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Hi there,
first off, congrats to the Beta2 looks very promising so far.
As the subject already told you, I have set up my core and successfully added a diskless MD (which crashed in the AVWizard as soon as I selected the TV out but I got around this after manually hacking the autodetection and switching of the video mode out of the av wizard script and configuring my xorg.conf by hand).
So far everything is as it should be aside from the fact that my Media Scenario list in the Orbiters is entirely empty except for the "Floorplan" option.
When I have a look at the web admin, I see that all default scenarios are missing in there aswell. It simply states "N/A" there.
So, here are my questions:
How can it happen that they are not autogenerated?
How can I manually "auto-generate" them or, what are the SQL values I have to hack into my DB to get them into my installation?

If anyone could give me a hint on those questions, even the slightest hint like suggestion of some shellscript files where I can dig up information myself should do as I am currently really lost here.


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