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Installation issues / Orbiter not starting on Core Hybrid
« on: August 27, 2009, 05:11:23 pm »
Hi All,

 I upgraded my core hybrid  3 days ago via apt-get upgrade. Since then when my core starts it stays at Loading LinuxMCE screen and just sits there for hours.

 I investigated the logs and found the following in LaunchManager.log:

05      08/27/09 16:06:23.227           ^[[33;1mConnect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused))^[[0m <0xb7a34b90>

I tried using the webadmin interface and i works fine, so i assume that the database access is granted.

I also tried lauching manually which gives the same results.

Could you please help.


Installation issues / Internal bluetooth dongle
« on: May 06, 2009, 09:31:36 pm »
 Hi All,

I'm seting up an md with an internal bluetooth device, i got a 03f0:011d Hewlett-Packard Integrated Bluetooth Module
and i can't get it to work with lmce. it work under kubuntu 8.10

 Is there any hint to get this internal blutooth dongle working.



 I All,

Just wanted to warn you guys that todays update killed my core.

the pluto-system-database_2. upgrade got interruped and after a rebootmy core
is dead all files are owned by pluto_promptmysql:pluto_promptmysql the services do not start
and lmce launch manager keeps segfaulting.

 A lot of directories got created on root, they seem to be database tables names or values.

 However it all dead know and silly me did not backup a thing arghhhhhhh. GUTED .....



Users / Lirc embedded transmit
« on: March 15, 2008, 08:28:35 pm »
 Hi All,

 i have seen the new feature lirc embedded transmitter when adding a default infrared receiver (lirc based).

 I could not find any info on this, please devs if you see this post could you please let us know how the embedded lirc transmit works.

 since the transmitter is lirc based it does not support pronto codes ( as far as i've read ), have lirc raw codes been added to lmce ?



Developers / building vdr plugin, need vdr source badly
« on: January 29, 2008, 04:09:55 pm »

 Hi burgiman, all,

 I'm trying to build the stremdev plugin for vdr (apparently that plugin allows multiple cient support on vdr ).

 I'm bupping in few issues since the plugin compiles perfectly, the streamdev-client plugin loads ok but theres no way i can load
the streamdev-server part.

 i looked around deeply and it seem like vdr need to get patched, however i tried building from ubuntu source and the lot but there is no way i can get it to work with the actual vdr version since i do not know which patches it contains.

 Please let us have the source if possible of course.

 Best regards,


Installation issues / Help controlling AV devices using infrared
« on: November 23, 2007, 04:17:15 pm »
 Hi All,

 I have an md to which a added a homebrew serial transceiver that works well with lirc while receiving and transmitting.

 I had to learn my devices ir codes using irrecord.

 So i can control both of my device using irsend (I have a GoldenInterstar 8001PR-D sat receiver and a
 TV Goldstar CT-29M30RX which seem to be an LG clone).

 I have added my transmitter as a child to default (the serial receiver) copying the usb-uirt template.

 I have added my TV so far and i'm proposed eighter learn the codes or enter them in pronto format.

 I have looked for the pronto codes for both devices but i can't get none, i have tried many pronto codes from remotecentral and so. I tried to convert the raw and RC6 codes in pronto format as described on remotecentral but still in vain. I also tried the different Pronto Codesets predefined in lmce.
Googled and looked on forums but nothing.

 Darren helped me quite few times to get up to this stage but im so stuck here.

  Can lmce learn the codes using the serial receiver (i can't get anything while trying)?

  Is lmce able to use my serial transmitter ?

 Is there a way to append something in the lircd.conf file so lmce will know how to use the lirc codes ?

 I'm really running out of ideas here.

 I know it would be easier to get a GC100 but i can't get it for the moment.

 Any help would be appreciated,

 Best Regards,


Installation issues / Can't use volume from my remote
« on: November 19, 2007, 11:01:17 pm »
 Hi all,

 I have a disked md setup it all works fine but i can't control volume with my remote.
my VOL+ and VOL- buttons are showing up in irw through LIRC_DCE but it does not do a thing.

 I have seen a pad allowing to control volume and lightings but no way to use it, it does not accept any command from my remote even if all the buttons are setup in lirc

 I tried changing the vol buttons namings in the remote template according to the other remote templates in the db but it still doesn't give a flying ...... ...

 Anyone would know how i can get lmce to raise the volume using a remote ?

