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Installation issues / Intel Mini ITX Motherboards all O.K?
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:38:01 am »
Sorry guys I know I should be able to figure this from the Wiki but the newer board I am looking at is not listed. I am specifically looking at a  BOXDH57JG but if no one is familiar with that board it might help to know if all the Intel mini itx boards are generally O.K? My intended use is as a Media Director by the way.
Many Thanks in advance.

Hi I am just pre-wiring a house for the doorbell/camera/gsm solution that is touted for Linuxmce. Just wondering if I can use an analouge door phone call box with an ATA for generating an event and starting the two way communication. I am assuming here you can start an event from Aterisk some how that will start the camera feed etc?
At this stage I just need to get the wiring sorted but I would feel more confident if I had a concrete plan to get this up and running, as I have only used linuxmce as a theatre box so far.
Any help MUCH appreciated!

Installation issues / Compatible Outdoor Dome IP Camera
« on: April 10, 2010, 08:30:32 am »
Hi everyone,
Thought this was an easy question but I am finding it really hard to find a "java based" and therefore compatible outdoor rated dome camera for use as my front door camera. Anyone have any ideas?

Installation issues / Speakers Amp + Bluetooth Headset for Phone
« on: March 29, 2010, 10:16:06 am »
Hi all,
Just wondering if there is a way of running a bluetooth headset for the phone and speakers/amplifier for everything else all from one media director?
I thought about having two media directors with a KVM switch for the screen but its a bit pricy/clunky as far as solutions go. Any help would me much appreciated.

Hi All,
I have a system running a Hauppague Nova S Plus PCI Card which is working well. I have bought a USB version of the same card  (running low on PCI slots) and have plugged it in and powered it up, rebooted the system but I cant see it under the MythT.V Setup when I go to set the card up.
Any suggestions?
Many Thanks in advance!

Firstly thankyou so much to all those whom have developed and help support this awsome piece of free software. Hats off to you all!
I have a new installation of 0810 and have worked though many small issues using the posts from others on this forum. Just a couple things remain that I cant seem to find help on:

1. I have 2 t.v capture cards a Nova S which is working well and an HVR3000 which I would like to use just as a DVB S Card for the moment. Problem is it defaults to the DVB T front end in the t.v card setup wizard. Can anyone tell me how to change the card to appear as DVB S so I can add it and get it running?

2. I have a collection of first and second generation windows mce remotes that have come with various hauppague cards I have bought over the years. They all work using the ir reciever attached to the HVR3000 but I am unable to get the menu, exit and volume buttons to work on any of them. I have looked at the setup guidelines on here for mce remotes but the instructions dont seem to match with the media director screens on the webadmin page in 0810. Any help greatly appreciated!

Rock On Linuxmce Team!

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