over ssh and had no issues so far.


It was DVD install Snaphot from 01.01.2016 installed maybe a three weeks ago. After install i run apt-get update and dist upgrade.Then also i run Diskless Create.
And then i run it atleast once in 5 days. But anyway im going to test new 15.02.2016 Snapshot now.

Thank you,

Im sry my Linux skills are not that deep that i know how to and what files exactly to check. I took a look at my installed packages and with a332f49a a lot of them were updated.Almost all pluto packages have been updated and all Databases were reloaded with the upgrade i remember.I think there have been a lot of files involved.

Since update a332f49a my Core reloads as soon as i want to play an Internet Radio Station.Exeactly in that moment when i choose a channel and the window with attributes should be shown forces a reload of my Core.No matter if chosen from MD or Orbiter reload is forced everytime.I did delete all stations and reboot the core added the stations back via auto function depending on region but reload is still forced.I can confim anything worked well bevor update a332f49a.


Installation issues / Re: 14.04 MythTV problems,All Tuners busy(solved)
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:02:28 pm »
phenigma thank you very much that made it work,changed the Input priority fom 0 to 1 made it work.
Thank you for the super fast responding and the absolute right awnser.

Just a hind now with a working Mythtv Backend <0.25 you are able to use Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi installed to connect as Myth Frontend and use ur hole PVR.
Also Kodi is running on windows and linux and android devices,what makes some simple TV Clients for ones Master Backend running under LinuxMCE.

Thank you

Installation issues / [SOLVED]14.04 MythTV problems,All Tuners busy
« on: February 10, 2016, 05:55:54 pm »
Hi all,i am huge Fan of LinuxMCE since several years,i worked long time now with 7.10 cause i could grap a Firre Chief Remote in Europe some years ago and just fell in love with with it.

But now since the time of Smartphones and Pad´s,i decided to go with newer LinuxMCE version. I tested a lot in the last days with several version out there,i am impressed what you guys did the last years,many really good improvments i recognized so far. I need to say a BIG Thank You for all the work you done here Developers!!

Ok more to the point:
I ended up trying 14.04 until now,cause here i manged to get most things work i want to work.I am still testing hard and will try to help you further in next time as much as i can.
I have 14.04 installed over the Net,with Kubuntu 14.04.03 preinstalled and updated,after that i updated LinuxMCE aswell.So i am at Version atm.

My WinTV Nexus-S DVB-S Card was recognized from LinuxMCE by pnp,but i had to copy the prober firmware files into /lib/firmware cause MythTV could not get a lock,it was seen but couldnt be open.After that i reboot,went back to MythTV setup and Card could be opened.So i setup the Video Sources and Input Connection and did a Channel Search,everything went fine all channels there,lock on all Transponders,no problems.

But here is the problem now,when i start to watch a channel MythTV Frontend Opens up and tries to Tune in but immidently tells me: All Tuners are currently Busy! it repeats and repeats and after serveral tries it want to reload the Backend,but a reset isnt helping much further in my case.
If i take a look at the Status page from Mythweb i can see 1 Encoder on the core currently not recording.So everything looks like prober installed,i could search for channels aswell in the setup.
I tried several things like deleting all the TV Tuners in MythTv Setup,and put them back in,i recognized sometimes LinuxMCE installs a Encoder again and shows up 2 or more after a reboot.So i deleted all Encoders again and just did a reboot and the encoder was installed again in MythTV.I just need to setup the LNB and it could work. But again in the Frontend i just receive All Tuners are Busy. I also tried several different IP for the Frontend to connect like,external IP but the error still stays.

My Nexus Card worked well in all LinuxMCE releases up to 10.04,im still using it in a other install under 10.04 so the hardware is alive.

Can anyone help me further what causes the All Tuners busy error?

Thank you so far,

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