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Users / Things that LinuxMCE didn't...
« on: January 16, 2008, 05:49:17 pm »
Hi! I was enticed by your LinuxMCE video, very pretty stuff. But after trying for several days of getting everything to which i've been mostly successefull with i'm ending up asking myself why i'm not just running MythTV instead.

Turns out there's not that many must-have features LMCE has to make up for the effort and development time required to set it up.

LinuxMCE 0704 didn't...
...have European download mirrors for the 0704 DVD
...have well seeded torrents of the DVD ISO
...let me know that i needed Kubuntu 7.04 ISO to install, but crashed at end of install with an obscure error about DeCSS not installing.
...let me switch between dedicated MD/Kubuntu desktop (without searching the forums)
...leave my network alone (it wants to be dhcp+dns+gateway on it's own network)
...give me the option to autodetect my monitor
...have a good weborbiter
...have a native Linux or OSX orbiter
...use my network shares because they had spaces in them (DISK 1 and DISK 2)
...have an easy to use web admin
...recognize .mkv as video.
...recognize my remote (it gets handled as a keyboard through /dev/input)

and the last drop is that it won't detect my .mkv files to play HDTV movies from the network.

The things i think need the most improvement is:
• Documentation. The wiki is good but more people need to make an effort to document it.
• Getting errata and bugfixes out to the users. LMCE 0704 is quite old by now.

Also searching for issues in the forum gives me flamewars instead of help. Users asking about something and then getting bashed for not searching. Please improve the documentation, errata & bugfixes, it'll help get rid of stupid questions.

I hope this will be used as constructive criticism and used to improve future versions

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