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Developers / linuxmce and PS3
« on: January 30, 2008, 11:30:15 pm »
So after reading the developers FAQ I thought I might try my hand at getting the ps3 to integrate with linuxmce.  However, I noticed the final build looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.5GB which puts my current setup out as my linux partition is over  5 gigs with psubuntu installed.  So I see one of three ways to implement some integration (in order of preference)

1. erase psubuntu, install bare bones base debian to build new linuxMCE (absolutely the most involving but rewarding scenario)[EDIT: I should even be able to work around the space issue with NFS or perhaps a USB drive (I'm thinking samba would be a bad idea), foregoing the bare bones debian install, I'll experiment this weekend)

2. install mythbuntu through the repo's and at least have mythtv from the linuxMCE setup (would be at least able to access movies on linuxMCE, but not sure how what the maximum HD content this setup could push through)

3.  get mediatome or one of the upnp servers running and access media through the XMB in sony's OS (this scenario could run concurrent with the other two and is well worth looking into as you wouldn't have to reboot ps3 to watch media and in fact I have  halfway already done this by using elgato's eyeconnect running on a macintosh that had iTunes configured to use the share partition from the linuxMCE box as the location of it's music library [so in essence the ps3 could see and play a large portion of the media on the linuxMCE box, and HD played fine so long as it was formatted correctly for the ps3, h.264 I believe])

I plan on pursuing scenario 1 this weekend, and was wondering if anyone had any experience compiling a distro for the ps3,  or maybe even attempted this already? 

In terms of mythTV on ps3, has anyone at least tried scenario 2?  If so, could the ps3 handle HD content?  I mean it should considering the hardware, but I'm not sure if the issues with the hypervisor are roadblocking full video capabilities.  I might give things a shakedown here, before erasing the current psubuntu install.

And has anyone out there gotten a ps3 to play nicely with upnp in linux?

Installation issues / PCHDTV HD-3000?
« on: January 30, 2008, 03:10:31 am »
I just tried 710 beta, after installing I noticed my pchdtv was not being utilized, and there is no documentation for it on the wiki:

Is this correct? or should it have been recognized as a cx88 card?

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