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Users / Nice but early days for the software
« on: October 08, 2007, 12:21:07 am »
OK well I have now spent a couple of weeks on mce and have come to the conclusion its a product too early in development for me.  When I 1st looked at the video of it working it looked nice but the video only showed the bits that work :)

Some of the problems I have encounted.

Cannot install nVidia drivers.  Loads of posts but no conclusive responses to get them working.

TV card installation.  This not working.  got the Nova-T searched loads of posts and nothing resolved to get it working.

Blue installing hardware boxes constantly popping up in top left corner.

Whilst playing movie / music volumn & search icons on screen not responsive.  You select volumn button and the icons appear but you cannot control it correctly to select volumn up or down because they keep flashing and mouse keeps resetting to center of icons.

No music images for albums.  Search everywhere nothing that solves problem.

OK here is just a few things and I know its early days for the software but I was using meedio before and ever though mce looks nicer it does not touch meedio for ease or use and installation.

MCE is horrid for browsing media something I hope the developers look into.  Maybe look at meedio working on a well configured system to see how a nice user interface for a media solution should be.

Hardware installation is definatly something that should be looked into because there are a lot of people going to be put of by this.  Ok I am not a complete computer guru but my 22 years as a games programmer and the time I spent writting software for microsoft taught me a bit about computers and even with my level I could not get the hardware ( as pointed out above ) installed.

Good luck with development guys and I hope you get there as so far it looks nice.

Installation issues / NVidia Driver Update
« on: October 06, 2007, 07:21:40 am »
OK I know there has been many posts about this and I have read through, probably, most of them.  I cannot find the solution to my problem though.

I install Kubuntu and then LMCE.

Now I wish to install the latest video drivers for the card I have in the media box.

Goto nVidia website.  Download the drivers it says I need for my card.

Now I folow the driver wiki that has been pointed to before in many posts.

- goto command line.

- Shut down x with telinit 1

- install the nVidia drivers

- Restart machine

Now I seem to get back into mce but I have flickering gfx.  So I goto advanced options to select AVWizard.  Machine reboots and just before loading up linux it gets stuck in a constant look declairing an image file canot be found and goes around and around in a loop.

I can however just reboot machine and get into linux & mce but I cannot run avwizard because on reboot it will get stuck in this loop.

WHAT am I doing wrong...

Installation issues / setup
« on: October 04, 2007, 03:35:44 pm »
Hi,  I am new to LMCE been playign about with it for a few days now and need a bit of advice.  I have browsed and searched through the forums and also for the Wiki and found some stuff I need to know but there is some stuff I have had to work out or not found at all.

Before I ask my questions I wish to give a description of how I got my system setup.  The reason I am going to do this is because a lot of the information I needed for setting up my system was hard to find or trial and error.  I have also noticed others asking for similar information with no results.

Solution :

Right I have a home network.  Netgear router running DHCP connected to my 24 meg adsl2 internet.  Attached to the router is a netgear gig 4 port switch.

Attached to the switch is -

game / develop rig...Windows Vista

10 Terabyte file server....Windows Xp...contains 40,000 albums ( mp3 ), dvd images, HD movies h264 xvid.

Media box...Windows Xp...Previously running Meedio.  This is attached to my LCD tv.

When 1st installing LMCE ( DVD install ) on my media box I ran into the problems of it wanted its own DHCP server to handle attached devices.  I initially went with this and turned off my router's dhcp.  I forgot a simple fact that if the media box is off I lose net on all other machines.  This was not a good option for me.

After a lot of messing about I finally got the system running how I wanted it.  I have noticed other people asking in here how to setup LMCE without the dhcp server running etc and the threads never seem to get very far or never give a definative solution.  Well this is mine.

I downloaded Kubuntu 7.04 live cd and installed it.
Downloaded LMCE 2 cd and installed it.

When installing I specified not to enable the dhcp server.

Enabled routers dhcp server with ip ranges of -  Router is
Subnet masks setup for entire range. 192.168.0.*

In Kubuntu networking I set it to obtain ip from router.
In LMCE I set the dhcp off.  I set the internal network ip address to static and gave it the ip address of  This is still inside the subnet range of the network but outside the dhcp range so the ip will never be used by the dhcp server.

LMCE set itself to teh workgroup Linuxmce so I set my file server and games rig also to this workgroup.

This setup has allowed me to keep my existing home network as is and add LMCE as a meedia box attached to that network.  I know it will make life harder when I come to add additional home devices to the system but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  If possible I will just add the devices from ip range 202 upwards with static ip addresses and do the setup myself.

At this stage of use though I am mainly doing testing on the software to see if it will actually do the job I require.  If I decide to stick with LMCE then my end result will result in my file server being installed with Kubuntu / LMCE and used as the core and my media box used as a portal.  This will mean I can run the dhcp server in teh core as my file server is never turned off.

Right this is where I am at.  LMCE has detected all my shares form my windows boxes and things seem to be connecting nicely.  My problem is this.  So far only certain files form file server are appearing in LMCE and everything is messy.  I need to find some documentation on how to setup and configure all my media in the manager web page.  I have fiddled around with the file options in the manager but it is not clear what is what and how to control all aspects of it.  I have searched forums and hunted through the Wiki but cannot actually find any definitive guide to what everything is...what options are to do what and how to group, arrange things etc.

Could someone direct me to this information please.

Thanks in advance and I hope my setup information becomes usefull to a few.


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