 I really feel silly on this one but i could not figure out how pluto interprets the buttons, i know that in mythtv
 i can use a lircrc file but here i'm kind of lost.

 thanks in advance,


Users / Use Wireless MD's
« on: November 18, 2007, 02:55:20 pm »
  Hi All,

 I installed and md and got it working with wireless so far so good.
I think that using wireless might have it's limitations in term of bandwidth but with the use
i'm making of it, it seem stable. I'm willing to do this because i see it as a great saling
argument compared to other solution. the goal is to plug a single plug in the 220v socket and it's done.
(i hate cabling specially when it's not my own house)

 I remember seeing a "wireless checkbox" in pluto md section but that seem to have disappeared ?

 The only issue that i have seen so far is when i restart the core, the wireless MD get rebooted but it is faster then the core in rebooting. it runs then timeout and stays in a kind of unknown stated for a while even after the core is fully up (it's a real mare when the core is updating and so).

 So i'm willing to write a script to wait untill the core is fully available.

 I tough of using MessageSend but i'm not really knowing wich args params to use nor what i'm looking for.

 So i told myself that i could use the sql db to query the state of the core.

 Would anyone know what i should query to ensure that the core is up and finished loading devices (MD_ON ??).

 Any help would be greatly appreciated,



 Hi All,

I tried adding a wiki page on DVB cards but i messed up the wiki Category:Hardware
since my page got at the top og the hardware page. the old content is still there a the bottom.

 I'm so sorry Zaerc i seen you done this page.

 Please help me revert the page to the previous version.

 I'm sorry this is my first time i wiki edit and i got it wrong.



Developers / up to date svn ?
« on: October 28, 2007, 05:00:24 pm »
 Hi to all Developpers and users of this great solution,

 I'm willing to build lmce from source since i'm not able to get videolanserver and vdr from repositories.

 I looked at the sourceforge svn and it seem quiet outdated.

 would it be possible to get access the svn pre 0710 so i can get all the changes that have been done since march.

 Best regards,


  Hi all,

 I managed to setup my homebrew transmitter using the usb-uirt template.
 Know can see ir signal whenever i press the pronto code test button in the AV properties of my TV. My TV is an LG 29M30RX clone, i have tried some LG pronto codes of different LG models in vain.

  I can learn my tv remote IR raw codes using irrecord, then i add those to the lircd.conf file and i can control my TV.

  So far im not sure if my TV can understand Pronto code / format.

 Is there a way to send raw codes to my tv ?

 I tried to look at the tv templates and i could find a template that uses anything else than pronto codes.

 I also looked to convert my raw codes into Pronto but i could find a way to do so.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Installation issues / Help installing a homebrew serial transmitter
« on: October 13, 2007, 09:58:07 pm »
  Hi all,

I built a serial receiver / transmitter that works with lirc on both send and receive.

 Know using irrecord i'm able to switch the tv on and all.

 While the lirc install works i did add the serial receiver but i could not find a way to add the transmiter
so i can control my AV devices from pluto.

 I looked at the GC100 template but i can't get it to work with this device.

 Lirc uses lircd -H default -d /dev/ttyS0, irrecord uses /dev/lircd.

 Please help me find a way to create the right template, i googled and wikied bad.

  If anyone want the links for a cheap easy to build IR receiver / transmitter please let me know.

 Thank for your help,


Installation issues / Problem installing a serial remote control
« on: October 08, 2007, 09:13:59 pm »

 Hi All,

 I have a Technisat Skystar 2 dvb-s card that comes with a serial infrared remote control that i tried installing in lmce.

 I had few issues to get it starting with lirc but it finnally works using irw.

 The remaining issue is that i can't get lmce to recognize the remote so when LIRC_DCE start i get the message "There are no remote controls -- LIRC will be dormant".

 I did the following config in lmce:

- Went to device templates -> added a remote control template for the manufacturer technisat called lircd.conf.technisat -> added a device data Configuration string in wich i did put the lircd.conf content that works with lirc.

- In MD menu added default infrared receiver (lirc works with default as driver),
  also added the lircd.conf.technisat remote

 When i start DCE_LIRC -d 89 (which is the device of the default infrared receiver)
 i get the message "There are no remote bla bla bla.

 So far i managed to get across many issues here and there but this one i can't come across.

 I would really apreciate any help and promise to release a howto on the wiki for serial and usb remotes if i get it to work.

 Thanks to all the contributors of this beautiful project.

Rafik Boulellou

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