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Installation issues / Re: Pluto unable to start X
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:01:30 pm »
FYI - i found the issue.  I really wasnt having any trouble with the ATI card or drivers.  My error was just plain dumb.  I had the problem with microscopic fonts in KDE so i added the -dpi 96 to the for pluto.  The problem was that i added the option to the client side of the line rather than the server side of xinit.  I got stuck in the loop of x restarting because the wrapper was unable to launch the environment with the malformed command so then it would try to re-init my display settings and overwrite my xorg.conf.  I fixed my placement for the dpi option, replaced my xorg.conf, then reinstalled the display driver from scratch and the display is working beautifully since.

Installation issues / Re: Pluto unable to start X
« on: December 24, 2008, 05:36:04 pm »
Well, I went with the M3A instead of the M3N for the DM Port and as i said, all the trouble everyone else had seemed manageable.  Are there any links regarding AVWizard/pluto troubleshooting/issue report you could provide?  I have considered scrapping and swapping out for the M3N but I'm a little stubborn and want to make sure i've exhausted my options.

After furter digging on the machine i found that the xorg-driver-fglrx package is getting removed from the system when i boot to the normal mode, any input on what may cause that?

Installation issues / Pluto unable to start X
« on: December 24, 2008, 05:02:18 pm »
Im setting up LinuxMCE for the first time and thought I was prepared.  I did my research for about a month before i bought any gear.  My setup ended up being:

Display: Sony KDL 46z4100 via HDMI cable
    Asus M3A78-EM (using FGLRX driver for the 1080p output compat with my tv)
    AMD6000+ 64bit
    4GB DDR2 800 Ram
    pcHDTV Inc. HD-5500 HDTV PCI CARD

So I knew there were some troubles users had going into this setup but everything seemed to be managable, but now I'm stuck.

I got the OS installed and I'm having trouble now with the initial setup.  The behavior im getting is that when I let the system boot normally, the AVWizard will not run and i cant get any picture.  I get stuck in an endless loop of X resets. 

I booted into recovery mode and manually configured my display.  Now if I run X or startx while in recovery mode the system looks BEAUTIFUL.  Problem is, if I try to kick off the or go ahead and reboot the same problem persists.  When I try to fire off manually, it seems to cut itself short and behaves the same way it would if you called AVWizard from a konsole window with X running, except that I dont even get the initial welcome screen to display.

When I looked back at my xorg.conf file I found that it had been rolled back to the vesa driver and was set to 640x480 so I tried adding the command
Code: [Select]
exit to the top of and copying my saved copy of xorg.conf back on top but had no impact.

Ive been thru cover to cover of

shoot, i even tried disecting the acutall /usr/pluto/bin/{AVWizard_*,X*}.{sh,awk} script files.

I cant seem to find any other info on troubleshooting why Pluto is bailing and not accepting my X config even though it works perfectly if i just call startx.  Any suggestions?

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